Check your spam folder!

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  • I have just realised, I have about 400 emails that I've not read. Nothing important, I don't think, just mainly shopping newsletters and such like, but it was a shock.

    Do you regularly check your spam folder, or have you forgotten about it, like me?

  • Yes. Often I find a vital email .... been sat there all the time.

    8| "If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change".

  • The spam filters are pretty good most of the time, but you do find the occasional communication in there that shouldn't have been so identified.

    It's certainly worth keeping an eye on!

  • When I left VM and lost my address and switched to Sky, they stopped email for new customers, so I had to switch to an "open" service which is Yahoo Mail. I'm finding their filters very strong and looking for an alternative.

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