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    The Conservatives have offered an electoral pact to Nigel Farage that would mean the Brexit Party targeting just 40 key seats, The Telegraph can disclose.

    Farage turned down the deal because he wanted the Conservatives to withdraw their candidates completely like what Farage has done with his candidates in Conservative areas, but Boris has refused.

    Boris is going all out to way. Whether this is the correct policy or not, remains to be seen.

    Toll Bar & Askern were flooded in the 2007 floods, the situation there has been improved. The flooding has just been shifted out to the Bentley, Stainforth, Kirk Branwith & Fishlake areas. Flood defences have to be comprehensive or they just move the flood zone a few miles down the road.

    That's my understanding of why your area flooded too, as lower down the river there is flood defences that got built that simply shifted the problem to your area instead. The entire length needs to be protected.

    Wonderful wildlife crossing bridges around the world :)

    Animal Bridges


    On some of our roads, some underpasses are built for small mammals to cross the roads, but nothing like on that scale. As well as being practical, aren't they attractive too?

    Thank you for that link (and all the others).:)

    It appears to be more of a bidding war than election campaigning. I wish I could trust any of them to be honest, but I don't! Manifestos are no longer intended to be implemented. They are just fake bribes for votes.

    I wonder what ever happened to getting the debt under control, at this rate we'll be in continual deficit forever.

    This the town's official website. I think you'll like the gallery pics, Horizon 8)

    The pictures look great, although in your earlier link I did see tourist boats, so it's just a case of how busy it gets. I guess you need to check it our in peak holiday season too, whenever that is for you, and see what it's like then. Personally, if the tourist numbers are tolerable, all the boats make everything more interesting and so it could be perfect for you. Being on the coast is nice, but it can get tedious seeing the same sea all the time, but constant boats and being surrounded by countryside and trees that change depending on the season, could be perfect.

    How safe is it, do you know? That could be a key factor, although I think the pictures give a clear indication that it looks a nice area.

    Young Chinese people look so adorably cute, especially the ones in Hong Kong. Much of the world was on their side. Today I'm so sure.

    Which is exactly what the Chinese government want.

    China wouldn't dare to interfere because by doing so, it would make 'Tiananmen Square' seem like a teddy bear's picnic. So I think China will just stand aside and let events take their course until it 'burns itself out'. It's just that it might descend into a state of civil war before that happens.

    I think the Chinese government has played a blinder here, I had expected the tanks to be sent in ages ago, but instead they're just letting things play out, with as I believe, assistance from their own agents doing nasty things to turn world opinion against the protestors.

    Although this containment policy has worked so far, there is a danger of it spreading beyond HK into mainland China itself and it's at that point that civil war could occur, but as long as it's contained in HK, the Chinese authoroties can just say its a local issue.

    My last family holiday in 2012 was to Great Yarmouth to see the Olympic cycling in September and we visited the Broads and really enjoyed it. Had a little boat trip and it was fantastic to see all the millionaires houses right by the water front, but as a place to live, no thanks. One tourist boat after another, after another.

    As we can't get to Devon in the UK, we were thinking of the Garden Route, but are now more or less fixed on The Sunshine Coast and the town of Port Alfred. We like the Oceanic climate and coolness and plentiful rain. Beautiful surroundings, rivers, game parks, indigenous forests ...

    Never heard of the Garden Route, but just checked and it looks stunning as does Port Alfred with its Californian-esqe temperatures. I'd say go for it, whichever place you choose.:)

    Because Devon is beautiful. I did want to go back to my ancestral county of Norfolk and live near the Broads where my grandparents came from, but, as I said, this is impossible on account of the exchange rate, so we want to find something similar that isn't terribly hot and where it rains as we prefer cool, rainy climates to the one we presently live in.

    You wouldn't like the Broads as a place to live now as its too commercial and tourists everywhere.

    Possibly, that might just prevent them becoming alcoholics in the first place, if harder measures were taken.

    You're probably right. I'm on your side with dealing toughly, uncaringly and cheaply with drunks who are a blot on civilised society, where if they die, well that's the way the cookies crumble. But you won't win the argument with Horizon who is, or pretends to be, the consumate nitpicking civil servant (scheduled to be reincarnated as a local planning planning officer). I think he plays that role believing it makes the thread more interesting. ZZZZZZ

    Good job you're here then to wind everyone up then...:P And for the record, I'd make a good planning officer. I have a clipboard at the ready.^^

    I suspect that there's a lot more going on behind the scenes than we know; Nigel is nobody's fool, and is fully aware that if he splits the vote, and god forbid Corbyn gets into number 10, he'll be there for the next 5 years, during which time he'll destroy this country - actually he'd do that in the first 6 months. And it proves beyond any doubt that Farage is in it for the good of our country and not his self-agrandissement. This has restored my faith in Johnson that he means to get us out but with a free trade agreement. I sense that by some means or other, the two of them will cooperate to end this EU-membership travesty, and that we'll have not only our sovereignty, but our national self-respect also, back at last, and will no longer be the laughing stock of the whole world. This has been the most humiliating, and by the traitorous conduct of parliamentarians, the most shameful moment in our entire history.

    It's unlikely the vote will get split now, but as bryan said, there is a strong possibility we get another hung parliament. That would catapult Farage right into the centre of things, for good or bad...

    Perhaps they will vote LibDem

    I think London will yellow over more as its majority remain, but I don't see the Lib Deems getting much traction in Labour's northern heartlands.

    Boris needs to win seats from Labour to achieve a significant majority. If Brexit takes those seats it will mean that Boris has the same number of seats that he has now, and another hung Parliament

    That's what I'm worried about.

    Don't get me started... 8o:S8)

    I think one would be useful as it's the most popular platform in the UK. Even those with pay TV often have it in secondary rooms. I'd create one, but I don't know enough about it.

    Go for it fellas.:)

    I've got freeview, but as I use VM, I rarely switch over to it and so not up with latest events. I hope to one day have a site like Digital Spy (minus all the crap) with separate forums for Sky, Freeview etc.

    The programmes I've seen show the police rushing to incidents involving drunks from wherever they are on patrol, and hospitals employ security guards

    Who then call the police when the drunk kick off.

    I still say that if they're left to their own devices, and undergo the scenario I mentioned . . . spend half the night in pouring rain, crawl home in the morning, and have a hangover for the rest of the day, they'll never, never do it again - I guarantee it. All you lot are doing is bloody-well encouraging them. :rolleyes:

    But what about the alcoholics? Getting wet won't put them off.

    No changes for Sunday or Monday, not even the annoying sport flags.

    Off topic but, hopefully, this will be a quiet week for VM as I am covering for absence on the DTT side of things and this is going to be a busy week with Freeview frequency changes due in some areas. That should be interesting as, after the changes, Bilsdale will be co-channel with Sheffield, so I probably won't even be able to see what is happening there. With all of the frequency changes scheduled for Nov 13th, you would think that Digital UK would schedule other retunes for the same date. Of course, that would be too easy and it looks like a further retune will be needed on Nov 14th when E4 +1 moves to a different multiplex.

    There aren't any Freeview threads here yet....:whistling: