135,000 EU nationals apply to live in Britain permanently in just six months.

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  • More than 135,000 EU nationals have applied to live in Britain permanently in just six months, it has been revealed – ahead of a Commons showdown next week.

    The Home Office is being inundated with bids for residency, as Theresa May continues to fight pressure to guarantee EU citizens can remain in the country after Brexit.

    Applicants are plunged into what has been called a “nightmare” bureaucratic process of filling in a 85-page form at a cost of £65. The guidance notes alone run to 18 pages.


    Well this is all very flattering and it seems that a lot of EU nationals don't think that Brexit will mean starvation and millions of unemployed as many people here seem to . One wonders what they make of their own governments' threats and warnings about the dreadful fate which will engulf us when we leave. Are they prepared to starve along with us? Will they return to their own countries at the first sign of problems, or do they just think they have more chance of a better future here than under the EU?

    Hedging their bets perhaps?

  • Most of the Southern European countries are still in a sea of debt. You have the Baltics looking over their shoulders every five seconds waiting to see if Putin starts something and although the Eastern European countries have advanced somewhat since the fall of the Berlin wall, they are still far poorer and decades behind us in many things.

    So no, I've got no idea why they would want to come here....;)

    The real question is, why are we allowing this to happen?

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