Should drugs be legalised?

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  • People may be under the impression that this would encourage drug taking, but it wouldn’t.

    Why wouldn't it?

    If I woke up one morning and thought I'd like to dip my toe into the water and try a bit of coke to see what all the fuss was about, I might think twice if that involved seeking out and then approaching/dealing with criminal gangs and the possibility of getting nicked and strip searched by Canny ( :) ). That alone would deter me.

    But if they were legally available from an NHS clinic where's that "stop and think" moment?

  • If the NHS dispensed them , you could be on the waiting list for years =O :D

    Yeah they might clash with the blood pressure tablets or the anti inflammatory taken waiting in the long long long long long long long queue.😱😱😱😱😱

    Did your parents have any children that lived.

  • Things like weed I suggest would be available from licensed vendors (just like booze and fags). Stronger stuff like heroin would be provided by the NHS to registered addicts only. Remember that the NHS already pays for the supply of methadone so the additional cost would be the difference in price (if any, I have no idea what the relative costs are). I am tempted to lump cocaine in with the weed so having lit that touch paper I will now retire to a safe distance

    I'm with you with this but not the Cocaine. That is a very dangerous and subtle drug that ruins lives on par with taking Heroin if not worse because of it's subtle physical addictive qualities so this is something that should not be over the counter. As for weed..this should be able to be bought as easily as tobacco. BUT.....we are getting to the point now where dealers are spraying skunk with Chinese synthetic (fake) THC and CBD spays, effectively turning it into Spice which is 'physically' addictive and causing problems with psychosis. It can be seen somewhat and it looks like glass silicates on the outside of the plant but could also get confused with the natural sticky oils of the plant. You can even get it as vape juice. Even if the gov legalised genuine weed / skunk there are many that are now physically addicted to what they have been buying on the streets so will favour that with being physically addictive. Note that genuine weed / skunk is not physically addictive but mentally addictive / habitual.

    It's a massive problem now and it can't be compared to your regular weed / skunk. This has all been brought about by the making of weed / skunk illegal and putting it into the hands of the street dealers. Vaping has also made it a lot easier and there is no smell when vaping unless you add some scent. Plus there's the whole CBD market which is a distraction from the real issues and bullshit being marketed and sold as some health product to help with anxiety and depression etc. The reality is that CBD is as bad as THC on it's own or at too high a level without either one or the other to counteract it's effect. The two work side by side for any medical purposes with a swing slightly more to one side or the other depending on what you trying to achieve.

    Investigation finds illegal synthetic marijuana in vape and edible products sold as CBD
    Some operators are cashing in on the CBD craze by substituting cheap and illegal synthetic marijuana for natural CBD in vapes and edibles such as gummy bears,…
    'Fake weed' imported from China which turns users into 'zombies' triggers US-wide alarm
    'Fake weed' imported from China which turns users into 'zombies' triggers US-wide alarm
    Vapers tricked into buying synthetic cannabis-laced product
    An Observer investigation finds a synthetic cannabis substance hidden in liquid

    'my girl lollipop pop pop pop pop, you make my mind go giddyup'

    Experts issue warning over cannabis sweets laced with Spice
    Drugs charity The Loop says it's worried the sweets could be putting buyers at risk of death.

    It's epidemic and comes in many forms. Once again Chinese commercial warfare on the West. Ladies and gentlemen this is where we are at so we need to counteract this warfare by supplying something that is not so bad.....that being the legalisation and selling of genuine weed / skunk. But then maybe our government is happy to have a zombified and dumbed down nation that they can run all over.

    The funny thing is compared to Spice taking a few lines of Coke now and again would be the better option. The problem is that's a slippery slope as it's subtle effects take hold and before you know it you could be on a gram a day or more.

    Sorry OB, you get an F+ for this assignment, the plus is merely for effort.

