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    Ha! Important aspect, that! :thumbup:

    That would only come if Iran were close to The Bomb which they're not yet thanks to the deal that Trump ripped up, or if things escalate out of control which is possible now with all this tanker nonsense. That's why its important we engage with Iran on the nuclear deal and get that back on track.

    I doubt Israel would attack Iran without America's explicit support.

    5 Everyone is bitching about Trump cancelling the nuclear deal. I too am unhappy about it. I wish I could find out more. It has been kept a secret how much money America had to pay Iran but I understand the amount was obscene and was delivered to Iran in gold and dollars in cargo planes as if to an South American drug cartel! I also understand that the EU's financial contribution was a pittance, if anything at all. I think the EU's main contribution was to join America by imposing sanctions. Bad play. Yes, Iran is feeling the pinch, but it won't buckle. Trump did offer to negotiate with Iran. He just wants to trade with, not fight Iran. But Iran rebuffed him. I suspect Iran thinks their guerrilla or terrorist tactics can prevail and become America's Second Vietnam. I suspect eventually Israel might have something to contribute here in demolition efficiency ..... if only it can hurry up and find a leader who isn't a financial crook

    We need to quickly decide whether to now side with the Americans and insist that Iran engage with us on all their actions in the region, including their support of the their various terrorist groups, or do we focus purely on the nuclear stuff for now and alienate Trump and his team.

    True, but that's what many in the American administration want, an escalation.

    4 You're right, America said "Britain can get on with it". You do know, don't you, that America had a couple of days prior, offered to supply the UK with a naval escort/protection through the Hormuz Straits but we said "no thanks". You can guess why. Because we didn't want Iran to tar us with an American brush. Least of all, a trigger happy brush. That's Britain all over, a United Kingdom of Fence Sitters. I would reverse your viewpoint by saying that, from America's standpoint, with allies like us, who needs enemies?!

    As soon as Trump ripped up the nuclear deal, we should've been prepared for this by either removing our ships from the region and (oh, if they're British registered, then the responsibility is ours, regardless of the ship's origin country) or providing sufficient military assets to protect the shipping lanes.

    I agree about the brush but as the painting has already started, which picture do we want to paint here?

    South Korea fires warning shots at Russian military aircraft

    South Korea fired warning shots at a Russian A-50 military aircraft that entered its airspace on Tuesday, its Ministry of Defence said.

    Officials said the plane violated the airspace over the Dokdo/Takeshima islands, which are occupied by Seoul but also claimed by Japan.

    South Korea's military said the aircraft was one of three Russian and two Chinese military warplanes that entered the Korea Air Defense Identification Zone (KADIZ), where overseas aircraft must identify themselves beforehand, on Tuesday morning.

    Russian and Chinese bombers and reconnaissance planes have occasionally entered the zone in recent years.

    However, South Korea said one of the Russian planes flew further and entered the country's territorial airspace at around 09:00 local time (00:00 GMT).

    There has been lots of stories of China intimidating its neighbours in the region over recent months, but this is the first story, that I know of that, involves the the Russians working alongside the Chinese to do the intimidation.

    If China and Russia want to push the whole region into joining NATO against them, this seems to be the way to do it. I would not be surprised if even Communist Vietnam joins NATO at some point as tensions are extremely high between China and them.

    When I get rich...;) then the coast I'll shall decamp. London is a oven in summer and it will only get much worse in the years to come.

    As I type this I'm looking out of my front window as a neighbouring house is having their garden ripped up this week so they can park their car on the front. More concrete means more heat.:thumbdown:

    5 I agree with you. The UK was stupid grabbing your tanker near Gibraltar and thinking Iran wouldn't do the same with their tanker near their coastline. I think Iran is right not to care about EU rules, regulations or points of law about sanctions. Your action was a justifiable proportional measure-for-measure retaliation. The fact that Britain is now pompously huffing & puffing would be laughable if it wasn't so embarrassing.

    You were going so well there, until this bit.

    We seized the Iranian tanker under international law as it was about to illegally supply Syria with oil. Iran had no legal justification for grabbing our tanker.

    I agree though that this is all not only embarrassing but dangerous. We should've either stopped all our shipping in that region when we seized that tanker or sent military escorts, which we don't have. At least this gives Boris an excuse to sack Hunt over when he becomes PM on Wednesday.

    Trump started all this by ripping up the nuclear deal and according to Mike Pompeo today, Britain can "get on with it." Who needs enemies when you have allies like that?:rolleyes:

    Jo Swinson has become the first female Liberal Democrat leader, after decisively beating Sir Ed Davey in a poll of party members.

    She won 47,997 votes, against her opponent's 28,02

    Congratulations to Jo.

    At least the Lib Dems are clear with their Brexit policy unlike Labour, as it gives a clear remainer choice for those that want that.

    The weather was rather nice earlier, about 23/24C and overcast, then the clouds cleared and the sun came blasting out around 3pm. Currently almost 30C inside my house with loads of fans on and it will only get worse only the next few days. London might hit 35/36C on Thursday, the highest ever.<X

    Especially agree with that last one Fidget

    Some of Anna Soubry's colleagues like Philip Lee may defect to the Lib Dems this week. As he got deselected from his local party last month, any defection should trigger an automatic by election. If we have no election soon, then the area he represents is represented by a MP who is wholly against the wishes of the majority in his area.

    What an absolute shit house Duncan is , how the hell have we allowed such arseholes into positions of authority?

