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    I Landrover are trying to use brexit as A reason to put workers on a three day week with full pay. Immediately , hysterical remoaners bleated about disaster , nothing to do with brexit if a couple of cases i know of are becoming the norm , two people i know recently looked at a 4x4 and a family saloon , neither bought Jaguar or Land rovers , instead a Alfa romeo 4x4 and BMW were purchased , Jaguar dealers were arrogant and the evoke cars did not thrill them , all they will do is use the 3 day week to clear stock.

    Yes and as you say nothing to do with Brexit. And as Heero pointed out those other things haven't helped either, especially building loads of diesel cards because that's what the government said should be manufactured, then the government did a uturn on diesel.

    Nothing at all to do with Brexit, but domestic government decisions and slowdown in overseas sales.

    It looks like some companies will use Brexit to make changes to their companies and if redundancies are needed, Brexit will be excuse, not the incompetence of management.

    There is an interesting article here. Would the supporters of Chequers agree a similar deal with the USA?

    Chequers’ champions would never support a similar deal with America

    Thanks for posting that and the earlier link, just read them now.

    Going by May's performance on BBC One last night, she obviously thinks Reese-Mogg and the others will blink first and when it comes to the vote, they'll back down and vote for her plan. I hope they don't.

    I do think that the majority of our politicians are ******* useless.

    I disagree. I think most of them are decent and hard working, its just some of those that rise to the top are the problem.

    I wonder if half of the remainers only want to remain because they are:

    1. too idle/thick/self interested (take your pick) to do their job properly and prefer having the EU around to take the responsibility, and the blame.

    2. have stupidly allowed the EU so much control that they are unable to wind the clock back, and therefore have failed miserably when it comes to 'not binding the hands of future governments', ie. painted the UK into a corner from which there is no pain free escape.

    3. too undemocratic/paid stooges/liars (again, take your pick) to follow through on their own promises to allow the electorate to decide.

    I think its even worse than those options. They want to remain, because they believe in the EU, a very liberal Europe and ultimately, at least at the back of their heads, want a European superstate for no other reason that it will be stronger than America.

    Amost a couple of weeks ago there was another reminder why all the "old" Hollywood media comanches are merging with each other and it was this:

    Amazon becomes second $1 trillion company

    Amazon has briefly become the second US-listed firm to have a market value of more than $1 trillion (£779bn).

    Shares in the e-commerce giant rose nearly 2% to a high of $2,050.50 in morning trade before slipping back.

    Apple reached the same milestone in early August.

    Founded in 1994, Amazon is now the world's largest online retailer. Its chief executive, Jeff Bezos, is the world's richest man, with a net worth of more than $160bn.

    All the old media moguls like Murdoch cannot compete with $1 trillion companies like Apple and Amazon and that is why these mega media mergers are happening.

    Although the tech stocks are taking a battering today, it won't be long before Microsoft and Google join the one trillion club. The question is whether these and the other tech giants will get involved in the media business too, changing yet more nameplates across Hollywood.

    The battle for Sky nears endgame

    Fox extends offer for Sky as Comcast showdown looms

    Fox and Sky have until this weekend to table a higher offer for Sky, otherwise the battle goes into a sealed auction.

    Investors have not shown any interest in either bid from Fox or Comcast for Sky in the expectations that a higher offer will materialise. The Takeover Panel has ruled that if no higher offer is made this week, then there will be a five day auction period next week to settle the matter. After that, investors have a couple more weeks to accept or reject whatever offer is made.

    Whoever wins the auction, what is 100% certain is that very soon Sky will be a fully owned American company.

    That story Heero, ties into the other one I posted on the streaming thread today.

    When the BBC, ITV and Ch4 do have a combined streaming service, its as close as they'll ever come to actually merging and Endomol Shine make a lot of shows for all the broadcasters.

    Sony and Universal also own the other major British "independent" production houses too.

    Well ITV do have that ITV B or whatever its called they just need to shove fixfactor, the voice BGT and whatever else on there.

    Problem is then they would then need to come up with decent dramas films or whatever to replace the crap which would mean them spending money which they probably wouldn't be keen on or at least their shareholders wouldn't.

    Exactly, which is why they have these shows to begin with.

    8C. Blimey, that is cool. The nights for me have still been very muggy. Some windows still open at night.

    The busy lizzies don't like the cold, so it must be that Heero. You did well growing them from seed and they looked fab what you did with all your pots over the summer.:)

    BBC in final stages to breakup UKTV in bid to create a British Netflix

    The BBC and the US pay-TV company Discovery are understood to be in the final stages of agreeing a £1bn breakup of the Gold and Dave broadcaster, UKTV, in a deal that will accelerate plans to build a British streaming rival to Netflix.

    Well, if there was any doubt about the impact streaming will have on traditional broadcasters, this is clear evidence of the new world of broadcasting we are now in.

    As I speculated in the media mergers thread some months ago, when Discovery took over Scripps (the co owner of UKTV) there was a possibility that changes might happen at UKTV as a result of that takeover and according to the article, the changes are that UKTV is to be axed completely!

    Part of the reason why the BBC is looking to axe UKTV is due to the difficulty of negotiating on demand rights for BBC content which is shown on UKTV channels, as evidenced by the removal of UKTV's channels from Virgin Media's cable network last month.

    Another reason is simply that the BBC want to control their own content and in a streaming world, ULTV has become quite a barrier for the BBC to achieve this.

    The BBC, ITV and Ch4 are all looking to created a combined streaming service similar to their joint venture in America which is called Britbox. How this service would sit alongside the broadcaster's current on demand offerings in unclear, but as Ofcom gave the broadcasters the greenlight to do this earlier in the year, it looks like planning is in the final stages now.

