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    T-Mobile, Sprint Close $31 Billion Mega-Deal

    And then their were three....

    The next phase in the mega media mergers saga has just happened.

    The Sprint/T-Mobile merger has now completed, reducing America's mobile operators down to three large companies. The new company will be called T-Mobile and this company will be number three in scale behind AT&T (who own Warner) and Verizon.

    I had expected other mergers to happen in the next few months, but I expect the virus has pushed everything back probably until next year now.

    Will the new T-Mobile and Verizon copy AT&T and try and purchase a Hollywood studio and/or tv channels? Only time will tell, but the lines are being heavily blurred between telecom/media and tech companies now and I expect this to only accelerate.

    These are the big players in America who dominate the world and I expect to see some of these names disappear over the next few years:

    Comcast - America's largest cable company who own Sky, NBC and Universal film studio

    AT&T - America's largest fixed telco and mobile company who also own the Warner film Studio and channels such as CNN.

    Disney - who now own the 20th Century film studio - the Fox name has been dropped. A third of all Hollywood stuff is made by them.

    Netflix - the world's largest streaming company

    Amazon - the world's largest online shop who also run a streamer

    Apple - tech giant who now run a new streaming service

    Google - the world's most popular search engine and owner of Youtube, the biggest online video service on the net

    Facebook - the world's largest social media site

    Microsoft - their software still runs on 80% of all the world's computers

    and the smaller players:

    Dish - America's 2ns biggest satellite company speculated to be merging with AT&T's Direct TV soon.

    ViacomCBS - owner of CBS, Paramount film studio and the UK's Ch5

    Fox/News Corp - Murdoch's slimmed down company who still own the Fox tv channel and newspapers

    Lionsgate - the mid range studio who own the Starz premium cable service and streamer

    AMC - who run a cable channels

    Liberty Media/Liberty Global/Discovery - John Malone's nest of companies that own everything from America's 2nd largest cable tv company Charter, to Virgin media, to Eurosport.

    And some of the international big boys:

    Sony - Japanese giant who own the former Columbia film studio and Crackle streamer

    Tencent - Chinese tech giant who everything from games to 10% of Universal Music as of January 2020.

    Vivendi - former state water company of France that owns Universal Music, gaming, Canal+,Dailymotion to name a few.

    Bertelsmann - who own RTL and make many tons of tv shows, everything from Neighbours to Ice Road Truckers

    Grupo Globo - Brazilian giant and the largest media company in South America

    Can't really complain too much, could be worse. As someone has said on here already, imagine being in Syria right now and then the virus comes... Or the Rohingya camps in Bangladesh or pretty much most countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

    It makes no odds to me as my sleeping pattern is up and down all the time anyway. Right now I 'm awake most nights and sleeping most of the day. In couple of days I may swing that back around. It's all up and down with no routine for anything. Eat when hungry sleep when tired. Nothing new.

    I just eat, eat, eat....:)

    Don't you get any home care?


    I live in my mother's house and as she has some savings, we're not entitled to anything apart from attendance allowance and carer's allowance, which is what I get. That's my total income....:(

    Lets hope. Last comet I saw was a few years ago and down at my late mother's place (Sennen) where the light pollution was very low. Even then it was just a fuzzy blob. Can't remember which one it was. Tuttle?

    Never seen a comet, that I'm aware of, so will try and see this one if I can.

    This is what awaits us on terrestrial TV

    I suppose the only benefit to my current situation is I don't get to see much tv, so can easily avoid all this dross.

    Our main broadcasters are finished in my opinion. As I had to be up most of the night earlier in the week anyway, I watched the rest of Season 3 of Ozark on Netflix. That's the future, a few global streamers continually pumping new dramas every week.

    I have just removed a shedload of off topic postings and insults. Repetition will result in infractions. Two members already.

    Thank you for doing this and now they've gone permanently.

    If members abuse the good nature of my staff, which these days is just Heero, they will join Mail and Timarko. Abide by what he says or else.

    I hope this warning is crystal clear to everyone else.

    "Staggering incompetence of our public health fatcats: An astonishing 242 health quango workers are on 6-figure salaries - yet nanny us about mobile phones and soft drinks... while dropping the ball on testing, writes GUY ADAMS"

    I'm not quite sure why the Mail is linking overpaid staff to the State telling us what we should eat and drink, but the testing fiasco has been terrible.

