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  • Leftists strongly push the argument: "The USA is a rotten country, cruel, racist corrupt, and evil" - while attacking people who oppose open borders.

    They can never explain why millions cross the borders to enter the USA, even risking their lives to get into the USA. Why the hell would they want to enter the USA? based on their logic?

    I Would Rather Be Hated For Telling The Truth Than Revered For Speaking A Lie.

  • You have it wrong, Americans are rotten, cruel, racist and corrupt for trying to stop illegals. That’s what is meant.

    The guilt tripping by this pathetic name calling really gets to some people. If it impacts say just 10% of the people accused of being rotten, cruel, racist and corrupt that is a lot of new recruits to the cause. Now simply rinse and repeat over and over…

    Celebrate it, Anticipate it, Yesterday's faded, Nothing can change it, Life's what you make it

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