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    Get well soon too LW from me. Awful when the back goes. I have daily back issues due to the things I have to do each day. It's one thing lifting something heavy all the time, its something quite different when what you're lifting doesn't want to move...

    Glad the green mamba was from the 30s and not more recent... you do get lots of critters where you are.=O:)

    Enjoy the spagbol.:)

    My garden used to get regular visits from a kestrel that used to feed on the baby starlings. Not a pleasant site seeing baby birds getting eaten alive, but that's nature.

    When I said the majority of the country, I meant England, but I think you knew that. Of course I don't dispute the overall UK figures because that includes London, Northern Ireland and the pesky Scots, that skews the figures massively.

    If you want to go through each region, excluding London, we can. The results are clear cut, a majority of areas in England voted to leave.

    About 15cm with a bit of blood at the end of it where it's been bitten off and various fluff and fur spread all over the garden.

    You'll never keep cats out of your garden LW, they can get everywhere. I had to look up what a genet is, but going by pictures I've seen, it looks like a domestic cat could easily go after it, so it's possible.

    3 For some reason, when politicians say these things about democracy and sovereignty and jobs and children and children's children, they are, as you put it, self-serving pigs or hypocrites because they are concealing selfish motives.

    In some cases they are. Dominic Grieve has been photographed going into the London HQ of the EU which as I'm sure you're aware was the former conservative HQ. His motives are purely self-serving.

    3 continued: Democracy is a nice principle if only it worked better. I suddenly realised why the Parliamentary method of democracy has fu--ed up this country. Not just the absurdity of letting 650 MP's be entitled to vote on various proposals - can you imagine a commercial company with 650 board members each voting on various issues that arise in running their company - least of all when half of them want to take over the company rather than let it prosper. Okay, that's been my hobby horse for a while now

    Good points.

    And we'll talk about constitutional reform in another thread. I think there's one already, but if not and if someone doesn't do it before me, I'll create one at some point too. It's my hobby horse too and you've made good points on this subject spread across several different threads, so we'll try to formulate a plan together for revolution evolution of the system.

    and of course no one has commented on how archaic and unmanageable it is

    I and several others have. Pay attention or it'll be bread and water for your dinner!^^

    2 The nation did NOT, as you so sweepingly say, vote to "leave". Only half of them did. Or to be precise, 52%. Horizon will take your side - his view is that if the result was 50.0000000001% ticking Leave and 49.99999999% ticking Remain, he'd consider that a slam-dunk winner-takes-all. In other words, our future and our children's and our children's children, and all that crap, could be in the hands of just one drunken semi-retard in urgent need of cataract surgery who ticked the wrong box. A civilised country with common sense would have a referendum where the abandonment of the status quo on such an important issue would need 60%.

    As you're in wind up mode and you've mentioned me, I'll play, especially as you've made such an effort to post this entertaining point. 8o

    I've made this particular point about ten thousand times before, but here we go again. A majority of this country did vote to leave, if you go by constituency. Take a look here. Now, the result was severely skewed because London with its huge population almost exclusively voted remain. But you may say, why does that matter and my reply to that would be that it matters because London has a majority foreign population now. So, as far as our own people goes, we did vote overwhelmingly to leave.

    Old wives tales used to say let your child play in the garden, and eat the soil

    I've never eaten soil, but yep, always played in the garden.

    Maybe the only long term 'survivors' will be the isolated tribes who never see other humans.

    As long as they don't get burned out of the Amazon, that is, I agree.

    I often wonder if this is natures doing, in response to the human overpopulation. Likewise with poor fertility. It's probably more to do with the chemicals in our lives, and the additives in our food, but I do believe that nature is a great leveller and will win in the end and eventually we will all become so dependent on life saving drugs and 'safe' habitats that nobody will survive without them.

    I'm tempted to mention one of my favourite subjects here in reply to that, but when I started on it last time last year, I think I lost a few members as a result, so I'll restrain myself. Fans of sci-fi may know what I'm referring to.;)

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. Navy destroyer sailed near islands claimed by China in the South China Sea on Friday, the U.S. military said, a move likely to anger Beijing.

