Will Green keep his knighthood?

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  • Sir Philip Green has agreed a £363m cash settlement with the Pensions Regulator to plug the gap in the BHS pension scheme.

    Workers will get the same starting pension that they were originally promised.

    It brings to a close a long-running negotiation over benefits for former workers of the collapsed retailer.

    The regulator had launched enforcement action against Sir Philip and other former owners of BHS.

    Green has made a "contribution" to the BHS pension scheme, but has he now gotten away with it? What about the rest of the pension money?

    Thousands lost their jobs while Green enjoys his new multi millionaire pound yacht and a once successful department chain is no more.

    Should he lose his knighthood?

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  • Retail billionaire Sir Philip Green has been named in Parliament as the leading businessman accused by a newspaper of sexual and racial harassment.

    Peter Hain, who identified him in the Lords, said it was his duty to name him, given the "serious and repeated" nature of the allegations.

    The Telegraph accused but did not name the businessman on Tuesday.

    I was going to post this story in the sexual allegations thread, but as we already have a Sir (for the time being..) Philip Green thread, this seems the appropriate place for this story.

    Has Hain done the correct thing by naming Green as the alleged offender? If any of us did such a thing, we'd be sued into oblivion.

    If the allegations are proven correct, surely Green would lose his knighthood now?

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  • I'm glad that somebody has negated the stupid privacy injunctions. On the wider media we've known the name for days as is the case with so many other injunctions. Maybe it will finally dawn on these judges that their injunctions in the internet age are not worth the paper they're written on. It just stifles legitimate investigative journalism and we can't have privacy "laws" financed by rich moguls.

    As to his knighthood that was on rocky ground to start with.

    I've signed non-disclosure agreements related to technological trade secrets. That these could be used to cover up sexual crimes just never occurred to me.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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  • I think there has been cases where judges have tried to go after people breaking the injunctions from overseas, but as you say, in the internet age, they're on a hiding to nothing.

    I hope Green gets everything he deserves.

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  • It just stifles legitimate investigative journalism and we can't have privacy "laws" financed by rich moguls.

    Agreed. I don't understand why he still has his knighthood anyway. He's profited well from the UK taxpayer, his employees pensions and his sweatshops. The occasional goodwill gesture doesn't compensate the people he has swindled, but it bought him his knighthood.

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  • As with all things Fidget, money counts and he, unlike his former BHS employees, has lots of it.

    Looks like this time he may have overstepped. By throwing these NDAs all over the place, it forced the poltiican's hand. What a shame.;)

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  • How wrong can I get?

    1) My opinion yesterday

    I'm all for legitimate investigative journalism but I'm having trouble deciding how one defines legitimate, let alone whether the media revelation is in the public interest.

    That is why I am all for the removal of Parliamentary Privilege because with such removal comes the right of the unjustly accused (and not even formally accused) to sue anyone for libel who makes that allegation.

    Meanwhile, if Phillip Green is not prosecuted - or is found innocent - Peter Haine will still be protected by Parliamentary Privilege from being sued for libel. Meanwhile. he is being lauded for his courage in speaking out. Can someone explain to me what Peter Haine has done that is courageous?

    There are an enormous number of bosses, some quite wealthy, who are aggressive, bombastic and ill-tempered. But "bullying" is now the popular buzzword, which effortlessly extends into an accusation by the weaker or more dangerous sex (same difference?!) of an abuse of power, and from there it is dead easy for an embittered, malign or financially opportunistic accuser to upgrade that into sexual harassment and from there actual or attempted rape.

    Of course, along with that comes the inevitable widespread feeling by the general public (which infects an eventual jury) that there is no smoke without fire. And when the accused is viewed as an obscenely over-paid, overweight vulgar Jew with a big mouth and 2 big yachts, the smoke doesn't indicate fire but a raging inferno. I think the main reason why Philip Green has attracted such odium is that he lacked the sense and sensitivity to recognise that discretion is the better part of wealth.

    The non-disclosure agreement (NDA) was never designed to gag an accuser of sexual harassment or rape and it is the usual smart lawyers and high court judges who together use their sleight-of-hand legal expertise or pedantry to extend, beyond common sense or fair play, the power of the NDA to gag the media.

    At the same time it is surely unfair that the media can disclose the identity of someone and link them to a crime for which they have not been accused by the police or public prosecutors.

    The ultimate culprit here is the legal system where a genuine accuser cannot obtain the help of the police or law in a timely manner, and where even a second mortgage won't cover the costs.

    Philip Green should have handed back his knighthood the day he offloaded BHS for one quid to a con man and became the object of a witchhunt. But that would have been out-of-character. It's too late now - it would be taken as an admission of guilt.

    2) My opinion today, after reading newpapers

    Removing the gag has not only increased the probability that where there was smoke there was indeed such a raging inferno that it is extremely hard to believe the original accuser's allegation is unfounded. I still feel uneasy about the process that fans the flames of suspicion but in the case of Philip Green the means (rough justice) seems to have justified the end. Because, with or without court proceedings, Sir Philip must surely be aware of having become a social leper, not just in London but in Monaco too. With his yachts I envisage a Flying Dutchman lifestyle,

    Edited 5 times, last by casablanca: To avoid misunderstanding, I've added IN RED what might otherwise be misread as an incendiary opinion held by me. Granted Philip Green is his own worst enemy and the antithesis of political correctness. Personally I feel that for all his faults he has added gaiety to the nation and no small amount of prosperity. One way or another, BHS was heading to the knacker's yard and casualties were inevitable. ().

  • Sir Philip Green 'grabbed women's breasts' Lords told

    Lord Hain uses parliamentary privilege to make allegations about staff complaints

    Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-48378669

    Sir Philip Green charged with assault in US

    British retail tycoon Sir Philip Green is charged in the US with four counts of misdemeanour assault.

    Source: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48480365

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