What are your top 5 movies of all time ?

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  • I disagree ..... indeed i think it was significantly better than the cheesy 1986 original which I will admit isnt a high bar ;)

    Yep. both were low on credible plot but high on entertainment. And yes Top Gun Maverick is the better of the two.

  • Only 5? Mmm.....

    1- It's a Wonderful Life (1947)- James Stewart is one of my fav old time actors and this film, while quite dark, is philosophical and I thought suicide was (and still is) a difficult human event to depict sensitively. It broke the norms of the day in that it showed the more sensitive side of the man and showed that he was fallible and prone to not being so strong sometimes. It highlighted something (male depression) that we still overlook now as a society. Overall, a bloody good film- from the storyline and script to the acting and casting- and always makes me bawl!

    2- Let Him Have It (1992)- This is the story of Derek Bentley, a 19yr old man with learning difficulties that was hung in 1953 for a crime of 'joint enterprise' when his 16yr old friend, Christopher Craig, shot and killed a policeman while the two were attempting to rob a sweet shop in Croydon. At the time of the shooting, Bentley had been under arrest for nearly 20 minutes and did not have a gun on him or attempt to be violent at any point. In the film, a yet-to-be-known Christopher Eccleston shines as the gullible, easily impressed Bentley and Paul Reynolds perfectly captured the cheeky, gangster wannabe Craig. I was 15 when I saw this and for me it was big realisation of how unfair 'justice' was- that in the UK, we had a time when innocent kids could get legally murdered for a crime they so obviously didn't commit. I spent years after that, writing letters to MP's to clear Derek's name and wrote a letter of support to Iris Bentley, who was fighting to clear her brother's name. It was a bit of a flop of a film, but IMO severely under-rated for so many reasons.

    3- Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (1954)- the music, the simplicity, the scenery, Howard Keel, Jane Powell & Russ Tamblyn- apart from the misogyny, kidnapping of women and the encouragement of both in song- what is there not to like? All kidnapping, etc, aside, the way Milly handles them is all is brilliant! And it does end up showing you that she runs the house- she chucks him and the boys out when they kidnap the girls and gives them a right pasting when they step out of line. Then goes on to defeat all that pseudo feminism by showing you the fathers at the end selling them all off to marriage- just in case they've been tainted by them nasty wild country men.

    4- Xanadu (1980)- Gene Kelley, Olivia Newton-John, roller-skates and a soundtrack by ELO- again, what is there not to flipping love? Not many can pull off mixing roller-skates with a bit of Greek mythology AND Gene Kelley playing a clarinet. And with that little hot pot of sweetness, they topped it with the musical equivalent of magical sprinkles (ELO). I'm still singing 'I'm ALIIIVE....and the world shines for meeee today'. And yes, I AM still roller-skating into walls, imagining I'm Keira, 44 years later.

    5- Cabaret (1972)- It's the weirdness and soundtrack that make it a favourite, plus the sensitivities of the storylines, which were a bit controversial at the time. It was also a film that doesn't end the expected way and it gives a perspective of what Germany was like before the Nazi's, which up until seeing the film, I hadn't really seen portrayed. The same with homosexuality- I hadn't really seen it shown in film before Cabaret. It's dark, it's deep and an eye-opener, so it remains a fav.

  • 1, Gladiator

    2, behind enemy lines

    3, the sum of all fears

    4, The Equaliser

    5, some kind of wonderful

    6, (reserve) Highlander

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  • I got Oppenheimer as a free download reward from Sky for being one of their longest customers and . . .

    . . . .still haven't watched it because I reckon it will be exactly that 'overrated, overlong and frankly quite boring' waste of my time . Thanks for confirming it.

    I watched it. A bit long but I found it interesting from a historical perspective

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