Micro Aggressions - Civil Servants Speech control.

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  • Rolling your eyes is a microaggression but nodding your head won’t harm colleagues, civil servants told

    Civil servants are being taught that acts like rolling their eyes, questioning someone’s professional experience, and using phrases like “black spot” during conversations can constitute a ‘microaggression’ if the person on the receiving end happens to be from a “marginalised” group.

    The uber woke concept of ‘microaggression’ is overtly political, riddled with internal contradictions, and shouldn't be anywhere near the UK's ostensibly ‘impartial’ civil service – but it resonates all too clearly with a culture that places a premium on feelings and subjective interpretations above dispassionate objectivity.

    Tom Slater in the Telegraph, “but it’s particularly obnoxious that civil servants were being lectured about minor slights at a time when acts of violent Jew hatred – antisemitic macroaggressions, if you will – were on the up”.

    8|Do not trade me a Rabbit and hand me a Hare. (I know the strain of species in Leporidae).

    Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.

  • What a load of Woke idiocrity... Civil servants are there to do their jobs not cow tow to Snowflakes and Marxist ideology.. They are supposed to be impartial..

    The Voice of Reason

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