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    It's different in as much as it is, in effect, a franchise system. The fifteen founder clubs would be ringfenced into the competition making the issue of promotion and relegation a farce. The five clubs selected to come in every season "on merit" would be guaranteed to be relegated to make way for the next five "on merit" selections the following season.

    To be honest, I never got that far when I was reading the article about this! Thanks Jenny. If some clubs are always guaranteed a place, then there is no competition, which would mean no impetus for them to improve. I say let them get on with it and die a slow death.

    Anyway,the BBC is saying Chelsea has just pulled out, so it looks like this won't happen now anyway.

    Won't bother me I have very little interest in football anyway.

    Me neither. But it seems to be on the news, so I thought I should mention it (as no one else has...).

    Uefa, the Premier League and UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson have condemned 12 major European clubs, including the 'big six' from England, signing up to a breakaway European Super League.

    Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United and Tottenham are part of the group.

    La Liga's Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid and Serie A's AC Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus are involved.

    Not seen much news this week, but unless you live on Planet Zog, this story cannot have escaped your notice.

    From Boris to the various football governing bodies, everybody seems to be against this happening, but can it be stopped and should it be stopped?

    Rupert Murdoch wanted to control football and make a load of money for himself in the process and so he was instrumental in setting up the Premier League almost thirty years ago. How is this new proposed set up any different?

    Well, it was a nice warm, sunny day in London, but a bit overcast at the moment. Had no rain for ages now and me thinks water restrictions will be applied in the not too distant future. We had the "April" showers back in March and barely anything this month so far.

    Well, I never saw the actual funeral as I was too busy, but after originally voting no, I did see the soldiers marching into Windsor Castle and it was a marvellous spectacle. Glorious sunshine and the grounds of the castle looked incredible. The military bands played all the various hymns and I stopped watching as the coffin was taken into the chapel. This was supposedly a cut down version of what was meant to happen, but the whole thing really looked great, so I can only imagine what the full version would've looked like.

    As someone pointed out to me, Philip was in effect our King in all but name, so he got 30 mins of my time.

    I've no doubt our broadcasters will still be capable of making good shows OB, but the question is, will anyone be watching them by then? But as for streamers like Starz, I expect further changes in the media landscape and not all the American streamers will survive.

    Sky is a interesting example as its now owned by the Americans as is CH5, so perhaps the question should be, does it matter who owns the broadcasters as long as British shows are still made?

    Strange though.......... OB.... a right wing hard liner among other right wing hard liners is lauded as being good material for a mod.

    Tread carefully, Jenny.

    And as for the rest of your rant, you have never been banned for expressing your political opinion, you have been banned for making personal abusive remarks against others.

    I DO NOT require a reply from you on this.

    When I said normal, note it was in speech marks. I meant normal as in with all the current corruption, but anyway lets leave all that stuff for the other thread.

    I can hardly disagree that Boris is a narcissist though, because he is plain and simple.

    They don’t want to know, Horizon. I have persisted for over six years now like a headbanger, and they still don’t get it.

    I know you have persisted and did it in a calm way, which is why I thought you would be a good mod. One against the rest is quite a feat!

    At least, unlike a previous King Charles, he won't have to worry about a Parliamentary uprising...... Parliament's under greater threat of destruction than the monarchy..!!

    Oh no its not. Yes, under that useless May we had a wobble, but things are back to "normal" now.

    Charles could live for decades that true but somehow I think he won’t .

    I think he might do ten years and hand over to William who will probaby see the monarchy to its close.

    Could be. Perhaps Charles might do ten years of lecturing us even more about the environment while all the time travelling in his private helicopter and then retire in his 80s., still giving him plenty of retirement years.

    It's also the biggest property developer in the world and I doubt all of the profits the Church gleams from its empire goes to charitable means.

    I come from the viewpoint that the Church is not a benevolent organisations, but one that supports power and perverts, even if some individual members are decent.

    The present pope does not live a luxurious life and never has he practises what he preaches . He doesn’t live in the Papal palace I believe it has been turned into a hospital and occupies two room in the visiters quarters . He has turned another papal palace into a homeless shelter .When he was bishop of Buenos Aires he also did not occupy the Bishops palace residing in a small apartment instead and traveled by public transport .So he most certainly does know how to live in the real world .…e-francis-behest-n1123246

    Interesting Jack. I didn't know anything about him.

    Some news items from America's Variety mag which clearly show which way the wind is blowing, so to speak:

    Amazon Spent $11 Billion on Prime Video and Music Content in 2020, Up 41%

    Amazon spent a cool $11 billion on TV series, movies and music for its Prime services last year, an increase of 41% from $7.8 billion in 2019, the ecommerce giant disclosed in its annual report Thursday.

    Amazon Prime Tops 200 Million Members, Jeff Bezos Says

    Amazon Prime, the ecommerce giant’s membership program that includes access to Prime Video, now counts more than 200 million subscribers globally, founder Jeff Bezos wrote in his final annual letter to shareholders as CEO.

    Bezos most recently had announced that Amazon Prime had topped 150 million members in January 2020. The company rarely releases such metrics and doesn’t break out the number of Prime members by country or region, nor has it revealed specific numbers about Prime Video viewership. In the U.S., Amazon Prime costs $119 per year or $12.99 per month (plus taxes).

    If anyone had any lingering doubts about whether Amazon was just sticking its toes into the media world, or whether it wanted to take it over, these articles show that Amazon is very serious about its media business and is here to stay. Whether they'll knock Netflix off their perch remains to be seen but at 200 million paying customers, they are a serious force now in the world of "broadcasting".

    I don't think I have ever even switched over to this channel once? Presumably, its reality tv stuff??

    There has been talk that they are planning on a HD version of the main Sony Movies, and that is the highest rating of their portfolio so it is probably the most likely.

    About bloody time!

    Considering they are one of the major Hollywood studios who not inly pumps out films, but tv shows too, they really don't seem to have a clue as to how to distribute all their stuff, or, at least in the UK anyway. Perhaps in other countries Sony has a more cohesive strategy, but I doubt it.

    Although the most obvious move is for everyone to move up, is there any point? Channels aren't scrambling for EPG places on either Satellite platform.

    And that's the key point there. We're past the heyday of pay tv and although I'm not sure about Freesat, Sky will ultimately transition its tv customers onto its own streaming/cable tv services, so as channels close, there will be more spaces and thus prices will come down for what was once very valuable EPG slots.