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  • This didn't make me laugh at all. It makes me sad that the good people of Scotland are subjected to the whim of a coward, a criminal and a shameless charlatan.


    It’s not funny because it isn’t true. What’s more, his policies are a darn sight better than the Wee Krankie’s.

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  • Wee Krankie is being upstaged by her sister,, Where we all thought that there was just one dubious person in the Sturgeon family, the sister has been arrested by the police.. Fishy goings on in that family, of that there is no doubt. Everything Nasty Nic touches turns to sh**e.

  • I was in my conservatory today when a massive crane fly came in and flew around for several seconds before blowing itself up.

    It must have been a Jihadi Longlegs.

    Nobody likes the British anymore. We don't even like ourselves.

  • Housewives are complaining that there isn't enough foreplay in the bedroom.

    It looks like you men are going to have to pull your finger out.

    Nobody likes the British anymore. We don't even like ourselves.

  • Nigel Farage walks into 'spoons and asks for a pint. The solitary barperson left working there now takes a glass with its shiny new crown emblem stamped at the top, pulls the pump once. Nothing comes out. He places the empty glass on the bar in front of Nigel.

    Nigel stares at the glass a bit confused. “It’s empty!” he says, disappointed.

    “It’s a pint of sovereignty. It's all we've got now because there isn't any beer”, says the barman.

    Nigel’s eyes fill with tears, he picks up the glass and walks away quietly humming “Rule Britannia!” to himself.

    Nobody likes the British anymore. We don't even like ourselves.

  • eu-flag-reason.jpg

    Reason indeed. Gotta love illiterate Brexiters. ^^^^^^^^^^^^

    Loved the presence of good British European citizens in the audience at the Proms last Saturday. Sir Henry Wood would have approved, after all, he started the promenade concerts with the intention of "creating concerts that will reflect the very best of British and Continental classical music."

    The first promenade concert held under his baton included Schubert's Unfinished Symphony, excerpts from Wagner operas, Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto, Schumann's Piano Concerto and excerpts from Richard Strauss, Tchaikovsky, Glazunov, Massenet and Rimsky Korsakov.

    Neither Rule Britannia or Land of Hope and Glory featured in any of the proms until after the second world war ended.

    Nobody likes the British anymore. We don't even like ourselves.

  • On of the funniest things I Have seen LOL and what makes it better is that he is pissed off that video had been leaked and got caught being an idiot. rofl.gif.57a0859802223cfb25763a5f876a4be6.gif

    Seriously you have to be an idiot if your on crutches to use one of them on a slippy corridor floor and he has the guy carrying his crutches for him while he tries to act cool. dickhead.gif

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  • Is that the Broughty Ferry case. My nan used live there back when she was alive. A bit of a dull sleepy town TBH and the most interesting thing is the castle but at least they have Dundee not so far away for shopping etc.

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