Tracking code and ad-block blocking breaks Euro computer law, privacy advocate claims

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  • I'm not a huge fan of the EU but every now and again something good comes out of it......

    Meta and YouTube face criminal surveillance complaints
    Tracking code and ad-block blocking breaks Euro computer law, privacy advocate claims

    It's about time these big tech companies where brought down a peg or two...

    Meta sued by 33 states over claims youth mental health endangered by Instagram
    Complaint filed in California accuses company of knowingly inducing children and teenagers into addictive social media use
    EU opens investigation into X over alleged disinformation
    X, formerly Twitter, is being investigated by the EU over the possible spread of terrorist and violent content.

    The following experiment is a little flawed but it makes a very good point and under some circumstances this is as real as it gets. Google have been caught in the past by a reverse engineer that found an always on second hidden microphone in Alexa devices. Samsung workers where caught selling data of peoples conversations recorded via the built in microphone on their smart TV. I could go on with other proven examples but I wont bore you but it's time something was done about this invasive technology. We are being sold a Trojan horse with many devices.

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