Jean-Claude Juncker: UK faces hefty Brexit bill

  • European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has warned the UK it faces a "very hefty" bill for Brexit.

    Is he kidding? Going in hard before negotiations begin...

    What do we have to keep paying for if we LEAVE? Brussels bureaucrats' pensions?

    When did "free trade" mean one side has to pay to access that? Perhaps we should charge them too?

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  • I suggest May tells him he's already had it. France still owes us millions from when the EU fined them for not accepting our beef and then changed their minds so the fine was never paid. In addition we want back the money we've spent baling out failing EU countries, Greece in particular. Then there is our share of the costs of all those EU buildings in Europe which we helped pay for and they will keep when we leave.

  • Isn't the UK the EU's biggest donor? ... I mean contributor.

    As the graph that Morgan linked to clearly shows, if it were not for the UK's rebate, we would be the number one contributor to the EU..

    From day one, the EU was set up against our interests. We get less money, because we have less farms. And the CAP still makes up almost half the budget, originally the bulk of the EU's budget. And as the article explained, because we use VAT to raise revenue, we also get penalised for that too.

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  • Ah, farming! That will be able to return after Brexit. I remember someone saying to me in the halcyon EU days that "Britain doesn't really need to farm, we can get it all from the EU." This was in response to my asking, "Wot abaht the farmers, then?"

    It was my first real time experience of a peer group friend's brainwashed beliefs about the Big Tent.

  • Ah, farming! That will be able to return after Brexit.(snip).

    Noooooo, it won't.:(

    My brain is killing me today after spending 16 hours yesterday "pimping" on other sites (it brought 8 new members, though.:)) but I had this discussion on at least three different sites....and what others have said is that we still pay into the farming until 2019, until Brexit. But then, we'll still pay for another year, for a reason I cannot remember. And during Brexit negotiations, if its "agreed" that there needs to be transitional arrangements, we'll keep paying into the 2020's...

    What with that and David Davis' announcement yesterday (while going round Eastern European countries) that foreign manual labour will still be required post Brexit, it doesn't seem that we are LEAVING the EU after all.

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  • They certainly do go down like skittles in Putin's realm. Many a heart must be hammering when it knows it has said something that will not not sit well with the top brass.

    Don't use the sugar bowl when you go for coffee. Don't walk out in the open.

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