What New Films Do You Want To Watch In 2017?

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  • Little Wing then replied by saying this:

    Yes, action and CGI special effects have turned them into frenetic loud junk. And the scripts are pathetic.

    Notable exceptions every so often but you have to look for them because they never make the box office smash hit list.

    I can't watch the Bond films any more. The action is so repetitive, eye boggling and boring.

  • Morgan then replied in the original forum to this topic and said this:

    I want to watch 'I, Daniel Blake' the story of a working man's mistreatment by the DWP when he becomes ill and had his benefits stopped on the flimsiest of excuses. It's a common story of many real life events which happened frequently when Iain Duncan Smith was ' encouraging people to find a job' by starving them to death and even denying welfare to the dying.

    One can only hope that the present DWP minister has at least a sense of common decency. Although the way things are going I'm beginning to doubt it

  • I've yet to watch the original "Ghost in the Shell" film (Downloaded) which is traditional cel drawn animé but the trailer for the new film to be released this spring looks good. It's by the same director and CGI team that did the Appleseed trilogy.

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  • My first introduction to animé was the Gundam series Mobile suit Gundam Wing I just happened to stumble across a picture of one of the characters who has a yard long braid on an unrelated Google image search and was curious. But there's a whole world of Japanese animation that I knew nothing about until then and also the associated Manga which is the printed visual novels and Dojinshi which are the derived art books of which I have a number now.

  • We watched ' I, Daniel Blake ' the other evening. It wasn't as hard hitting as I thought it could have been, especially since it's based on many similar stories of claimants. It would have been stretching credulity to accept that so many things could go wrong for one person so one can only regard Daniel as a pastiche of several other claimants. I felt the main point was that his heart consultant's advice not to return to work was totally ignored by the DWP in the interests of ticking boxes. ' Can you raise your arms to put a hat on? Can you reach into your pocket.' etc.

    A couple of general points stood out and one was the impossibility of making all claims on line. Without assistance, thousands of people in their fifties and sixties who have never used a computer must be having trouble finding someone to help them. The other thing was the delays for appeals when a claimant is 'sanctioned' , a euphemism for leaving them with no money at all for weeks on end.

    Whatever one thinks about welfare claimants generally, whether one takes the Daily Mail ' Workshy scroungers.' or the Daily Mirror ' Desperately sick and dying.' view there is no doubt the welfare system is very unfair to both taxpayers because of the inefficiency of the system and the claimants, and is in a worse mess now, after Iain Duncan Smith's misguided rule, than when Labour started the reforms in 2008.

  • Briefly off topic, coincidentally and in support of the facts shown in the film there is a report in today's Independent about benefit sanctions.

    MPs say housing benefit is being wrongly stripped from jobseekers, threatening them with eviction and homelessness
    The Public Accounts Committee cites evidence that one-third of people who were claiming housing benefit lost their money when they were given a sanction


  • Trying to catch up on film watching, as like reading books and other leisure pursuits, I've had very had little time over the last several years for such things.


    Just seen this. I like sci-fi and this had a Contact vibe about it, but honestly I would've preferred to have spent two hours doing something else.

    Mystery alien ships arrive, what do they want? Who knows, so lets send the translator to translate. And that's the whole film in a nutshell.

    Very disappointing. I rate the film 6/10 and that's being generous. Contact, it ain't.

    Manchester By The Sea is next and hopefully soon, La La Land.

  • As it's a long weekend, we have been watching films. I've just seen an Indian film called "Lion". Beautifully made. A biographical account of a lost Indian child who was sent to Australia and adopted by a Tasmanian couple. He searched for his birth mother for 25 years and the film tells the story of his search and what happened to him when he became lost. Such poignant scenes and good acting by the child actors. A film to make you think about just how important it is not to give up hope.

  • I've seen a few Indian films and come to the conclusion that, besides the Bollywood glitz jobs, Indians make some excellent serious and creative films. They have a way of portraying the poverty and urban dystopia without any judgement or message. They just lay out their scenes and let the narrative speak for itself. This can be quietly shocking and the depiction and portrayal of the human dilemma can go very deep when a film maker is telling the truth and not trying to score brownie points.

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