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  • As many of you know, I can take a very relaxed view to the rules on this site, the rules that I myself set. But in some cases, this can be harmful to the site, which is why I'm making this note about proxies.

    The use of proxies on this site has been against site rules for a few years (at least) and is about to become a main rule too.

    What many of you may be unaware of is that this site comes under constant attack from various forms, some automatic, some not, every single day.

    Inbuilt within the software of this site, is a means to protect the site from unwanted attention, such as spam bots. IPs, usernames, email addresses etc are all checked against various databases including the Stop The Forum Spam database and most of these "visitors" are blocked.

    As an additional security measure, I disabled automatic user registration last year. All new accounts have to be manually approved by me and in most cases, I manage to block out unwanted guests, although some still get through. It's sometimes impossible to work out who is genuine and who is not.

    I know many people are concerned with the issue of security which is why I have taken a blind eye to members using proxies such as Tor for such a long time, but I have to put the interests of this site first, which is why from next week any account which comes from a proxy will be automatically banned.

    I have and still writing to those of you who are using a proxy with mixed results....X/ But I am sorry, I am not going to allow proxies anymore. Full stop.

    If you use a proxy, then please set an exception for this site through your router or through your proxy software to show your real IP.

    By all means post your thoughts on this, but it's something I am not going to change my mind on.

  • Here's just a little snippet from one day last month of a bot trying to get through:

    I need to be careful that I don't reveal your IP addresses to all, but this is an example of just what happened on one day over One minute.... last month. A bot trying to get through.

    I have to be strict on this stuff. No choice, sorry.

  • The problem is that when members use proxies, quite often they are the same as used by the spam bots. Usually Tor exit nodes, which is why I have to block them all.

  • That was a mistake by me Rusty, sorry. I switched on the automatic banning before it was ready.

    fault/blame was all mine. I was aware of the site rules regarding proxies and the reason for them .My VPN kicks in automatically and I've not got around to looking into how to set up exceptions as opposed to simply switching it on and off when I'm messing about online.

    I assumed the automatic banning has been in place all along and frankly was quite impressed by the fact it had taken me that long to fall foul of it :D

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