Oscar winning films are coming to ITV and with a new streaming channel

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    This will please the film lovers amongst us.


    ITV is taking the Oscars free-to-air for the first time in almost two decade. The broadcaster is pulling out all the stops to offer comprehensive coverage and a chance to watch a variety of Oscar nominated movies.

    • ITV1 and ITVX will broadcast the Oscars live on Sunday 10th March 2024 from 10:30pm.
    • Exclusive ITVX live stream from 9:30pm.
    • ITVX will offer an Oscar-themed channel from late February, featuring Flashdance, Ghost, Henry V, No Country For Old Men, Pulp Fiction and more.
    ITV announces slate of Oscars 2024 programming
    For the first time in nearly two decades, UK viewers can tune-in to the Oscars ceremony completely free and exclusively on ITV with a raft of programming to cel
  • No Country For Old Men. The biggest badass baddie ever is in that film. Spinning the coin at the Gas Station is pure psycho bad!!!

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