My Community Fibre installation and review

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  • I know I've already mentioned this in another thread, but Google does love keywords in titles...;)

    I got my Community Fibre service installed on Tuesday, at least the broadband bit. My number is to be ported over from Sky, but that will take ten days, so how did it go I hear you ask? Ok, ish.

    Firstly, the techs arrived late. This seems to be very common with this company and altnets in general, as they try and cram as many installs into a single day to beat their competitors. As I've said in other threads, Openreach are still in my area digging up all the streets, although they seem to have finished all their pole work now.

    The installation was scheduled to take place between 8-12pm and they came at 2pm... They did call me to let me know they would be late, but hardly a good start.

    The next problem, at least according to them, was that the fibre cable they needed to attach to in the street, was nowhere to be seen. After five minutes of scratching their heads, they knocked on my door to announce themselves and then tell me they were unable to carry out the installation.

    I explained that two neighbours had recently been installed and after ten more minutes, they repeated there was no "drop point" to get the CF fibre from the street pole to my house. At this point, perhaps most people would've given up, but not me. Plus, I keep an eye on things...

    I walked up the street with them and told them where their drop point was. It wasn't the pole closest to my house, but further away. It is astonishing that they were unaware of this basic information.

    After this, the installation went a breeze. They attached the cable to my closet pole and then to my house. It took minutes. I had them put the cable straight down my drainpipe and they drilled a small hole into my house and fed it through into my hallway. A very simple install for them, which was the whole point. The more complicated you make it, the more problems.

    One tech was doing all the outside work and another was doing all the inside work.

    The inside tech never measured anything, but again I was prepared. I did all the measuring, including drawing lines on my inside wall of where the drainpipe was located on the outside. Despite this, the tech wanted to drill a hole where the drainpipe was and said, "don't worry, I won't hit the pipe". My answer was, "you're inside, how can you tell how deep to drill without hitting the pipe. Put the box where I've indicated." He did and installed the ONT (modem) beside it.

    Next problem... once the install was done, the router wouldn't start. The tech said it was updating, but I was suspicious. But it did work in the end and with that, he left briskly, but not before I explained that I was only getting 34mm on my laptop.

    I asked the tech that I needed to go into the router's settings menu and make any necessary changes to get the speeds up (he never offered to do it:rolleyes:) but he explained, "you do that on the Linksys app." I explained that I don't have a smart mobile phone and he went on to say, "we only get trained on the app. I don't know any other way to do it." I explained to him that I needed the web address starting with 198.162 etc etc but he gave me a blank look and with that, sharply left!:thumbdown:

    So, at the point of completion I was left with 28mb speeds, not 1gb. I looked on the web and quickly found out that I could access the router settings page by going to Normally, with most routers it's

    I accessed the settings menu, clicked the inbuilt speed test to test the connection coming into the home and got the full 1gb up and 1gb down. Brilliant!8) Made some alterations to the settings and even on my dodgy laptop with a crap wifi card, I am getting 240mb down and up. With Sky, the normal was 50mb down and about 8mb up.

    Once I've got new equipment, I will be able to take advantage of the full speeds, but considering what I had before, this new service is a great improvement, it's just the install techs could do with more training.

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