What New Films Do You Want To Watch In 2017?

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  • I like books with literary merit and films with a narrative that can translate itself also into the cinematography. The quiet films and books are usually the ones with these qualities.

    When a film maker can tell a story and explain a situation just be showing you a scene or the look on a child's face, you know you have a sensitive and creative soul motivating the production. When things begin with extreme violence, are shot through with car chases and grisly fights and end in a veritable holocaust with the immortal hero leaping free, you know you have a comic.

    Each has its place in human entertainment, but I like to know that elements of the latter haven't migrated into the former just to get box office or bestseller ratings.

    "Lion" just made me sit and watch and I almost couldn't watch the small child alone on a railway platform in a poverty stricken area of India, the potential victim of every evil that stalks the earth and just knowing three words, the name of his brother, the mispronounced name of his home and the word "Mum".

    Seemingly small things that have huge significance when you are only about four years old and the path of your life has a long way to go before you can turn it into a circle and find your home, and yourself, again.

  • There was a doco on the iplayer last night about Stanley Kubrick's movies, and one of them was Dr Strangelove; that just has to be one of the best films of all time. My own fave though is an Australian production called 'We, of the never-never', with Angela Punch McGregor. It has everything - location, action, the acting prowess of all the central actors, and best of all, the music soundtrack. And yet I'll bet nobody has ever heard of it?

  • I'm looking forward to the new Christmas film about George Michaels music, always loved George

    There's also a new film about Pearl Harbour coming, fabulous effects. We have the last one on dvd which with surround sound is amazing

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