    LOL Oh Canny lad I get where your coming from but it's a completely indoctrinated and biased lack of understanding that simply goes down the legalities of it. I used to drive stoned and TBH there where times when I should not have been driving as I was to mashed. If I was sensible I would have said to myself no I am not fit to drive. I never had an accident but that was just pot luck. I would drive like an old person if that mashed or someone that was a bit tipsy. Should we ban all old people from driving. Never mind, forget that LOL

    Most of times I was completely capable of driving and more perceptive, relaxed and not aggressive. Other times I did take the decision to not drive and sober up a bit (so to speak) before driving. You will never get someone suffering with road rage in traffic when they put some tunes on the radio and light up a spliff sitting behind the wheel in the traffic jam going around the M25. It should also be noted that driving in daylight is also different from at night in the dark with lights everywhere or down dark county roads where the trees can form what looks like a tunnel of trees. It is possible to trip out and get distracted / target fixation but that's an anomaly that can happen to anyone.

    The real issue is that there is no control on strengths and affects. As with drink one person could drink a couple of pints and feel really pissed and for someone else it would be like drinking tap water. What it boils down to is the person taking responsibility for their own actions and knowing whether or not they are fit to be behind the wheel driving or not. Anyway...soon the cars will be driving us not the other way around. Spice is another matter entirely and the same with most of your class A's. Driving and using a mobile phone is far more distracting even while on hands free for some people who get to engrossed in the conversation while moving at speed. As someone who also used to ride a motorcycle that's my pet hate. I used to clock them in their wing mirror if they weren't already weaving about.

  • Norra

    It appears you have lead quite a colourful life, we appear to be polar opposites almost on this subject but considering where we were respectively thatsnot surprising.

    The way I see it my arguments are on the side of common sense, public safety and consideration for the masses, whereas yours is A typical for someone for whom using was second nature.

    I can respect your arguments without agreeing with some points, but I will admit that in some of your posts I find it hard to truly understand which side of the fence you sit. I do however acknowledge that drugs have moved on at pace since I left the job, whereas I have stagnated.

    Did your parents have any children that lived.

  • I find it hard to truly understand which side of the fence you sit.

    I'm not sure we should be on any side of a fence. It's a love hate relationship. When one has experienced something to the point where you understand the pro's and the cons, the negatives and the positives and having an understanding and some compassion. Drugs are bad but not all bad 'full stop' and that includes alcohol and prescription meds. I guess it's the difference between an abuser and a user. Then there are the different affects and addictiveness which is where the levels of classification come into play.

    The thing is OB is right and when one approach is not working we need to take a different approach and attitude towards it, especially when we have the likes of China interfering which makes matters worse. There's also the business side of things and big time drug dealers wishing to get people hooked so the customer comes back and buy more. Mobile phones are like this also. We have a nation addicted to them. It's all about the reward centre in the brain and dopamine hit, a feel good factor.

    Maybe we should do something about improving society and making it a happier feel good life for people but that's complex and there is no Utopia. But then what do we do about the social and entertainment factor that drugs bring into peoples life's. I would divide drugs into two categories, natural and chemical. All those that are natural so plant and fungi I would make over the counter and legalised including opium in it's pure form. Bring back the opium den coffee shops. They can replace all the pubs that are fast closing down 8o All man made chemical drugs need to be more controlled. I would decriminalise them all but these are something that need stricter control and should be on prescription only.

  • Portugal de-criminalised drugs over 20 years ago. The number of Portugal’s drug deaths now stands at a fraction of Scotland’s. That must tell us something, surely.

    Apart from the SNP being useless, that is.

  • Portugal de-criminalised drugs over 20 years ago. The number of Portugal’s drug deaths now stands at a fraction of Scotland’s. That must tell us something, surely.

    Apart from the SNP being useless, that is.

    It only decriminalised small quantities and established local Commissions for the Dissuasion of Drug Addiction which have the power to impose punishments on those the police detect using drugs. No criminal record maybe but still punished.

    And opioid and other irregular drug use in Portugal remains high and the Portuguese are now having strong doubts

  • Portugal de-criminalised drugs over 20 years ago. The number of Portugal’s drug deaths now stands at a fraction of Scotland’s. That must tell us something, surely.

    Not really, could simply mean there's a hell of a lot more hardened drug users up in Scotland

  • Well it'd be one way of coping with the climate up there ;)

    (I'll get me coat)

    Looks like we share a similarly dark sense of humour. I was thinking about including that (pretty much word for word spookily) as a throw away comment as i was typing my post, but didn't bother in the end. :)

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