Trump administration widens net for immigrant deportation

  • The Trump administration has issued tough guidelines to widen the net for deporting illegal immigrants from the US, and speed up their removal.

    Undocumented immigrants arrested for traffic violations or shop-lifting will be targeted along with those convicted of more serious crimes.

    The memos do not alter US immigration laws, but take a much tougher approach towards enforcing existing measures.
    There are an estimated 11 million illegal immigrants in the US.

    ......"The message from this White House and the Department of Homeland Security is that those people who are in this country, who pose a threat to our safety, or who have committed a crime, will be the first to go."

    A very sensible move by Trump which should be adopted here and one which will gain the approval of anyone who isn't a raving left winger on about the nonsense which passes nowadays for 'human rights.'

    As it is, from watching episodes of UK Border Force, it seems to me that when the authorities here do manage to find one of the million plus illegals, most are let go, told to report to the police and then disappear. Either that or they are given special leave to remain while their cases are heard and then reheard through various appeals until they reach the European courts.

    Illegals are illegals and the fact they are here is bad enough. That they should compound the offence of illegal entry by breaking our laws is reason enough to throw them out without any further ado.

  • Morgan, I don't know your location, but if you lived in London you would know that there are at least a million illegals here.

    In the days of the Blair government they estimated 750,000 illegals. In my opinion that was a gross underestimate and I believe that there are at least 1.5 - 2 million illegals in the UK now. I've seen them myself in Kent. And it's not a new thing either although the number is much greater now. About 20 years ago I was driving home from work one night along the A259 towards Bexhill and Hastings. A lorry had stopped on the other side of the road and about a dozen Asians jumped out and scattered.

    Some years ago when I lived near Rye, there was an instance of a small boat bringing illegals in.

    We desperately need a Trump law here instead of allowing these people to stay for years once they are discovered.

  • Is this not why Mrs May wanted to get away from the EU Human Rights brigade? They have the sort of injunctions that make defending yourself difficult and deporting terrorists virtually impossible.

  • Is this not why Mrs May wanted to get away from the EU Human Rights brigade? They have the sort of injunctions that make defending yourself difficult and deporting terrorists virtually impossible.

    Precisely. It's ridiculous that these vultures of so called 'human rights lawyers' are allowed to take up so much time and taxpayers' money by appealing against deportations again and again. If people enter the country in the back of a lorry then immediately declare themselves they have a right to be heard and presumably a case. But if they are discovered working illegally in a Chinese restaurant or whatever after they have been here for some time then they should be deported without any appeals. Personally I'd be inclined to deport their employers as well.

    It should be a criminal offence to enter this country by unauthorised means if you don't immediately declare your presence.

  • Yes, that is invasion by passive offensive.

    Lately in our press we have had warnings about jihadi brides and their children returning from Syria and Iraq. Personally I think the children should be taken straight into care and their mothers, and any men, sent straight back to where they came from. If they want to bring up kids to support terrorism, let them do it somewhere else.

    We've got enough people spreading poison here already.

  • I don't want to sound pessimistic, but with the present lethargic control of these people it is surely only a matter of time before a serious atrocity occurs. That is, after all, the whole point of an extremist's existence. They are capable of organising a biggie and I fear that once there are enough of them in one place at one time, they may trigger this. :(

  • As a new member I'm not sure if "post reply" is replying to anyone else's comment or simply posting my own 10 cents' worth to the discussion forum. I just want pose a few related rhetorical questions and see if these generate virulent disapproval or whethers others share my concern.:

    Here goes:

    Is anyone concerned that illegal or unfiltered immigrants are mostly Muslim and procreate at such a rate that, unless measures are implemented ......

    1) we will in a decade or two, walk down our high street and think we've been whisked away to Pakistan or Iran
    2) we will be listening 5 times a day to the call of prayer from (mini-) mosques dotted all over the place
    3) the "trojan horse" infiltration of Islam into mainstream schools will have become a de-facto alteration of educational policy
    4) the Government's natural timidity or sense of appeasement or political correctness or excessive or unthinking liberalism will allow this trend to accelerate
    5) Sharia Law will be accepted as an addition to English law

    and ..... well, by now you can see the end game, which is that Islamic values will eventually prevail.

    As I said, is anyone concerned about all of that?

  • You are correct, of course, but you will be vehemently attacked by columns of indoctrinated multicultis who will tell you you are a racist and a fascist and a bigot.

    However, you are not wrong. The effect of uncontrolled immigration on any country in the world will create problems if the influx is vastly culturally different from the native and on the subject of genetic variation - you will simply cease to exist if you interbreed at a rate that swallows you up in your homeland.

    It should be borne in mind by those who shriek about this, that the countries these large numbers come from are not going to be affected and their own biological and cultural features are safe. If liberals and other assorted globalism acolytes don't wake up and stop attacking people who are merely defending their territory from passive offensive invasion, for whatever reason, the scenario you describe will soon characterise the landscape of our ancestors' struggles to make it what it is (and it's deteriorating fast).

    That is a fact and you should be applauded for having the guts to say so. Well done. Keep up the good work. It isn't hate, it's love. You love what is yours and you don't want it smashed. Good for you. You share this with all sane people all over the world. It isn't a "white" evil to be concerned, it is a human right.

    By the way, you can just "Reply" in the space provided, or you can click on the "quote" marks under the post you want to reply to specifically and you'll get the piece you wanted to answer from the poster you are addressing.

  • A bit like this you mean?


  • Rob, firstly welcome to the forum. Please introduce yourself to the community if you get a chance. Secondly, we're having a few technical glitches and your deleted post is undeleted, although I don't know why you deleted it. Perhaps you thought this thread has gone off course, which it has, but your post is a valid opinion.

    Why not repost it in the immigration topic here, or create your own topic?

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