    The busy waterway is one of a growing number of flashpoints in the U.S.-Chinese relationship, which include an escalating trade war, American sanctions on China’s military and U.S. relations with Taiwan

    Of all the problems in the world: Putin and his actions in Ukraine and elsewhere; North Korea; Iran; Syria and the whole region, I think the events in the South China Seas are the ones which could bring the current superpower, America and the superpower of tomorrow, China, into conflict with each other.

    Our new aircraft carrier which becomes operational in about 18 months time, is scheduled as its first mission is to pay a visit to the South China Seas. The Chinese have already warned us not to do that.

    I've tried to do a little bit of gardening this afternoon, but as I'm currently on what is only one of three breaks I get in a week, I've just had to stop to rest.

    I emptied some of my hanging baskets last Saturday, but my other ones still have some flowers in them, so I'll leave them a bit longer. Normally, I'd be preparing violas, pansies etc ready for planting in my beds and planters, but that won't happen this year. I've got lots of planters filled with last year's bulbs, so I'm hopeful some of them might come out next Spring.

    Unfortunately, my garden is suffering. It's been very dry and it's not been watered much over the last six months and weeds are starting to take hold. I was trying to attack some of them a bit earlier and I might ask for advice on what they are from members here, as up until now, I've always had a weed free garden, so I don't what they all are.

    Oh well, there's always another time to get things back in shape.:)

    Over the last year or so LW, I've had what I think is a stray cat come into my garden and house. It's very slim, although looks healthy, but is an absolute killer. Killed all my baby birds last year and almost killed a squirrel a few months ago in my garden. The squirrel managed to escape under my gate, whereas the cat had to jump over my fence losing some time. Both were very fast, so yes, this cat is perfectly capable of killing anything it comes across.

    I agree Fidget.

    I had some cousins who were brought up on a farm and from toddlers were used to playing in pig muck. Today, they're about a thousand times healthier than me and are twenty years older.

    Scientists have warned for ages about using anti-bacterial cleaners in the house, but these days they're prevelent. Unfoteunly, my borther who I live with, is insisitent that they're used everywhere. We need bacteria and if we detroy it all, our bodies become allergic to the world. It's one of the reasons why I like gardeing (not that I can do any at the moment) as at least I'm exposed to some outside germs.

    I agree, there were never any allergies when we were young

    I know that when my eldest grandson was born and switched from breast milk to formula he had a severe reaction - bright red from head to toe like a boiled lobster

    Rushed to hospital the paediatrician immediately diagnosed the problem, an allergy to milk which he claimed was quite common in so many babies. He blamed the antibiotics and other things that are routinely pumped into cattle

    Prescribed keeping him on soya milk for twelve months when the allergy would disappear - it did

    This boy who sadly died was allergic to milk, his burger was coated in buttermilk whatever that is/ If we start banning everything that people have allergies to there would be nothing left

    That's interesting bryan.

    I was fed on on formula milk and although never officially confirmed, I think I'm dairy intolerant too. I've always had milk, but it doesn't agree with me...My mother always used to feed me on rusks in milk when I was a little older and I used to just spit it out, so essentially I was malnourished a bit when I was a baby. Like you, her generation had never come across food allergies. When she gave me peanuts once when I was a toddler and a had a severe reaction to them, our GP at the time told her to sod off with me choking in his room, supposedly.

    When I was young I never came across anyone with violent food allergy and we ate all sorts of things. Yet today, this seems prevalent. ?

    It's getting worse and worse and worse LW. People living in sterile houses. Kids that never play outside. At this rate, people will just become allergic to everything.

    As I said earlier in the Friday the 13th thread, bad day in my garden today. I found the end bit of the squirrel's tail that had been ripped off and either the cat has killed it or it's badly injured. Poor thing. The squirrel was quite happily feeding from my bird table early this morning, how quickly things can change...:(

    Bird in the house is said to be an omen of a death.

    Didn't know that. I've had birds in my house a few times. Sometimes starlings have flown into my living room and got trapped and pigeons have fallen down the chimney (now there's a thing on top to stop them falling down) but what I saw as a good luck charm was when a Robin used to fly into my kitchen. He never came in far, just perched himselfon the corner of my sink which is right by the outside door, so he had a easy escape route. But that happened everyday one summer several years ago and very nice it was too.

