The future for music streaming

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  • Music streamers are getting more expensive.

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    It is not surprising, really. Compared with previously, when you had to spend a fortune on music to hear everything you wanted to hear, now you can hear it, and much, much more for a relatively small price each month.

    But that price is going up with the various costs the providers are having to bear, and with pressure from artists to increase the amount of commission they earn, something has to give.

    I have sympathy with the artists, but will people be prepared to pay increasing charges very often when we have a cost of living crisis to manage? Will people revert to buying just one album or less each month to avoid these increasing charges?

  • As long as it really is to improve the artists position I'd say fair

    I pay £9 a month for Amazon Music plus and I have to say it's excellent

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  • I paid a little bit more for YouTube Music so I could watch the music videos on YouTube without being bombarded with these blasted adverts. Well worth it in my opinion.

  • Why pay for such bad quality music when the quality of a 16bit 44kHz CD is far superior and not a lossy compression removing bits of the audio so not as the artist intended us to hear. Even what they class as lossless more often than not is not true lossless. It's a con, especially MQA. how else do you expect them to be able to stream to so many users. There's simply not enough bandwidth. It would be like trying to drive around the M25 at 70mph during rush hour traffic. The Internet suffers the same problems as our road system. It's congested and getting more and more congested everyday with crap......advertisements, memes, spam, viruses and other malicious content etc etc. If you think traffic on the roads causes pollution and is bad for the environment then you should see what data centres produce, not to mention all the devices plugged in and using the Internet worldwide.

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    I hate to say it but streaming services will never pay artist's what they deserve and are taking snippets of artists music to then AI generate something completely new from so they don't have to pay them anything. Ask Neil Young if you want to know how bad music streaming services are. Music streaming services are killing the music industry. Not only that but what the record companies supply to music streaming services is not good. They keep the good stuff for themselves to sell as limited runs or collectors editions etc. They are not getting the original master and most times are getting a copy of a copy or even a rerelease. They get the runt of the litter.

    And if you want to delve deeper into the world of digital music then the following article is an exceptionally good read and spot on IMO. There's a good argument here for going back to analogue. There's a reason that records have a made a come back and it's not just because they are more tangible and you actually own and have control over the product. And it's not some kind of new age hipster fad either.

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    The only music I stream is locally from my 4TB and growing music library of lossless flac files. And if I really wanted to I could stream them over over the WAN to my phone or any other device or quite frankly to anyone I wish to give access to my library. And I won't charge them a single penny 8) I'm a control freak and I don't need some other control freak controlling me and ripping me off at the same time. :whistling:

  • Amazon Music claim their Ultra HD streaming with its 24 bit depth and up to 190kHz sampling rate is far superior to CD audio

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  • They can claim all they like. I think you may find that it possibly requires you to have a DAC your end to up-sample it.

    I don't know but they say 3.3Mbps is what they're streaming and CD quality is only 1.411 Mbps

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  • I need the streaming service as my car system doesn't take CDs.

    I also have a good collection of vinyl records and CDs at home.

    Living out here in East Sussex with so many black spots, relying on streaming for in car music is a bit fraught. But even though my car does play CDs I just don't, UK radio is just so good for in car listening.

    I still buy CDs though even though some are still in their cellophane. I still want to own something physical even if I'm actually going to listen to it on Amazon Music.

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