Will Robots & AI take over?

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  • Interesting reading especially the ad boards which in today's age are on another level altogether with built in signal box's to pick up peoples mobile phone signal amongst other things. When 5G is fully integrated it will be on another level again.

    The alien stuff I go on about is mostly far fetched hypothesis. We tend to only believe in what we can see or prove but I am a believer there are many things in this world we can not see or prove. That does not mean there is no possibility of an existence. Chi and meridian lines could be one example and I don't believe that everything has to be scientifically proven to be real. Even the NHS has bought into Acupuncture after many years of disbelief.

    The social credit system could be exactly like the benefits system we have now. It's a growing industry as more people lose jobs. And even the unemployed have to work at showing they are doing something to try and find work. Don't show any proof or willingness and benefits get capped. A basic form of a social credit system. The fitness thing I can see working well through fitness app's and monitoring. It could help take some strain of other services like healthcare. More fitness equals more credits. As for what else we do, maybe we will also have a lot more leisure time or do some community work where one can earn credits. Taking an elderly person out for a walk or maybe do some local gardening, I don't know. That all sounds very positive but there will most likely be a dark side to it all as they are finding out in China. Is it even possible to have an equal and fair system. I'm not sure and I have huge doubts.

    A good proportion of all work will only exist for robots. We only have to look around us and how things are changing. Even Doctors and healthcare. We are turning more to apps for that now to take pressure off GP's and operating theatres are almost fully robotic for some procedures. How long until we have built in sensors that monitor our body and prescribe. What is worrying is who will be controlling all this and who decides what and on what basis. Mr Google? GP health app's are doing this now. Intelligence gathered from all the years of data monitoring and collection to build AI. It's concerning how much GP's now refer to google or points scoring systems based on what someone else has decided. Often with some kind of political or financial bias. It's getting predictable as you just know they will ask questions like "Do you smoke" or "Are you having suicidal thoughts" not because it's part of a clinical diagnoses but because the questions are being read off a screen. Take the human away and replace with a talking robot, call it Alexia or something LOL and it can do exactly the same job as the human.

    In Japan I think they have a hotel that is completely run by robots and only a couple of human staff members to overlook everything.

    Couldn’t agree with you more that “what if?” or conjecture has to come before proof. Surely that is axiomatic. And with the geometric advance of science, and computer science in particular, that must be even more true where, increasingly, if you can imagine it, you can make it. And I don’t think computers or androids can “imagine”. Creativity is going to become a precious human asset.

    You talk about a future of having more leisure time. With automation and robotics you can bet your life that will happen. So I ask again, how do reconcile leisure time with a sense of purpose of life? What becomes the ambition or aspiration? More credits for more fitness? Yeah, sure. What does that offer that is purposeful? Non-stop Olympics?! Community work? Okay. But that’s just eking out an existence. You’re describing a society of carers and cared-fors. So I become a 5-star carer. Whoopie!

    Point-scoring medical diagnosis makes sense. It will always be a game of probabilities. The trick is to get closer to certainty. But the NHS, without a personality transplant, will always produce the thick end of diagnostic techniques …… and I sure mean thick! Inserting privatisation into the NHS is the only cure for what is the deadliest example of national public service. The NHS has a warped sense of self which money alone can never cure.

    You refer to a Japanese hotel completely run by robots (with a couple of human background over-lookers). Frankly, with most chain hotels (Hilton, Marriot, Hyatt, Wyndham etc etc), they might just as well be operated by androids. Staff training in the customer service industry is producing soul-destroying results. It makes the development of artificial intelligence almost effortless, especially when real humans are trained to avoid exercising initiative because it de-stabilises control and predictability. Our future might depend considerably on who briefs the programmers, that's where the dangers lie. Yes, sure, robots will one day traain themselves but even that initially stems from the human programmer at the starting point. Are you familiar with Asimov's 3 laws of robotics?

    How interested are you really in this subject other than just parading various "Gee-whizz!"examples?

  • ChatGPT Comes to Your iPhone With OpenAI's New iOS App
    OpenAI says an Android app is coming "soon."

    The end of the world is nigh!

    Considering that in 2017 they were predicting robot brickies would be taking over from humans within months (see post #2), I think we need to start thinking more sensibly about how AI can help mankind and put in place measures to prevent AI from getting out of hand.

  • That may happen sooner than we think. They will be one of the first to go if it can pass the safety tests. HGV drivers too. Have you seen the driverless HGV testing they are doing in Europe.

  • The Japanese have high speed driverless trains, if I recall correctly they have one person in the cab just in case something does go wrong that can override the system, the Germans are going towards driverless trains as well

    The French Metro if I recall correctly have some driverless Trains, DHL in London no drivers , for years the London Underground has had a single driver , that may change in the near future ,

    The behaviour of the Rail Unions some of the best paid public workers in the UK will bring about their own downfall in the not to distant future, they cannot be allowed to hold damage our economy when they feel like it, and stop the movement of the public who pay their wages

  • Once our lines go driverless, they should make all existing staff redundant and recruit new staff to man the trains as required, and for less pay on different conditions of service. They can put all the troublemakers who apply on the reject list and the railways will be rid of all the wreckers.

    The whole country needs to modernise. Is the government and our business sector equipped for the challenge?

    Not the current lot or the opposition, unfortunately.

  • Is AI a blessing or a curse? I think it could be both, although I am mindful of some sci-fi series some 20 or 30 years ago having us believe that people could actually get into virtual reality, be part of it and even killed by it!

    AI certainly has potential to make our lives better and eliminate those repetitive tasks that most people hate, but is the price worth paying? Will AI actually take over the human race in time rather than serve it?

    Council Post: Artificial Intelligence: A Blessing Or A Curse?
    When the Buggles released their classic hit, "Video Killed the Radio Star," in the late 1970s, it symbolized the role that technology would have on radio and…
    AI is coming — so how afraid do we need to be?
    From job losses to mass extinction events, experts are warning that AI technology risks opening a Pandora’s Box of horrors if left unchecked — are they right…
  • Thanks for these stories OB, a thread that should be very active considering its subject, but been neglected.

    What worries me is that various experts have said we should be worried about AI, including the main person who was behind it all.

    I suppose if you look at it logically, AI can only do what it is programmed to do, it's only a tool that can learn new things, but the scifi element here is, can AI become sentient? If it does become alive, that could be a problem for us.

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