    Well another Friday the 13th seems to have gone by without a hitch for me at least

    You're lucky! Tree in the street got executed yesterday and I think the stray cat has killed the squirrel that was on my bird table earlier. Just found a piece of the end of its tail...:(

    Maybe we could make this thread a general superstitions thread and explore some of the others

    It's your thread and that's a good idea.:thumbup: It's also in keeping with this site's policy of using the same threads for the same/similar topics.

    With continual despair about the destruction of trees everywhere, especially the Amazon rain forest they would want to hang on to as many trees as they could

    When tin mining was king in Cornwall they chopped each and every tree they could find for pit props, and failed to replace them. Now the Council are planning to plant 1,000.000 trees

    Now that you mention it and although never realised until you said it, on my visits to Cornwall in the past, I did notice a bit less green but never thought much about it.

    The Amazon story has been a major one, I was hoping someone might create a thread about it, but I'll start one later, so thanks for the reminder on this.

    Byron burger allergy death: Owen Carey's family demand law change

    The family of a teenager with a dairy allergy who died after he unwittingly ate buttermilk in a burger restaurant have called for a change in the law.

    Owen Carey ordered grilled chicken at Byron burger at the O2 Arena in London while celebrating his 18th birthday.

    He told staff about his allergy but was not told the meal included buttermilk.

    After a coroner ruled he was not told about allergens that led to his death, Mr Carey's family said the current policy left too much room for error.

    I have a severe allergy to nuts and I would never touch anything unless I was certain what was in the food to begin with.

    The family of the dead teenager want compulsory labelling of all allergens on restaurants menus, which seems fair enough to me, but what about the actual individual with the allergy? If you have such a severe allergy that it can kill you if you eat the wrong food, is it not your responsibility to check what ingredients are in menu items?

    Saudi Arabia oil facilities ablaze after drone strikes

    Drone attacks have set alight two major oil facilities run by the state-owned company Aramco in Saudi Arabia, state media say.

    Footage showed flames and huge palls of smoke over Abqaiq, site of Aramco's largest oil processing plant.

    A second drone attack also started fires in the Khurais oilfield to the west. The fires are now under control at both facilities, state media said.

    Iran-aligned Houthi fighters in Yemen have been blamed for previous attacks.

    How will the Saudis react to this?

    If it can be proved it was a Iranian backed attack, the proxy war that these two countries have been fighting in other people's countries, might turn into a direct war between the two of them.

    Supporters of Johnson and Co who are trashing Cameron today should remember that he is the last Conservative to win an election for the past donkey's years

    I don't see any of them winning anything

    Well, we don't know do we because Boris is prevented from calling a GE. But yes, I bet the day the conservatives regret the day that May called a GE and lost the conservatives' majority as a result.

    David Cameron: Johnson and Gove behaved 'appallingly'

    David Cameron has accused the current prime minister, Boris Johnson, and Michael Gove of behaving "appallingly" during the EU referendum campaign.

    Speaking to the Times ahead of the launch of his memoir, the former Tory PM attacked some colleagues who backed Leave for "trashing the government".

    Mr Cameron said the result in 2016 had left him "hugely depressed" and he knew "some people will never forgive me".

    He also said another referendum cannot be ruled out "because we're stuck".

    So, Cameron thinks his colleagues behaved badly in 2016, yet chooses to only speak about it now. When you've got a book to sell, a little controversy always helps.

    This is a total non-story.:rolleyes:

    There has never been "one world" and there never will be. There are only multiplicities of diversity. It's how Nature operates in order to keep things viable. There can and should be cooperation among diversities, but trying to undiversify humanity is like trying to repack a product packed in Japan. It just won't go back in the box ^^

    You have a exceptionally unique (and probably accurate) way of putting things.:thumbup:

    Boris is getting whacked by the media today. This time he is being drubbed by former student weedhead Cameron

    Yep. I'll post a link to a story right now, once I've actually read what Cameron's said.