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    Just been up to B&Q and now have a nice pink hydrangea. I've also bought a couple of geraniums and dahlias to go into the tubs and brighten the patio up. Costs more for bigger plants but it is instant gratification. :)

    Also picked some more pot plant bases and finally a piece of 10x10mm square aluminium tube to repair my sisters table umbrella.

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    Just been tidying up the tubs and planting out the gerainiums and dahlias and in one tub I discovered two begonias that had started to sprout from the roots. I've moved them to a separate pot with new compost. This will be their 4th year.

    A small banana palm that the frost had caught over the winter even though it was fleeced up is sprouting a new stem from the root. :) The biggest palm is going great guns even though the new fronds are getting shredded by these stupid winds we keep getting. The one next to it is not looking happy at the moment.

    If it's a nice day tomorrow I'll prepare the bed and plant up the hydrangea. Soil is nice and soft with the rain so digging should be easier. Need to get out the old weigela root/stump and get a load of trailing ivy pulled out.

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    Got the old weigela root out and it was rotten, also got out an ash tree that was trying to come up. Cleared the area of trailing ivy, dug in some growmore compost, planted the hydrangea and gave it a good watering. Plenty of space to allow it to get quite big. :)

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    Yews are tough and will come back, so if you want to hard prune it, go for it, it will recover.

    I'm all yew-ed out. ^^....

    The main yew tree stump was finally dug up today in my garden, I say dug up, but it weighs a ton and it's impossible to move, so my brother has borrowed a chain saw and will cut it into pieces in the next few days. I also got rid of a smaller yew tree next to it, but I will probably leave the third one alone.

    Dealing with hydrangeas is much nicer. :) I've planted three new ones on my garage side. with another one still to go in further along.

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    Ok, the yew tree stump was finally removed on Saturday and over the weekend, I dug over and then planted out the border with new stuff. I'll provide a list of the plants later, but here's a few pics from the weekend, although note that even these are out of date now, as I've since made a "few" tweaks to the border:




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    Wow! I'm glad I didn't let mine get too big

    I think the highest, the large yew tree got was 8-9 metres, which is taller than the houses round here.

    Up until about 3/4 years ago, I had a 20 metre leylandii at the bottom of the garden.... the trunk is still there and that's still about 9 metres high, or at least one bit of it is.

  • The banana palm that wasn't growing was starting to lean. I moved it a bit and it's totally rotten at the base. One small pull and it came off. It's the thing that you have to keep a close watch on during the winter when they're fleeced up. That's why I put it off for a long as possible. The long cold spring meant the fleece had to stay on much longer than normal and I guess that's when the rot set in.

    The four pups are getting bigger by the day, now around a foot tall. I've cleared away the purple bergenias round them so they have plenty of light and air. The little palm that I thought I'd lost is now putting out a second leaf.

    I noticed that there were hoards of snails around my nasturtians and the leaves have been gnawed so I collected up all those I could see and dumped them in the furthest point of the front garden. A good 20 yards. Maybe I should have marked them to see if they are "homing" snails. ^^

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