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  • Hiatus today from the gardening due to bad weather, but got a lot more done yesterday. I've almost caught up with dealing with the mess from last year, which means I can then concentrate on dealing with this year's gardening.

    I got some of my order of bedding plants from Gardening Direct yesterday and even though they were are GD's "large" size, they were still small, large plug plants basically.. Tescos and other supermarkets like Aldis have really cornered the market when it comes to bedding plants now. You don't get much of a choice, but what you do get is good and very cheap, I just wish I could get to the supermarkets.

    What came yesterday was some trailing violas. I watered them and await the rest of my order (pansies, primroses and wallflowers) before I start planting them all.

  • Got the rest of my bedding plants last week from Gardening Direct and have been busy for over a week now, trying to repot everything I have. I posted a pic of all the pots/planters that needed doing last week and I've broken the back of it now, but still more to do and hope to finish this week or next, and then it will be on to the "proper" gardening and digging out some beds and putting Autumn/winter stuff in. I've almost caught up with dealing with all the mess from last year, so I'm basically doing two year's worth of gardening over a few weeks.

    Once I'm done, I'm done and that will be the bulk of the gardening done foe the year. Normally a season changeover happens towards the end of September, but I'm doing everything now and hopefully that will mean more time I can spend here in 2-3 weeks time.:)

  • Was meant to have another major gardening session today, but "events" prevented that, but I started on my front garden a few days ago, having a pause from my "big repot everything" project that I've been doing for a few weeks now.

    I dug out the beds and put some of those plug plants in and as there are a lot of forget me nots already in the beds, I dug some of those out and replanted them elsewhere. I was hoping to finish my front garden yesterday, but it rained around 5 and had to stop. I only needed a few more hours and it would've been done.

  • After a long weekend and some more work this morning, I've finished my front garden with a mow of the lawn and trim of my pyracantha hedge from both sides.

    Really, I needed a lot more plants, especially something like violas and/or pansies, but I planted what I had and dug up and replanted a load of forget-me-nots in different spots and moved some shrubs and took out a few more as one of the beds was too crowded. It's far from prefect, but at least the front garden is looking neat and tidy now.

    Seems a little mini heat wave is heading my way this week, so I hope to finish the grand "pot project" by replanting everything into new planters, then if i have any new plants left, I will then have a go at my back garden, but it looks like I might need to get a load more plants as I've concentrated putting all my new plants into planters.

    I'll post a few pics of my front, such as it is, later.

  • Done a bit more gardening this morning and really I should be doing some more now as the weather is so nice, but just having a little "pause" now. My back isn't what it used to be!;)

  • Still doing my gardening....:) Managing bits each day, but its very long winded as I never get a chunk of time to get a whole load done at once, but should all be pretty much done within the next two weeks or so.

    Mini heatwave about to hit London, 80+ temps in a few days...<X Need to get as much done, before the heat returns.

  • Looks like you've had some time to get to grips with the garden.:thumbup:

    Fortunately the side and front gardens here are down to permanent shrubs etc. I only have to do the patio garden and as this is mostly raised beds, pots and tubs it's not too onerous. This year it's also been the winter survivors and perennials that have had the displays.

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  • Looks like you've had some time to get to grips with the garden. :thumbup:

    Yes, thank goodness. This time last year my garden had been completely abandoned. The intensity of my normal day duties was so much that there literally wasn't any time for anything else, so I've essentially being playing catch up over these last few weeks and getting jobs done that should've been done last year.

    24C forecast today for my area and 27C tomorrow.

  • As promised, here are some shots of my completed front garden from last week taken in the Very strong late afternoon sunshine (not really the best time to take pics...):


    And the planters by my front door which are filled with pansies, violas and wallflowers illustrate the "great pot project" I have been working on. Reminder, all my planters have been emptied, cleaned, lined with garden fleece and then had brand new compost put in them. And I consolidated the contents of more than 150 pots and planters down to a more manageable 50 or so now:


  • Almost at the end of my "great pot project" now. Last major batch of pots/planters sorted out yesterday, with some more to do today.

    I made a bulb order recently and just waiting for them to come, hopefully this week and once they're in the pots, that will pretty much complete the gardening, except for the usual tidying up. Ordered hyacinths, tulips, daffs and a few other smaller bulbs. I did have quite a few bulbs from last year, but they never seem to come up well a second year, so I ordered new stuff.

    Here's a pic from this morning of yesterday's efforts and if you look on the lower right hand side, you can see about see some of the planters in my driveway which I've prepared for the bulbs.


  • My cleaning of the thousand pots is pretty much done now and just got the bulbs a few minutes ago and once they get planted when the weather allows, that will complete the bulk of my gardening for this year.

    So watch it you lot, I'm back!:evil:8o

  • Lovely warm weather today at around 19C, so been out in the garden and planted most of my bulbs. They didn't go quite as far as I wanted them to, but still have several containers full of them.:)

  • I've just bought in my Mediterranean hibiscus. They're forecasting a cold night ahead with a possible frost especially inland. It hates the cold.

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  • Even in my area, it's predicted to go down to zero tonight. It was 18 degrees around lunchtime yesterday, quite a difference!

    As you might recall from previous years, normally I would get put all my summer plants into the greenhouse, but I just haven't got the time, so I'll see what happens.... Will not be happy if I lose everything, but that would serve me right.

  • Not sure where to put this, but here seems as good as anywhere else.

    As I've mentioned elsewhere, my brother has moved out of my house a couple of weeks ago and into his own home now and this is the view he now gets:


    I think I might join him!:)

  • Great garden.

    It is and I was being selective in the shot I was taking too, it's much bigger than the shot shows. Wish it was my garden.

    That's superb. Fresh veg will always taste better than this rubbish which is mostly grown in Spanish or African greenhouses that the supermarkets supply.

  • Not grown my own veg in a very long time, but that's something to add to my to do list.

    Done a bit of gardening today.:)

    A lot of my summer plants are still going, I kid you not and I've just had to prune of a load of old gerbera heads as all new flowers are shooting through and other tidying jobs. Back lawn got a mow too, as it was very thick and hadn't been done in ages.

    I've not had the time to put anything in the greenhouse this year for winter protection, so will be sick if I lose a load of plants if the frosts come next month.

  • The Bromeliad plant that came from my mothers is flowering again. It's looking very green and healthy.

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  • Is that a inside plant Heero? I think I've got them too.

    Definitely. It's in the bathroom at the moment. I posted some pictures in this thread when it last flowered a while ago. and a member here was able to identify the plant.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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