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  • Re this post in the Israel thread

    So maybe you need to reread your own guide and your own posts which very much break it

    Hamas regularly uses Ambulances to transport terrorists and armaments . The Red Crescent is also run by Hamas .

    Israel is not evil Hamas is evil .

    If you don t know the difference your moral compass is askew .

    You sound like someone who has to resort to personal attack when they have no viable argument

    The region is not stable hasn’t been for decades because among other things it wants the destruction of Israel so it can have yet another failed Arab state from the river to the sea .

    It also seeks the establishment of a worldwide Islamic caliphate and its doing pretty well by the insane bunch we see now in our streets

    The west is its major target , Israel is the canary in the mine if it goes down so will western civilisation

    The world is a lot blacker that you naively imagine I suspect that you haven’t traveled much .

    I also read that lot for my sins even the grossly biased BBC

    To be honest I don’t like your posts they are IMO a load of BS .

    But worst they are mainly an apology for evil

    So let’s leave it at that .

    And then there's your charmless "I didn’t answer your question because it’s not worth my while arguing with idiots with blocked mindsets ."

    I play the ball not the man. Please can you do the same and feel free to give examples where you believe I did otherwise.

    I understand it may distress you that I fair challenged your 'not true' but all the evidence of subsequent posts is any distress was because you knew what I'd posted was very much true.

  • I play the ball not the man.

    If only you did.... :rolleyes: X/

    Petty and pointless thread closed.

    If my post is in this colour, it is a moderator decision. Please abide by it.

  • Horizon

    Closed the thread.

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