Should Labour Ditch Corbyn?

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  • Most people from all political sides agree that Labour is unelectable with Jeremy Corbyn as it's leader. But after the last failed coup, are Labour stuck with him?

    ...and I've posted this in the immigration section already, but Corbyn thinks immigration levels are not too high. See BBC link here:

    BBC article


    Does he really think he could ever get elected PM with those views when the majority of the country thinks differently?

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  • Labour's failure to retain Copeland for the first time since the seat was created highlights three interlinked problems for the party.

    Jeremy Corbyn is to say Labour's parliamentary by-election loss shows "the scale of how hard our task is to persuade people of our message"
    And the latest Corbyn update is Labour's loss of Copeland...

    How long can Corbyn continue? Or, as suggested by Graham in the lib dems thread, another new party may be formed which breaks away from Labour

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  • If Labour don't get rid of Corbyn and elect a credible leader soon they will lose the next election by a huge margin and probably never recover if the economy etc. picks up after that.

  • As far as the next election goes, no new person has enough time to build up credibility with the country before then, so I think Labour have lost that anyway, especially if our beloved PM triggers an early vote.

    Whether Labour gets smashed to bits in the next poll or not, will determine, I think, not just Corbyn's future but Labour's too. As Graham suggested, perhaps a new SDLP type party may arise from the ashes.

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  • The problem is they can't ditch him, Ed Milliband decided in some move of absolute stupidity to allow the party to be held hostage by the nation's hard left for 3 quid each, unfortunately there are more of them than people who care about the Labour Party and doing good things in Government.

    This is why I think it must be allowed to die, with moderate Unions and the bulk of the PLP leaving the comedy show that is the current shadow cabinet so they can form a centre left party.

  • To be honest I wish the whole current system could be left to die and come up with something better.

    It's so, you're on the right, or the left, or the centre.... what a load of rubbish putting people into pigeon holes.

    Most people have various different opinions on topics and can change their opinions over time. I am very much to the "right" on issues such as immigration, but unlike a few decades ago and to the left on issues such as prisons and drugs.

  • Graham,

    I don't know if you were around at the time, but were you in Owen's SDP camp or the other David's old Liberal party camp prior to their merger?

    I'm quite happy to sail on May's ship if she knows where the destination is. TBA I guess.

    I think your right about the current political system, I just wish it could be ripped up and started again. It's too tribal and ineffective in my opinion.

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