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    Trump-Russia inquiry: President 'did not conspire with Russia'

    President Trump's campaign did not conspire with Russia during the 2016 election, according to a summary of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's report submitted to Congress on Sunday.

    The report summary did not draw a conclusion as to whether Mr Trump illegally obstructed justice - not exonerating the president.

    Well, Trump is innocent but what a mess...

    Loads of Trump's former advisers have been jailed and this whole episode leaves a very bad smell. The Democrats are still gunning for Trump and the Republicans are luke warm on him too, but are furious with the Democrats over this whole issue, or witch hunt as Trump has called it.

    Can American politics recover from this when so much mud has been thrown about?

    Depends how high it is Ron, but the birds tend to like a bit of clearing distance around the table so that they can look out for cats and other predators. If the bird tables are too crammed into corners, my birds don't like it.

    Managed to spend a couple of hours in my front garden today, clearing up after winter and the recent winds.

    Did some work in the beds, clearing them of debris and old leaves, then moved onto the lawn. Normally I would aerate the lawn with a fork and then rake it each spring, but I haven't got the time his year, so it just got a raked over instead. Then the lawn got edged and cut.

    Lot of damage down to the front garden by the usual critters, but I have a Camellia shrub just blooming now and a Cercis tree about to start, it's already covered in its pink buds. I'll post a few picks soon when everything is a little bit more advanced. Even the forget-me-nots are starting to show, very early.

    Hope to to get to the back garden too, a total mess.

    Unfortunately, due to circumstances, I've not been able to get any summer plug plants this year or order anything for summer yet. I've got tons of summer plants in the greenhouse, so they might have to suffice and I'll try to get to Tescos at some point in about six weeks time and get some trays of bedding plants for the beds and to fill a few planters. I like my hanging baskets and planters, but it will be just too much to do this year.

    For me that's a easy one Fidget. I'd rather see less animals in the wild, than all the multitudes that currently get killed. It will change our landscape as "wild" spaces are nothing of the sort as domesticated animals have grazed on the land for thousands of years shaping the look of our green and pleasant land, but so be it.

    Think I'd still want "real" meat but I suppose if the price is right people will buy it.:/

    We have a thread somewhere on lab grown meat, but can't find it at the moment, but basically I'm all for it.:)

    Once prices come down, this will bring to a end the slaughter of millions of animals and save the environmental cost too.

    Freaky, nah, but yummy remains to be seen with this stuff.

    Sainsbury's and Asda offer to sell supermarkets to merge

    Sainsbury's and Asda have said they would sell between 125 and 150 supermarkets and a number of convenience stores if allowed to merge.

    The supermarket giants would also sell some petrol stations, while Sainsbury's has already said it would cap fuel profits for five years.

    Earlier this week, the supermarkets also vowed £1bn in price cuts.

    I hope this merger doesn't go ahead, but the two companies seem intent and are chipping away at the regulator. If they only have to sell less than 200 hundred shops to merge in the end, then I reckon the companies are getting a good deal. Whether it's a good deal for us, is another matter entirely.

    Brexit: Departure date pushed back by at least two weeks

    Theresa May has been granted an extra two weeks to come up with a Brexit solution after talks with EU leaders.

    The UK's departure date had originally been set for 29 March.

    If Mrs May can get her withdrawal deal through Parliament next week, that date will be pushed back to 22 May to give time to pass the necessary legislation.

    If the prime minister can't get the deal through, the UK will have to propose a way forward by 12 April for EU leaders to consider.

    Here's the story from the Beeb just to give context to the latest goings on which is basically we're still in the EU...

    North Korea quits Kaesong liaison office with South Korea

    North Korea has withdrawn from the inter-Korean liaison office which was opened amid a warming of ties last year to facilitate talks with the South.

    Seoul said it was contacted on Friday and informed that the North's staff would be leaving later in the day.

    I suppose in a way you have to hand it to the Kim family over the years.

    They still do not have the means to deliver a nuclear weapon to America or beyond, but they've strung out the "peace" talks for years, to give them enough time to perfect their weapons. And they will, eventually and then we will be screwed.

