Anyone beat this price for 1gb?

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  • My area is being wired up for fibre. It all started in November with an invasion of vans and workmen and one lot left before Christmas, then another lot came after Christmas and then left and currently another group are around.

    My area will soon have multiple fibre options (:):)) but the flyer that's been put though my door, I don't think the likes of BT or anyone else can beat it. Certainly, VM can't.

    I've been offered 1gb fibre from a company called Community Fibre for £25.

    I am currently in contract with Sky, but as they are about to raise their prices, I'm getting out, at least the telecoms bit. I get around 60mb and all calls from Sky for £30 a month, but that's going up by several quid soon.

    Should I take the offer or wait for something better?

    Anyone else had any good deals?

  • A very wise move, Horizon, as Sky’s TV services are not linked to their broadband.

    Unfortunately, I couldn’t do that if I wanted to remain with Virgin TV!

  • Whether I stick with Sky tv too, remains to be seen. I'm right on the fence on it, but the broadband isn't good enough, especially coming from VM's top-notch broadband service.

    I'll about the Sky stream thread soon with my thoughts on recent tests I've been doing on it.

  • Well, Virgin’s Streaming box is free after the initial payment for the box. You just pay for your selected streamers and get all the free channels on the EPG to boot. I think it’s a great deal. The only downside is that you must use Virgin’s broadband, but that’s hardly the end of the world! As you say, top-notch.

  • Well, with Sky raising its prices and a free installation offer, I'm getting the Community Fibre 1gb service installed on Tuesday. Hope its dry!:)

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