• I found my link for the forum last night. As I have no big views on politics I thought I'd bring up something in the tech sphere:


    What is it? Does it matter? Will it eventually make a difference?

  • RoyalGelatin

    Thanks for the thread:). It does indeed make a change from politics, I'm just going to move the thread it to our tech/science forum.

    I was quite up on blockchain a few years ago, but my knowledge on the subject has somewhat lapsed, but I think in a nutshell it's a way for making and tracking money which could ultimately lead to a whole swathe of middlemen like accountants and bankers to be cut out. I'll need to read up on it again, but yes its expected to make a huge difference.

    Of course, there is another very high profile element of blockchain and that is the cryptocurrencies and anyone who has followed the ups and now downs of Bitcoin, knows what an absolute roller-coaster that has been.

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  • A lot of corporations and banks are trying to get a corner of their own for blockchain - assumedly proprietary (because there are a few private networks). So I just wonder... What's the point in it?
    It'll probably become relevant more in several years, but for now it's a big sector for UK jobs at the moment that seems to be about making small versions of existing tech.

  • I've not read up on it yet, but its all to do with speed of transactions and cutting costs. It will be THE thing of the near future.

    I'll come back to this topic, once I've refreshed myself on it.

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  • One thing I recall about how the blockchain could revolutionise things is with the house buying/selling.

    Currently you have estate agents and solicitors and conveyances etc. They would all be eliminated as all the legal documents for a transfer of a property and the exchange of money itself would all be on the same document - the same blockchain. Instantly transferable and available.

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  • There's definitely potential for money in real estate for Blockchain.

    There's something really threatening to human labour in it though. It seems like the potential for counters to gentrification are threatened there, but then I'm being skeptical :P

    It seems good - I'm actually waiting for IPFS to kick off

  • There's a good article on blockchain that is worth reading.

    It describes the advantages and disadvantages of this technology. I personally find it very interesting and wait for its implementation into our modern systems; though not everybody understands the principles of its work and it riddles them.

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