New sports streaming service faces scrutiny

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  • U.S. Reps Raise Concerns That Disney, Fox, WBD Sports Streaming Venture Will Be Anticompetitive
    The Disney, Fox Corp. and Warner Bros. Discovery sports-streaming joint venture has drawn congressional scrutiny.

    It would be a shame if this new service had to be abandoned as it would be available on a number of different services, ensuring that people were not tied to one provider in order to access the service.

  • Problem is streamers like tubi wanted to do sports before and were blocked from doing so, so they're not happy and are challenging this move.

  • The thing is, this will benefit the customer. If the cost is shared between the companies, the price to the consumer should come down. And as I said, they will not be forced to access their favourite sports via just one streamer.

    I agree though that this is likely to be voted down, which is a shame.

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