    I actually did that with the batch I had Heero, but that didn't work either. It's as much the way they're grown, as well as the teabags. Considering this is one of the major things B&Q sell, they seem utterly crap at selling the bedding plants, whereas their other plants tend to fare better.

    Pound for pound, I've found Tescos to be the best and cheapest. You get next to no selection of plants, but what bedding plants they do stock, they pile them high and cheap.

    Unfortunately this is behind a paywall but I wonder how true this is?

    Might we really be on our way at last?

    Then why has she been trying and now got this extension?

    I don't trust her one bit now.

    I voted remain. And I'm glad that I did! You speak of remainer Jihadits which I find rather amusing. But while you think of them as Jihadists you'll be pleased to know that one of the main contributers to the Brexit lobby group was a Saudi Arabian intelligence agent. Hmmm... Remainer Jiadists indeed....

    All this lobbying and funding behind the scenes, should all be out on the open.

    On the EU, I've always been pretty pro-EU, but there comes a time to call "time" and I voted to leave.

    As I said in regards to May, I don't think there was any botching involved. She's been quoted as saying she sees this whole process as a damage limitation exercise, so from her point of view it's parliament who are botching things by not voting through her deal.

    The Tory party missed its opportunity when she blindsided her own Ministers and forced Chequers upon them. Naturally, the sycophants went along with Chequers while everyone else knew it was a loser. She has filled her Cabinet with Remainers who can do no wrong, no matter how undemocratic and disrespectful they are, while forcing out those who want a real Brexit.

    She really has no sense of reality!

    It's why I didn't want Boris as PM Fidget, because despite all the clowning around, I think he is a total weakling. If he was going to do something, then around Chequers would've been his time to make his move.

    Brexit: 'Tired' public needs a decision, says Theresa May

    Theresa May has told the public she is "on their side", laying the blame for the delay to Brexit squarely with MPs.

    Speaking from Downing Street, the prime minister said people were "tired of infighting and political games" and it was "high time" politicians made a decision on the next steps.

    Earlier, Mrs May wrote to EU Council President Donald Tusk requesting to delay Brexit until 30 June.

    It's all everyone's else's fault except hers.:rolleyes:

    As the news said last week, she sees this exercise as "damage limitation" not about trying to get the best deal for the UK as we leave the EU and therein lies the problem, the problem it's always been. She doesn't want to leave the EU and if her deal does get eventually voted through, it will be the worst of both worlds, not the best.

    It's good, enjoy Heero!

    Although I am looking forward to GoT's return, things are intense for me at the moment, so I might delay watching it until later on in the year when I can enjoy it.

    I'd die just for a i5 chip!^^ On a core 2 chip at 2.2Ghz. Crawling is the only thing my PC knows, although that's still better than a second hand laptop I also use, which barely functions at all.

    Thanks, but I'm still staying away from all trailers, teasers etc And trying not to read too many entertainment/news sites either, in case the stories get leaked. The Express site being the worst.

    You're doing well keeping XP going with your PC, Heero. I miss XP and I wish I never changed from it. Still have Win7 and no intention to change that anytime in the near future.

    Brexit: Theresa May to press on with deal despite Bercow ruling

    The government says it is pressing ahead with Theresa May's Brexit deal despite Commons Speaker John Bercow throwing the process into doubt.

    Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay suggested a vote could take place next week - after Mrs May has sought a delay to Brexit from the EU.

    Mr Bercow has ruled that the PM can not bring her deal back for a third vote without "substantial changes".

    What is wrong with her?

    I thought she was reasonably apt at politics, seeing as she is prime minister and all that, but she really does seem politically naive on this issue.

    I cant see the EU letting the UK leave without a deal as that will more or less give the UK the right to say you ain't gonna get the bribe money, so the only other option the EU has is to allow Brexit to be delayed and for the UK to pay for the privilege of them allowing us to delay it, but I suspect we will have to wait and see as we have been doing since the referendum result.

    They'll lose that £39 billion if we leave without a deal, but the EU has always said that the common rule book, currency union and the overall unity of the EU trumps all other considerations. And besides for them to offer something to enable Brexit to be delayed, May has to ask for something. Would she and what would she ask for?

    As I said earlier, if May asks for a Brexit delay, I am really hoping someone like Macron or the Irish PM says no and then that would be a end to this current saga.