    He resigned today so he got loads of publicity and we must remember that a certain proportion of politicians are pure attention seekers and will lap up as much as they can get.

    This is going to sound really sad, but I was watching the snails for a few minutes in my garden the other day when we had all that rain and they were fascinating. YES, I really do live that a boring a life! Their shells were multicoloured as if they'd come off a beach and they were brilliant critters to watch. Didn't stop me getting the snail pellets out later though.... Wish there was a better way to deal with them without killing them.

    They're only stepping down a few hours before he becomes PM anyway, so its a face saving measure on their part.

    I don't know if I will be able to watch events over the next few days, but I would like to see May's final PMQs on Wednesday, to see what kind of farewell her own side gives her and then Boris' coronation is a few hours later and I would assume that would be carried live on the news channels and possibly BBC One too.

    Boris has a lot on his plate now and I hope he does get the right team behind him.

    Do you think it might be argued this is not just the excuse China needs but also the justification?

    No justification, especially as I suspect it's China itself who are behind these violent protestors.

    The protestors, the peaceful ones, are right to be suspicious about this Bill being put on ice. The Bill is not gone, just sidelined for now, so the protestors want to kill it while they have the momentum.

    Good, they're starting to depart.^^

    As I said the other day, Boris is intending to have remainers in his Cabinet, but if a no-deal Brexit looks like it may happen, what benefit would there be to having half his cabinet filled with remainers.

    Superb LW. Thanks for posting that link.:)

    Once they knew he was there to protect to them, they accepted him and I'm not surprised about how it ended. There is an awful lot of things about the natural world, including consciousness, that we do yet understand.

    The Liberal Democrat leadership race is on a knife-edge with postal votes cast splitting “almost 50-50” between Jo Swinson and Sir Ed Davey, The Independent has learned.

    The figures were described as “a major surprise” by a source at the party’s headquarters – given Ms Swinson has been the odds-on favourite to win the contest on Monday.

    As well as a new prime minister this week, we get a new Lib Dem leader too. Jo Swinson was the favourite to win, but the papers are reporting that Davey has narrowed the gap and it's now too close to call.

    Although originally the result of the contest was to be announced later in the week, this would've been overshadowed by the Conservative leader's announcement, so the result is expected later today at around 4pm.

    With Boris likely to be PM in the next few days and Corbyn engulfed by the anti-Semitism scandal, the Lib Dems are hoping to pick up some defecting MPs, all staunch remainers.

    Unlike Labour, at least the Lib Dems are clear with their EU policy. They want to stay in the EU regardless of what the British electorate voted for and that gives a clear choice for voters who think and voted that way.

    CHOCOLATE bars are getting healthier — thanks to a breakthrough that cuts sugar content by 40 per cent.

    Nestlé has found a way to make treats without refined sugar.

    Yum! But at what price? The article says that the chocolate is made from the pulp of the coca bean which up to now has been a waste product, but it then talks about this will cost a lot more than sugar. How can a waste product cost more?

    For us chocoholics and I'm a major one, this is very interesting, not least as diabetes has had such a devastating effect on my family and this may be a way to have our cake and eat it still.

    Boris Johnson is set for No10 this week – but who will be in his top team?

    IDS is already being lined up as Deputy PM, according to some articles, David Davies may be back as Foreign Secretary, Rees-Mogg may be going into the treasury and different names have been put forward for the Brexit Secretary, personally I hope it's Steve Baker, but I'd be quite happy for Raab to come back too. Would Boris have Gove back??

    So, we will get some new (or old) faces in the Cabinet, who should they be?

    I watched the select committee and the discussion surrounding subscription was only brief and it was related to the discussion about the free licenses for the over 75s. They were basically just talking about alternative ways that people could pay for the BBC.

    I intend to watch again at some point, it was about 3 hours of it.... and there was a Lords committee too on public broadcasting, all on the iplayer for those interested.

    Philip Hammond plans to quit if Johnson becomes PM

    Philip Hammond has told the BBC he intends to resign as chancellor if Boris Johnson becomes the UK's next PM.

    He said a no-deal Brexit, something Mr Johnson has left open as an option, was "not something I could ever sign up to".

    I'm starting to warm to Boris becoming PM already.8)

    Hammond is definitely going, another article has pictures of him packing his bags at the Treasury, so good riddance to him and other remainers like Gauke and Greg Clarke are expected to depart too.:)

    We live in 2019 and i guess adjusting to the new realities might not be so easy for you. The UK is not a nation with much international power.

    The UK's power is diminished, I agree, otherwise it wouldn't have been possible for the Iranian regime to seize our tanker, but we are still in the Top 5 of world powers, both military, politically and economically.

    There wont be any war. The risks are too high. Iran made clear it would destroy evrything around us. The desalination plants in Saudi Arabia and the Emirates, the oil infrastructure. Attack Israel and burn down the entire region.

    Iran won't directly attack Israel, which is why it uses its proxies (the terrorist groups) to do its bidding. Unlike Iran, Israel is a nuclear power and if Iran were foolish enough to launch a massive direct attack on Israel, then Iran would cease to exist.

    So what will happen? UK will release our ship. We will release the UK ship. And all is fine.

    Iran learned, that the west in general only learns from pressure. As soon we appear weak, we get exploited. We have the UK 14 days to think about its mistake. It did not learn. So now we teach a lesson in respect.

    All is not fine, even if both tankers are released, things have gone too far.