    Having just got the UKTV channels back, I'd be furious if the linear tv channels were completely axed as part of all this.

    Could iPlayer simply be extended to include ITV and Ch4 content?

    Thanks Fidget.

    What I read was that they need constantly warm temperatures to survive and as my greenhouse is not heated, not sure what to do.


    I've been doing gardening all last week and still have lots more to do while the weather is so nice. I've planted out some pots with violas in and all the beds need to be dug up at some point, but lots of the summer plants are still going strong, so I might just stick to doing pots for now.


    About time too.

    I mistakenly (swear!) turned on to ITV this morning only to face a advert for The Only Way Is Essex. As I live not a million miles from where this is filmed, I certainly don't need to see these self-absorbed creatures on tv, when my own area is infected with enough of these types already.

    Hopefully this is the start of all these type of shows dying out. (laters!...:whistling:)

    Thanks Nigel, found it. Although I'm not defending the man bullying the children, that interview was enlightening.

    The man said It was a pre-planned demonstration and Reese-Mogg and the police were given three weeks notice it was going to happen. He said that when he arrived at RM's house, the police checked why he was there and then he was allowed to start his demonstration. He said RM came out alone to begin with and it was only later on, he brought his children out in the middle of it. Why would he do that?

    I do not agree with the man saying that the children were fair game, but who is at fault here?

    Reese-Mogg knew this demonstration was going to happen, he must have known what it would like like if he brought his children out into the demo and yet he chose to do exactly that.

    To use one's own children to climb the greasy ladder is no more acceptable than a old man bullying children.

    Talking of keeping things in the greenhouse, has anyone any experience with overwintering busy lizzies?

    Earlier in the week I dug up a whole bed of them and chucked them, but the roots and stems were very strong and it never occurred to me to try and keep them for next year.

    Anyone ever tried this? I have the New Guinea variants too.

    Just out in my garden today as the weather is so warm and just had a Lancaster bomber fly over my house and around the area a few times. It was practically touching the roofs!=O^^ If I had known it was coming, I would've had my camera ready.

    Must be something to do with the RAF's 70th anniversary. My area has close links to the RAF.

    Trump bashing or not, if Manafort attended Trump Tower with Trump's son and met the Russians to get dirt on Clinton, as alleged, then Trump is finished.

    It's clear cut under American law.

    Some, maybe "screwed up" as you put it, I agree, but for others its far more fundamental than a man just saying he wants to wear women's clothes because he feels like it. Some of the men who want to wear women's clothes do so because they are women, in their brains, hormones, or whatever it is that decides these things, if not their bodies. So in answer to this:

    'Trapped' in the wrong body? Do you honestly believe that?

    For some of them, yes. And whose to say that there may not be more than two genders. Science may prove that some people are half male and half female, or some other mixture.

    But, without repeating my earlier arguments too much, someone who is born as a certain gender but believes they are not that gender, is complicated. I would not call such a person either a liar or say they are gay, when they may indeed be trapped in the wrong body. How could we possibly say with 100% certainty that they are wrong?

    Our understanding and knowledge on a whole manner of subjects changes over time, this maybe the case here (or not).

    Is that on the internet somewhere Nigel?

    On the news last night, they showed this same person hanging around the school gates at Eaton in the past shouting stuff at the boys coming at.

    As his targets seem to be limited to children rather than adults like bankers, I draw my own conclusion on this particular individual.

    If the police won't defend an MP against harassment or intimidation, then what hope for the rest of us? Maybe we should all wear burqas in order to get protection from the leftie mobs?

    I suppose, playing devil's advocate here, the police were there and standing in between this weirdo and the kids. He didn't swear or threaten anyone, so I guess no crime was committed as he was standing on a public street.

    Personally, if I had been Reese-Mogg and had my children subjected to this person, I would have punished him - in front on the police.

    Mark Carney has according to Sky news tonight, said a no deal Brexit would cause us a recession and make home prices drop by a third , quite how this is the case is beyond me . Did house prices drop by a third in previous recessions whilst we were in the EU? , if so I cannot remember this little fact.

    They've haven't mentioned the plagues and rivers drying up yet due to Brexit. It'll happen.

    On Question Time last night there was talk about what to do in in the event of a no deal in regards to customs checks, as some have said that lorries will block all the Kent roads. One old fella in the incidence who used to be a customs official, said things worked perfectly well before we joined the EEC in regards to trade with Europe and he they did everything without computers too.

    Oh well, at least Carney is going. Oh hang on, he's not. His contract has been extended yet again.?(

    Roaming charges are going to bankrupt us all, and house prices will drop by one third. Project Fear is being ramped up to new heights.

    I despair. When did decency, fairness, honesty and democracy disappear from our country? I fear for the future of all of Europe. The Orwellian predictions have arrived.

    I'm a little bit more optimistic. We're just going through a transition from one way of doing things over the last 70+ years and a way of thinking to another. It'll settle down in the end. Brexit is just a relatively small part of this transition.

    Damn. Your right. Haven't got a clue what to do here. Unfortunately, I have already so many responsibilities, that a cat simply wouldn't even register with everything else I have to do.

    I'll have to ponder what you've said and come to a decision. Thanks.

    Thanks Fidget.

    I might just keep it "casual" with the cat. Give it a bit of food it it wants some, leave some water out for it, but otherwise leave it to its own devices.

    I am worried that if I do take it on, there could be massive vet bills in the future to pay, which I do not want, so I will just leave things to take their natural course.

    I think it is murder and it seems clear who the prime suspect is.

    If you have any other disease, the NHS takes up the costs, if you have dementia, you pay the costs. And if you have or had, more than one person with the condition, it cripples your finances.

    As you say Nigel, those that don't own their own homes, pay nothing. But that's hardly anything to complain about, as the care they get for free is substandard anyway.