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    The official unveiling of the points based system is today (I thought we already had that:/) and the Immigration Bill is currently going through parliament. So, four years after the Brexit vote, the majority of the country will finally start to see some border controls put in place, which is what we voted for.

    This new system has been very watered down compared to how it was originally conceived and there are so many opt outs, it makes it almost useless. But, something is better than nothing, I guess.

    I'll say more on this later, but my views haven't changed. The minimum wage cap has been set too low at £22k, it was originally £30k and allowing thousands of low skilled workers into the country every year to pick fruit and veg, doesn't constitute border control in my view.

    Just been reading that Vice and Horse & Country are to close on VM. That's two more of the extra channels that VM said would stay after the UKTV carriage dispute was settled.

    IIRC, I think that jj20x predicted that, despite what they said, they would probably quietly drop them.

    I'm absolutely furious about this, not Vice, but H&C going.:cursing:

    Without going into too personal details on here, this is a critical channel for me at the moment. I know I'm probably the only viewer, but I will really be sad when its gone.

    On my fire tv stick there is on demand programming, which is no use, but no live channel, which is what I need.

    Utterly, utterly, pissed off with this - and VM.:thumbdown:

    You weren't around jj when I used to tell the members here who were around then, but essentially I had originally planned to have this site as the new Digital Spy, as was, before Hearst got their scummy fingers on it. It was meant to be a purely media site, but because of real life events, I knew I wouldn't be able to keep the site updated every day with media news, so I added politics sections too at the last minute.

    Most people seem to prefer talking about politics rather than media, but unfortunately it also causes the bulk of the fights here too, but it seems to be the only way to keep most people's interest.…-news-to-15-minutes-a-day

    Surely it's time for Ofcom to take the licences back...

    I don't understand why local news doesn't work on tv, although going by your posts in the radio thread, the radio world is heading quickly down the same path. Cable always promised local news and apart from a teletext service for a while, it never delivered and it looks like these local channels won't last for much longer either.

    On my fire tv stick, you can get tons of local American stations including the main CBS stations now from all various cities. They seem to manage local news, yet we can't.?(

    Personally, I liked the site before in its previous incarnations and now it seems better than ever. What other site out there gives you clear news sections on cable, sat, broadcasting etc etc? It's something I was originally planning to do with this site, as I can easily create editorial style pages, but real world events took over.

    I wonder if they need a forum....:/:)

    Thanks for the updates JJ.:thumbup::)

    Radio is not something I follow closely these days, so it's good that someone is keeping up to date with things.

    Is her dialysis carried out in her usual general hospital?

    Without going into depth about how London hospitals are organised now and I already have in other threads in the past, basically yes. But the concept of a general hospital is something which is for the history books.

    But as I said before back in April, it was hair-raising time for us and still is. The virus is still around and getting worse. The dialysis unit is next to A&E and they had to pile the bodies up from those dying with the virus in the corridor between the unit and A&E. Plus, half the staff went down with the virus at some point, plus some people who caught the virus needing dialysing, plus, plus..... you get the picture.

    So, as for Cummings and his little day trip goes, I think he is a fucking disgrace and if he is not the messiah that he purports to be with overhauling Whitehall, I can think of dozens of conservative MPs, let alone anyone else, who will go for him if he fails.

    It was American power that ended the disaster that was the breakup of Yugoslavia and really it's the Americans who are the only ones who can sort out other problems too. The UN is and always will be utterly useless, but if and when the Americans (minus Trump) do come back into their traditional role, they could create safe havens in places like Syria and Burma and prevent more killings.

    That's if you genuinely believe there will be an effective vaccine, I don't

    I'm sure they'll be a vaccine for this particular virus, but, by then it would have muted. We already have three strains of it now, the original, the one we have and the one the yanks have got and no doubt it will change again.

    I voted Tory because of Cummings

    I voted for Boris purely on Brexit and nothing else.

    As I've always stated on this site, I'm lukewarm on Boris at the best of times, but compared to the shambles last year in parliament with all the blockages against Brexit, he is a bit of fresh air.

    Nothing to do with him, that is all Cummings

    Did anyone vote for this man, or even for the Tories to demolish the Whitehall machine?

    Actually, it's Boris, Gove and Cummings who seem to be the troika spearheading everything.

    As I just said, I wanted Brexit, but am glad that Whitehall is (will) get a sledgehammer taking to it as well.

    Thank you for your kind words. Imagine how Dominic Cummings jollies around the country went down in our family when we were told nobody could travel to either visit and only six people could attend the funeral.

    Yes and I'm against Cummings on that, but until someone with a moral backbone gets into power (unlikely) it will always be one rule for them and another for us peasants.

    As I care for a mother with dementia and who has to attend dialysis three times a week, those persons who may spread the virus around, are not popular in my household either.

    The massacre was a disgusting thing and within Europe's borders at that, but what made it all the worst, was, it never should have happened. Fearing for their own lives, the small Dutch peacekeeping force protecting the city, left, thus allowing the Serbs to carry out this massacre.

    Unfortunately, we've had many wars since, but what lessons could we learn from the break up of Yugoslavia, I thinking with a particular eye to Syria at the moment? Safe UN enclaves seem an excellent idea to me, to protect civilians in war torn countries, but to do this there needs to be political will and that seems very lacking from world leaders at the moment.

    Although we need to separate ourselves from the EU, should we really be separate on this particular issue at this particular time?

    EU buying power will always be larger than ourselves on our own, so surely just from a financial point of view, could we not have got a better deal if we had joined the EU scheme?

    Jack Charlton, a World Cup winner with England and former Republic of Ireland boss, has died aged 85.

    The former Leeds defender had been diagnosed with lymphoma in the last year and also had dementia.

    One of English football's most popular characters, he was in the team that won the World Cup at Wembley in 1966, alongside his brother Bobby.

    He always seemed a thoroughly decent person to me and of course we never have repeated that 1966 result that he helped to achieve, thus far.

    RIP Jack.

    The one thing you could say about the old British Rail days was that the trains ran on time, were never held up by weather or leaves on the line, and the trains were roomy and comfortable

    Err, no.

    I live near what used to be called The Misery Line and it had that name for a very good reason, especially when the late trains broke down and people had to jump down onto tracks near live underground tracks, which in the Autumn with slippery leaves everywhere, was hell. However day trips to Southend with the old fashioned compartment carriages was absolute bliss and those seats were very comfortable.

    Yes I agree with that, so I guess most of us are on the side of the BBC on that specific argument.:/

    I've been having a sort of politics week, this week. I've half watched a load of select committees, including the culture committee looking into PSBs. James Purnell (a minister under Blair, now a BBC boss) was questioned by MPs and I'm afraid to sum it up in a few words, I'm not hopeful.

    The conservative MPs questioned Purnell about the BBC's bias, especially that Emily Maitliss Newsnight incident and his reply was the matter was dealt with swiftly. As Maitliss still has her job, I beg to differ.

    I'll try and summarise the event later, if I get a chance, but after the BBC, the CH4 boss was questioned and she was even worse. She thinks CH4 news and its presenters are totally unbiased. obviously she is living on Planet Mush, which sums up most of her channel's output.

    And the PSBs wonder why Netflix has become so dominate.:rolleyes: