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    Another long day yesterday, but my garage is starting to look better for it and I hope to finish it today or tomorrow. I was accosted by a queen bee the whole time who decided that she wanted to make a hive in the garage, which I wasn't keen on at all. So, every two minutes the bee kept coming into the garage in the hope that I would give up, I didn't.

    The sun has been up for quite a while already today and it is clear it will be another warm day, so I'm hoping for a bee-less time to finish my work.

    Schoolchildren across the US walked out of their classrooms on Friday morning to demonstrate against gun violence.

    The National School Walkout marked the 19th anniversary of the Columbine High School massacre in Colorado.

    Connecticut high school pupil Lane Murdock set up the event in the wake of the Parkland shooting in Florida.

    Only one hour before the walkout was due to begin, authorities say a student in Ocala, Florida was shot in the ankle at the Forest High School.

    I'm glad that the American kids are keeping up their pressure against guns, but as that last sentence shows, gun violence in schools continues unabated.

    He's a fat murdering twerp, but I agree Morgan, that thus far, things appear to be going his way.

    I don't think South Korea would ever want to reunify with the north while Kim is in power. Look at the millions that have starved or been sent to gulags under his family's stewardship of the country.

    I still think Kim is playing for time, while he miniaturizes nuclear bombs to put on missiles.

    Thanks for that Ron.

    I wonder if this was a clever ploy by the government to flush out illegal immigrants, or am giving the "wonderful" powers-that-be too much credit here?

    Heero, I agree with you about the packaging for food and especially bottled water - a totally American import. Our water is excellent, no need for anyone in the country to go and buy bottles of it.

    But I found your bit about cotton buds most interesting. I do use cotton buds a lot, but I've never heard of bamboo ones before, I do hope this comes about.

    Didn't know about the plastic that surrounds wires could be recycled either, very interesting too. You're clearly very well versed on this subject.:thumbup::thumbup:

    North Korean leader Kim Jong-un says he has suspended all missile tests and will shut down a nuclear test site.

    "From 21 April, North Korea will stop nuclear tests and launches of intercontinental ballistic missiles," the country's state news agency said.

    Has Trump pulled a blinder here and brought peace to the Korean peninsula, or is rocketman just playing for time as he secretly continues his nuclear weapons programme?

    Well, the one benefit of doing lots of physical work in the garden is that makes me sleep. I was asleep about ten minutes after making that post last night and I beat the sun up today, that doesn't happen very often.:)

    Time for my morning walk. Cooler day today, but still looks like its going to be a nice day.

    Had a v-e-r-y long day today and that's after a busy day yesterday. Just sat down now.||

    I was hoping to relax in the garden during this hot spell, but the scum neighbours and all their noise ruined that, so I thought I'd make good use of my time instead.

    I had hundreds of dirty plant pots to clean, which I've done, individually.... :) As I've semi started to clean out my garage too, so I'm going to continue that over the next two-three days and get that done, so normal service will resume from me after I've finished, or I drop, whatever happens first!^^

    Went to sleep during yesterday's Question Time, so I might try and see that now if I can stay awake long enough. I've enjoyed the nice weather, but three days of it is plenty for me, so I'm hoping it will be cooler now. I need it to stay dry while I sort out the garage.

    Peers have defeated the government on the issue of staying in a UK-EU customs union after Brexit.

    Lords voted by 348 to 225 in favour of a plan requiring ministers to report on steps to negotiate a continued union.

    Backing it, ex-EU Commissioner Lord Patten said the UK would be worse off unless current arrangements continued.

    I didn't see this yesterday, but the Lords are back from their Easter break and it's time for them to cause the Government headaches by creating as many amendments to this bill as they can.

    The government has already signalled it will ask the Commons to overturn this amendment, but that won't stop the Lords from trying everything they can to derail the bill and in effect, derail Brexit.

    Conservative peer Lord Forsyth (a leaver and former minister in Major's government) warned the chamber that the country voted to leave the EU and the unelected lords should not impede that. Will that listen to him? Of course not! The majority of the lords are ardent europhiles.

    I think we have to work from the premise that we believe in and encourage an enterprise culture, which means equal opportunity rather than an equal standard of living.

    That's an excellent statement, but without decent education, that will not be possible. And I agree about achieving the right balance too, although disagree with you that Blair came anywhere close in achieving this. Thatcher was the closest so far at achieving your aims of a right balance and encouraging a enterprise culture, at least for one half of the country...

    Plastic straws and cotton buds could be banned in England as part of the government's bid to cut plastic waste.

    Announcing a consultation on a possible ban ministers said 8.5bn plastic straws were thrown away in the UK every year.

    The prime minister said plastic waste was "one of the greatest environmental challenges facing the world".

    This topic will form part of a series on plastic, including the politics in getting its use changed and its impact on the environment.

    Ever since the powerful images were broadcast of plastic waste in our oceans, the issue of plastic has risen to the top of the political agenda.

    I use cotton buds, so I don't personally want to see them banned, but like much plastic waste, the obvious ones being condoms and tampons, these get flushed down our toilets and end up in our rivers and then out into the sea.

    Is it time we say enough is enough and ban plastic for good?

    Your very welcome to talk about the episodes Ron, but if you think it may give away the plot, then just stick in a spoiler box to be safe. Click the spoiler button as indicated here:

    And have a look at the spolier rules I posted a few weeks ago. They are the first post in the entertainment forum.

    TV presenter Dale Winton, who hosted Supermarket Sweep, has died at the age of 62, his agent says

    What a shock and like the Vicar of Dibley actress, not old at all by today's standards.

    I know he wasn't everyone's cup of tea but unlike other "camp" presenters and actors, there was no nastiness in him that you get with some of the others. He was genuinely very warm and I really enjoyed watching the Lottery show when he did it, but it's Supermarket Sweep that he'll be remembered for.

    RIP Dale.

    Good news about the banana, Heero.

    Most of my bulbs are coming to an end now, or at least the dafs and hyacinths. Was hoping to post some show-off pictures off my spring garden, but with the sustained rain and wind, it really obliterated everything and as always cats, foxes walk over everything ttoo. I'll probably post a few pics of the dafs taken a few weeks ago and perhaps take a few more pics in a week's time showing all the forget-me-nots with the remainder of the bulbs.

    This afternoon I did as I said earlier and moved my plug plants (not the recent seedlings) out into the greenhouse and kicked some stuff out of there to make room for them. There is only so much space in my garden, so if I get all the summer tubs out while all the spring ones remain in the garden, it will look a total mess, so some of the summer plants will stay in the greenhouse for now.

    Most of my tulips are all out, I've got the grape hyacinths (muscari) too and the bluebells are about to flower in a week or so.

    I don't think I'll be able to persuade you Ron, but here was the news story about it:

    Russia has denied interfering with evidence at the site of the suspected Syrian chemical attack, which led to Western air strikes on Saturday.

    In an interview for BBC's Hardtalk, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said: "I can guarantee that Russia has not tampered with the site."

    He would say that, wouldn't he?

    I'm debating with myself whether to get the summer plants I've overwintered in the greenhouse, out. Temperatures for the next few days will be boiling, but then they taper off and next week, at least at night, its back to single figure temperatures.

    I've got to move some of my plug plants out of the conservatory into the greenhouse, but there is no space in there, unless I make some.

    All I need is a greenhouse about three times the size of my current one and that would solve the problem, as I wouldn't need to use my conservatory then.

    They do live underground, so its possible.

    I've not checked the news yet today, but the Russians were blocking the OPCW inspectors from visiting the incident site, while they did their own "checks" of the site. By the time the international inspectors get there, I suspect all the evidence will be gone.

    Our future trade deal with them has to be agreed by October, so that each EU parliament can vote on the entire matter, so we'll definitely know by then how this has gone, but we should have clues next month, as I said when the negotiations continue.

    May has got to know that if she backs down to the EU on key things, specially border control and law, she'll probably be torn from limb to limb.

    I don't trust her, I don't like her, but we'll see how this plays out.

    Just seen the last episode of the series and it was pretty good, but the way it ended, it should've been the end of this show entirely. But Americans being what they are, they'll milk this for another ten years if they can get away with it.

    As long as after 2020, we can control our own borders, control our money and have full control of our laws, then history will judge that May would've done a good job, especially, as you say, if there are no tariffs.

    I think the next batch of negotiations with the EU about our future relationship with them is next month, so we should hear within the next six weeks, whether things are going okay or not.