PMQ's - Starmer v Sunak - Shameful. A Joke.

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  • I listened to the video on YouTube - this week PMQ's.

    This has to be the most embarrassing example to the world and our citizens.

    Starmer cites individuals who are struggling: "Mr Speaker, does the PM care about Phil from Norwich? Phil earns xxxx £ and struggles to pay his energy bill"!!! Who gives a fuxk about Phil? Why use this emotional bollox. We know for certain Starmer could not give a flying shite about Phil.

    This virtue-signalling shite and the pretense of the MP's sitting quietly in fake respect has to stop.

    No one can get to their GP. Young people have no hope and no chance of buying a home.

    Islamic extremists are destroying the fabric of our society and culture.

    God help us????!!!

    I Would Rather Be Hated For Telling The Truth Than Revered For Speaking A Lie.

  • Young people have no hope and no chance of buying a home.

    Not true. Young people need to be smart and lead decent clean lives. Don’t waste your time on a university degree that will only get you a £25k entry level job. Get a trade and do some bloody work.

    My eldest son and his girlfriend have just bought their first home. Good jobs, good money, no university debt , no problem.

    I haven’t given them a penny to help them, they saved their own money to get the deposit, sacrificed the now for later. But later is now here. Maybe others should try it.

    Celebrate it, Anticipate it, Yesterday's faded, Nothing can change it, Life's what you make it

  • Starmer is toxic.. He has no policies except be critical of the UK.. Sunak is not a leader, he's weak and bends too far to the left dragging the Conservative party into wokedom, moral degeneration and weakness.

    It's probably too late to change the Conservative leadership before the next GE , but change they must do. The Conservatives have lost their way and a new leader needs the courage to stand for traditional Conservative values such as Morality, Decency and real Criminal justice.

    The Voice of Reason

  • We are sleepwalking. No one cares enough to take action. I have mentioned that the PM of our country has changed numerous times over recent years and NOT one general election since Boris Johnson. No one cares enough to protest against the system. It makes no real difference if they do.

    They made sure Sunak got the job because they stopped Tory members from voting. They can Whip the MPs into voting for the placeman.

    Cameron is the same - he is a placeman, deliberately chosen as part of an agenda. Sunak did not have any say in it.

    I Would Rather Be Hated For Telling The Truth Than Revered For Speaking A Lie.

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