British Police - Good or Bad? Lets discuss it.

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  • Objectivity is the best and only stance to adopt when trying to debate controversial topics. For example: This thread will get very few responses because of the people on here who dislike me. Objectivity means you play the ball, not the player.

    If you truly have an opinion, of worth, it should be published on a forum. We want this forum to be a place where all people feel they have an input and can commit to positive discernment and debate.

    Why be followers of biased MSM narratives? Let this forum be the font of sound argument.

    The British police were once the number best, highly rated police on Earth. They were famous for their professionalism and respect for the people. I do not think that is the case today. Many millions agree with me.

    It is NOT anti-police to point out bad cops and the erosion of standards.

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