Amazon planning a revolution on its Fire devices - but what will it mean for us?

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    They're creating a closed ecosystem. Meaning, that rather than being open to all android apps, as is currently the case, the only apps that will be available on fire tv in the future, will be the ones that pay Amazon loads of dosh and what are directly approved by Amazon.

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    A report claims that Amazon is looking to swap its current Fire TV OS for a new, in-house operating system that isn't built using Android.


    Lowpass also claims that the new operating system is codenamed Vega, and that "most of the OS development is already done". It is based on a "flavour of Linux", much like the operating system that graces Roku streaming devices.

    It would be interesting to know which flavour of Linux they have chosen. Hopefully it is Debian based and not something like Ubuntu which would not be quite as secure....but still better than Android.

    This is a good thing if based on Linux which is open source. It will be a lot more secure and private along with better response times if implemented properly along with more reliability. Android is far more closed than this as a Google product. What will most likely be closed source is the GUI they build on top of Linux and there are far more applications already available for Linux free of charge.

    Not many people know this but MacOS technically is open source.....well, not Darwin which is the codename name for the GUI that most folk see and think of as OSX but the underlaying OS is based on the open source software Free BSD, a variant of Unix which is why it has such good security with POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) based permissions at it's core to which Microsoft's ACL (Access Control Lists) are bolted on top for multi user and cross compatibility purposes (which weakens security via extended attributes but that's another story) and gives more refined control over permissions.

    It's the underlaying OS which is of importance here to be open source from a security perspective not the pretty looking GUI. So IMO this is an exceptionally good move from Amazon. Plus Google as a company needs bringing down a peg or two and should not dominate the majority of consumer devices and we as a consumer deserve to have more user choice along with there being a free market.

    We're talking about streaming here and considering that the majority of router software's, NAS devices and Network Data Centres are based on Linux then this will make network communications more compatible therefore more reliable along with better options for network diagnostic tools and security.

    There's a reason why Roku is so popular ;) Android is a terrible Operating System and a toy compared to Linux. Linux is far more grown up. Saying that, this does not change my view and opinion on Amazon as a company from a moral perspective.

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