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    Been doing lots of gardening over the last few days while the weather has been so warm, but I've run out of space to put all the rubbish now. I've got a council green wheelie bin for garden rubbish, but this is only emptied one every two weeks and is filled up. Last year I bought several large garden sacks, but they got filled up too. Cutting down my ivy generated a lot of rubbish and I've been pruning various other shrubs too.

    Apart from the fact that the garage side of my garden where the ivy was is looking totally barren now, garden not looking too bad. All the dafs are out, hyacinths, some tulips and what bedding I could get last year including primroses, violas, wallflowers and pansies. The forget me nots have been putting on a show as well, so its looking pretty nice.

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    Apart from the fact that the garage side of my garden where the ivy was is looking totally barren now

    If it gets some sun at least part of the day you could get a common passion vine and train it over a trellis. Bees really like the nectar rich flowers.

    The risk of hard frost is diminishing so next week I'll be taking the top fleece off the banana palms as the new leaves are pushing it off anyway.

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    Thanks Heero, but it's only in the height of summer when the sun rises from the north-west, that my garage side gets some sun on it. I have a laurel tree at the end of my garden than blocks the sun from the east and the house blocks the summer westerly sun, so it's only really from the south that my garden gets any sun from.

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    Been out earlier and taken the fleece off the very top leaves on the banana palms. One frond has got a kink in the end where the fleece was holding it back Still getting a white frost on surfaces but it's not sub-zero so they should be OK.

    Next week should see the back of the very cold weather, some forecasters are predicting a mini heat-wave and 20C.

    Grass in the side garden needs a hair-cut but I'm waiting for the celandines to finish flowering. I'll need to steer round the Spanish blue-bells (also a few white and a couple of pink ones) that are just coming out.

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    I've now removed the fleece wrappings on the Banana palms. The two big ones are growing fast now. I've trimmed off the remains of the old branches from the stem so as to avoid any rot getting in and get the air circulating.

    Unfortunately the very small one has lost its main stem. Let's hope it'll come again from the root.

    I don't think we'll be getting any severe (<-2C) frosts now.

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    Another of the cacti that came from my mothers is flowering. With TLC it's been getting stronger all the time.

    Mamillaria Elongata or Ladies Fingers:


    First time I've seen this one flower.

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    How often does it flower, does it do it every year?

    I've had this for 4 years and this is the first time it's flowered but it had been neglected so I don't know if they flower every year. Cacti do have some very colourful flowers.

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    Another of the same type of cacti has also flowered:


    This was originally a piece that broke off the other one. I potted it up and it's grown on nicely as has the one next to it that was only the long single bit originally.

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    You are! :) They seem to really like where they're placed.

    After starting a few weeks ago and then being delayed by all this rain we've had, I've been out in the garden today to restart my summer changeover.

    Mowed and edged my back lawn and picked up all the leaves and debris left by all the wind we've had, then later on I weeded and cleaned up one of my beds (the crescent in the centre of my back garden) and planted a few bedding begonias along with the existing gerberas. The forget me nots are on their last legs in my back garden, so they're all going, but the ones in the front are still looking nice, so they'll stay for another week or so.

    So, one tiny bit done, plenty more to do and I can only do it in bits, so it will take at least a few weeks to sort out both my front and back garden. Normally, everything would've been done by now and this is the latest I can ever recall doing the changeover work.

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    Loads more gardening today and yesterday too.

    I've decided to go for a "big bang" and making some major changes to the garden by getting rid of some old shrubs and relocating others. Spent the best part of four hours removing a large dead box shrub today (its main taper root was thicker than my arm...) and that was only the start of it!

    Lots more to do.

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    Very busy day in the garden yesterday, so today I'm taking things at a gentler pace to help my joints before they crack! :)

    Dug up loads of mature pyracantha shrubs yesterday which were planted over ten years ago to keep the scum neighbours at bay, but they've served their purpose and its time for them to go. Dug up loads of other things too.

    Probably will be a "plant some hanging baskets" day today. I've got a load of million bells petunias to put in four baskets, so that's a lot nicer and easier than digging out old mature shrubs. Lots of planters to plant up too, but I've nothing to put in most of them yet and once I've dug up and moved/destroyed all the old big shrubs, then I'll have loads of space in the borders to put some new stuff in too. So, hopefully I'll get a trip to a garden centre soon.

    I planted some asters in the back border of my back garden a few days ago. I've never had them before that I'm aware of, so I'll see how they fare. All the sites say they flower in late summer and autumn, but the ones I've got are meant to start flowering now, but as they're only tiny plugs, it will take time before flowers appear on them.

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    Strimmered the elephant grass in the side garden earlier. I had to dismantle the spool as the feed got stuck. I thought it needed re-filling but there's plenty in there. Just got tangled up.

    Out the back now with the OH pottering about trimming things back and weeding.

    Shorts and T-shirt weather. Warm and sunny, no wind. Amazing for a bank holiday.

    Neighbour's fence seems to be pulling over the (badly) re-built segment of wall. He didn't take enough of the old down before building it back up so it's going over in one at the base. Still not my problem.

    If it keeps up this I'll think about pressure washing the patio and furniture. Nice to do on a hot day with bare feet.

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