The huge white elephant that is benefit reform: Universal Credit?

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  • The somewhat controversial plan by the Tories to replace a whole raft of benefits with a single blanket one size fits all called Universal Credit has taken yet another step backwards, the plan to roll it out and transfer over 3 million people on to Universal Credit has been delayed yet again, what with the distraction that is Brexit this may have gone unnoticed by some so here is the story:…tion=live-reporting-story

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  • I think in principle that universal credit is a good idea. With a multitude of different benefits being doled out by many different sections of the civil service there are many who are able to "work" the system to get more money than they are really entitled to, impoverishing those who really need the money. A single payment exposes any cheating.

    What I think is wrong is that the credit being paid one month in arrears meaning when people are transitioned they have to make the last weekly payment last for 5 to 6 weeks or more. For anybody barely getting by this is cruel.

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  • Yeah the paying a month in arrears and having to wait 5 to 6 weeks for the first payment is wrong and needs sorting out, it's not like they haven't had long enough to sort out all the wrinkles with the system it was all started way back when Cameron and co were in office and a certain Iain Duncan Smith was at the helm in the DWP.

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  • The government get something right, sometimes. They had a similar process with deaths. You had to inform several different government departments when someone died, but they introduced a system where you inform HMRC, and they in turn inform all the other departments. It appears to work extremely well, as I haven't heard a single complaint from those who have used it.

    Universal credit is a good idea and worth pursuing, but it hasn't been designed or implemented correctly. Heads should roll, considering the time and expense already squandered.

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  • Universal Credit should be suspended. A bloke I know went to a tribunal at the DWP in front of Judge for Benefits that had been stopped. The DWP claimed he and his legal representative had not turned up to the meeting and were therefor sanctioned. Both had turned up, it turned out the DWP staff were telling blatant lies and the Judge supported them. When the Judge was threatened with a report going to the Chancellors Office, wow - the Benefit Department of the DWP suddenly changed their tact and benefits were allowed. The Judge must have been a drunken, addled pated tw*t who should have been sacked.

    So you cannot always beleive what the Tory-Conmen Ministers say on matters affecting the UC benefits system. Most government Ministers have been told to "Make life difficult for claimants!"