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  • The Beatles were an absolute awakening for me back in the 60s and I still have to drop what I’m doing now when I hear their music playing.

    Those who have a similar penchant for all things Beatle might be interested in this!

    BBC celebrates The Beatles
    The BBC will be reflecting the release of Now And Then – the last song by The Beatles - and celebrating the enduring legacy of the band with a range of progra
  • Their music will live on forever and at least the BBC are doing something right for a change.

    Normal service will resume soon. ^^

  • There's many artist who's music will live forever.

    If you want some good music of the Latin American variety and some cracking Aussie artists then I highly recommend watching 'Bump' on the iPlayer, an Aussie drama / comedy series. I was completely hooked and bingedwatched it all. Great music, great storyline and some parts had me in stitches. Highly recommended :thumbup:

    A-grade student Oly's life is turned upside down when she unexpectedly gives birth.

    My Sonar is picking up an Echo around here

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