    Just waiting for the latest "cheer-a-thon" aka the government's daily briefing. I wonder what the numbers will be now.

    Gove says that a a lack of chemicals needed for the test packs is holding things up, but the pharmaceuticals industry denies this. Meanwhile the death toll jumps to horrifying new levels.

    I wonder if Prof Ferguson thinks this is moderate now.X(

    Now we know what the advice to the government was at the time and why more draconian measures were delayed.

    ( Times link left in for those who subscribe )

    Thanks for this link Heero, especially as I'm unable to follow news closely at the moment, so those providing links here is VERY helpful.:thumbup::thumbup:

    Now we know why Boris had such a laid back attitude then.

    Having worked for so called clever people, the one trait they all seem to have in common is they seem to lack common basic sense despite their super brains.

    By the end of January, it was clear that the situation in Wuhan and the rest of China was bad and the same was going to happen here and many people were going to die. Why couldn't the "experts" realise this?

    What should've happened is the airports should've been put on lockdown and the foreigners prevented coming here, but instead there were worries about pissing off Chinese businessmen (what the minutes don't say) and now we are where we are.

    My mum was four metres from a new dialysis patient yesterday who had the virus and later on we found at that three dialysis nurses have been tested for the virus and considering there close working envrioenment, that means all the nursing staff has it...=O=O

    About time we had less fucking experts and have some proper leadership and Prof Ferguson should be invited to go on holiday to somewhere nice like Wuhan. If it was Thatcher, she would've sacked him by now.

    Yes, I've briefly seen something on this story too, in that some information is shared with Facebook, but nothing is mentioned in Zoom's T&Cs on this. It seems that Facebook want to rule the world...X/

    We asked GCHQ, and it told us that it was a Number 10 issue. Downing Street declined to comment.

    A frankly bizarre response from those who are meant to be protecting our security. You can tell they're a bunch of inept civil servants like many others.

    This could be another Cambridge Analytica type scandal here as you say, but I should state that I have vested interests here... I am a shareholder in this company, so I'm not going to slag them off too much here.;)

    This guy says exactly what I have been saying and I 100% agree with him..... the voice of common sense........

    I don't agree with Liberal Lord Sumption at all, or not much, or the idiot commentator.

    The virus is dangerous, the State is not overreacting and is trying to protect people, finally. Yes, some police are acting like idiots, nothing new there, but people should stay at home wherever possible and it is as simple as that.

    Excuse me for asking but why is it NOT one single person of normal routine use of the internet is saying ....... "hey, my Mum, Dad, Sister, cousin, Uncle, best friends sister etc etc etc has Corona and dropped like a fly"!!!!???? Not anywhere, not on Facebook, forums, whatever???

    What about a Nurse? when off duty using internet... what are they saying?

    Everyone is saying... "I cant get Toilet Rolls" not one has said - "I feel so sad my Mum has died from CV19"???? Beware gross error!!!

    My brother just called me from our local hospital , he is there with my mum who is having dialysis, she goes three times a week. Two beds away from my mum in a sectioned off bit is a A&E nurse who fell ill a few days ago. It's been confirmed she has the virus and is now fighting for her life and now needs dialysis. She was perfectly fit a few days ago. The same staff who will attend to this sick nurse, will attend to my mum too.

    That's as close as I want the virus to get to my family.:(

    I alluded to Heero the other day, that garden centres in my area were trying to find a way around the restrictions. Well, as of right now, they have official permission by our local council that they are allowed to do home deliveries of everything they are selling.

    The thing I was alluding to before, was that as well as selling plants, they also sell food, pet food and supplies and some hardware related products, so were delivering those anyway, but they have now been given official permission to sell plants and everything else too. The centres themselves are still closed to the public, but at least they should stay afloat.

    One of my local centres:

    Delivery for RM11 and RM12 for tomorrow

    Afternoon you lovely lot today we are taking orders for RM11 and RM12 area ONLY for delivery tomorrow. Share share share if you care 😘

    Posted by Plant Perfections Upminster on Tuesday, March 31, 2020

    I have a very significant birthday in April for which a lavish party was planned but is now cancelled

    I know we can celebrate later but it will not be the same, and who knows if I will live to see it !

    Unless you choke on a crisp or something, of course you will! Just abide by the social distancing guidelines. (And yes, I do remember what you have posted about your lungs on this site, keep well.)

    Happy significant (whatever it maybe) birthday for next month.:)