Farage "cancelled" by his bank

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  • Nigel Farage fumes as bank closes his accounts in revenge for Brexit
    The ex-Brexit Party leader revealed his accounts had been closed shortly after he picked up News Presenter of the Year at the TRIC Awards on Tuesday

    Nigel Farage has been told that his bank accounts are to be closed for "commercial" reasons, although Farage thinks the motivation is purely political and to bolster that claim, no other bank is willing to let him bank with them either.

    Farage has said he is considering his options and considering moving out of the UK, because how can he operate without a bank account. Although he has been offered to transfer his personal account to another place, it's his business account, linked to his political and tv work, that the banks are wishing to shut down.

    Could this be the end of Nigel Farage's political career?

  • He was given no explanation other than it was done for "commercial" reasons, but he reckons there might be three reasons:

    1. The bank is part of a large organisation opposed to Brexit.

    2. He may have been given the status “politically exposed person”. This is something in law akin to "person non-grata", in other words, stay away from that person.

    3. In parliament, Chris Bryant alleged he is funded by the Kremlin, something that was not backed up with any evidence.

  • Indeed he has asked his Banks for a reason why in writing , they did not explained just confirmed in a letter telling him his accounts had been closed , he has written to the Commons in relation to Bryant hiding behind Parliamentary Privilege therefore cannot be sued or taken to task.

    I think its called PEP Politically Exposed Person, not fully sure on what its means in full detail, but as you say persona non-grata, as he cannot use a Bank or be accepted by other Banks , he basically cannot function here nor access his money to pay is bills

  • it's Nige - so I don't really care because i rarely believe anything that comes out of his mouth as 100% factual.

    If he told me it was raining outside I'd look out the window to see for myself


  • I('s like it's all part of Labour's Dirty Tricks Department and their underhand and sinister attacking anybody who doesn't agree with their Marxist mantra.

    The Voice of Reason

  • Building society admits closing accounts of people who 'discriminate'
    Yorkshire Building Society has been accused by Toby Young of closing an account of a client after he asked why their branches were festooned with Pride flags.

    Looks like the madness is not just limited to Farage, as other people are having their bank accounts closed for not having the "correct" views.

    Fascist state, here we come. :thumbdown:

  • https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1…scriminate.html

    Looks like the madness is not just limited to Farage, as other people are having their bank accounts closed for not having the "correct" views.

    Fascist state, here we come. :thumbdown:

    If all this is true I'd imagine it's the fear of the bad PR that comes when club cancel culture focuses it's attention on you which is probably why certain businesses want to distance themselves from certain viewpoints.

  • Interesting read here. I was aware of another case in the UK from a couple of years ago. Now I certainly wouldn’t suggest that Farage was from the same stable as this other case but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was considered to be sufficiently right wing by today’s standards to receive the same treatment.

    How corporations can delete your existence
    Losing a Twitter account for controversial statements is one thing; losing a bank account is quite another

    Celebrate it, Anticipate it, Yesterday's faded, Nothing can change it, Life's what you make it

  • Banks should not be getting political. Next we will have any joe blogs having their account closed because someone said they are racist.

    These orders come from the top. The banks and their various trading subsidiaries all filter back to only a few global entities.

    Farage is yet to name the bank that has done this to him. If we knew we could start to narrow down where the instruction might have come from and possibly why.

    At some point if this progresses as previous instances have done he will receive a cheque in the post from the bank to the value of all his deposits. He will then need to find a bank that will accept him as a new customer and apparently no UK bank will touch him. This will leave him with no option but to cash the cheque and take all the cash home in a briefcase or similar.

    Farage has been an ally of Trump who has also had the same problem

    Professional Bank cuts ties with Trump after US Capitol siege
    Professional Bank, which lent Trump money to buy a home in Florida, joins Deutsche Bank and Signature Bank in cutting ties with the president.

    Farage also says his (grown up) kids accounts are being similarly targeted. Trumps son Don Jnr has also been targeted

    Don Jr rants at ‘woke’ bank after his business account abruptly shuttered
    ‘Woke corporations are using their terms and conditions like a guillotine over the head of every conservative entrepreneur,’ former Trump spokesperson says

    Of course this could be just woke activists within the banking system attacking prominent right wingers in which case they will eventually be found out.

    In the meantime the irony is heavy that a figure that places patriotism and love of his country high on his list of attributes is potentially being driven out of the country by internationally owned banking conglomerates who are no doubt collaborating and coordinating their actions.

    Celebrate it, Anticipate it, Yesterday's faded, Nothing can change it, Life's what you make it

  • Have any of you ever tried to give money to a loved one, it's absolutely ridiculous.

    When my daughter and her partner split he didn't pay maintenance on understanding he carried on paying the mortgage they'd had, which was roughly the same value. He never paid it and she as a joint holder got blacklisted.

    Queue CL and Mrs CL wanting go help when along with her current partner they wanted to buy a house (cheaper than renting) . We said we would give £20k because they had to have a big deposit. We had to jump through hoops to show we hadn't laundered this money.

    We had to show the history of the money show that I had taken it from our premium bonds account, it was intrusive and OTT.

    At the solicitor we had to show passport etc and they got stroppy when I asked the solicitor the name on the passport I had just given her. It was them that demanded this and didn't even check that it was me in the passport. Queue angry CL, I couldn't help but feel this is a bureaucratic money grab.

    If you've not experienced this, be mindful these days you can't even give to your own daughter easily. It's as if you get penalised for doing the right thing, maybe some of these rogues have got it right.

    Did your parents have any children that lived.

  • Has he taken Russian money ?

    Chris Bryant said he did

    Bryant stated a figure which he alleged was a Russian payment. Farage stated that the figure Bryant quoted was actually his company’s entire annual income and there were not and never had been any Russian money.

    Celebrate it, Anticipate it, Yesterday's faded, Nothing can change it, Life's what you make it

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