NATS flights fiasco August 2023

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  • Days of chaos, holidays ruined, £millions lost and now we start to find out why

    Full report is worth a read :

    The software didn't have run time range checking of inputs, some idiot airline used an invalid ambiguous code for a waypoint that referred to two different locations, NATS had no one on site able to perform a full system restart and the processes for dealing with the 700,000 victims were not only woefully inadequate but some airlines are not co-operating in identifying them. And some did not properly compensate and the CAA has bugger all ability to properly fine the companies at fault.

    The CAA should be requiring all those airlines to properly compensate/refund insurance companies, saying as ultimate owner of NATS that it will pay the bills and the government that will have to use our money to fund such should be sacking those senior officials that allowed this to happen.

  • The root of the problem was the software, It seems to me the system should have simply rejected the flight plan

    The failure did indeed cause chaos for several days but on the upside I had a few easy days !

  • :) well at least someone gained

    It's the arrogance of NATS and the sheer hand wringing incompetence of the CAA that are the root causes here and unless those at the top face consequences such will happen again.

  • Am I right to assume NATS is an air traffic controller programme set or a company that administers?

    Is this an Industry standard or specific to the UK alone?

    Did your parents have any children that lived.

  • NATS is the widely used shorthand for NATS Holdings the CAA owned company that operates the Air Traffic Control system in UK Airspace. I believe they operate through a number of subsidiary companies.

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