YouTube to level up audio

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  • YouTube Testing New 'Stable Volume' Feature for Consistent Video Audio
    YouTube Testing New 'Stable Volume' Feature for Consistent Video Audio - Fagen wasanni

    Youtube is testing a new piece of tech that will equalise the audio level on mobile devices and hopefully in the future, this will be extended to other platforms like smart tvs.

    For those older enough to remember, when the BBC used to be in charge of various kinds of standards, including audio quality on channels, the sound levels were always level, because they ensured that. Then sat/cable tv came along and the standards were binned and to this day, audio levels across channels are different and even on the same channel, the levels are different, ie when ads come on and this is no different to youtube.

    Bring on audio levelling, I say! And no more adverts blasting out.

  • LUFS and The Standard LUFS Standards Levels Every Mixer Should Know. Adverts being louder is a bit like the music loudness wars where audio engineers / artists push the compression levels to outdo others to draw attention even if only on a subliminal level.

    EBU R 128 - Wikipedia

    The problem is that any kind of normalisation outside of the mastering degrades audio quality and adds artefacts.

    Audio Normalization: Your Complete Guide to Normalizing Audio
    Audio normalization is an essential process in the age of digital samples and streaming. Here's everything you need to know about peak and loudness…

    My Sonar is picking up an Echo around here

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