Security fears over Chinese electric vehicles

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  • Will China use electric cars to spy on UK drivers?
    Forecourts are expected to be flooded with up to 25 brands of cheap Chinese electric cars when new petrol and diesel cars sales are banned in 2030.

    This is quite alarming. Also, in today’s Telegraph, they are speculating that there are concerns that EVs could be remotely controlled and paralyse the country.

    We need to think very carefully about the risks of importing anything involving new technology from China or other countries with malign intent.

  • I agree the Chinese are producing more and more EV's to sell in Europe and the UK at reasonable prices in comparison to other EV companies in the West, just what is in the electronics ?

  • I think the West needs to decide once and for all whether the Chinese government is hostile or not. If it is hostile, we should not be importing their tech, which may be then be used against us.

    , just what is in the electronics ?

    Just normal tech, but it's how the technology can be used, which is the concern here.

  • Yep it's a big problem but it's not only Chinese tech that does the spying. Some of us may prefer to share our data with the Chinese or Russians rather than give it to the UK Gov, NSA, CIA, MI6...pick you poison. At least if your data is in the hands of the Chinese or Russians you have no fear of them sharing that data with the above who can then use use it against you. The bigger problem here is on a much deeper level and a national security threat.

    My Sonar is picking up an Echo around here

  • However, the flip side to the political/security arguments, are economic ones.

    These Chinese EV makers are making cars far cheaper than Tesla? Shouldn't the market decide what it wants or doesn't want?

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