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    Amber Rudd back in the Cabinet

    Amber Rudd has returned to the cabinet as work and pensions secretary.

    Ms Rudd, who replaces Esther McVey following her Brexit resignation, quit herself as home secretary in April amid controversy over her handling of the Windrush controversy.

    She admitted having "inadvertently misled" MPs over immigration targets but a subsequent probe found she had been let down by officials.


    When May refused to do the ITV leaders debate last year, Rudd stepped in and she was very impressive. If this had happened yesterday, I would've added Rudd to the poll.

    If a leadership content happens soon, as I expect it will and with all attention on Boris and David Davis, could it be Amber Rudd that silently takes over as PM?

    More to the point, where is Boris? Has anyone seen anything of his views and opinions?

    He has popped up here and there on tv this week, but Rees-Mogg is essentially clearing the way for him.

    No more resignations for May today, so she lives to fight another day.

    As all the pundits and MPs were saying yesterday, she doesn't have the numbers to get the bill through, so why bother? It's pointless to commit suicide and humiliate yourself in front of everyone, but that appears to be the path she has chosen for herself.

    Lovely yesterday in London with sun all day, but today grey and wet all round.

    Up until now, the daytime temperatures have still been very warm, averaging around 15C, but from next week they dip to single figures with night-time temperatures plummeting to around 4/5C.

    It was nice, while it lasted.:)

    But after David Davis, Raab knew what to expect. But as was clear by David Davis' plans which he part published, he was completely out of the loop.

    Downing Street released a statement in the summer saying that the Brexit negotiations were being led by Downing Street, so that should've given David Davis a little clue, which is why he has gone down in my ratings now. Either he is stupid or blind, either of which will not make a good PM.

    No, I can't Fidget. Good point.:thumbup::thumbup:

    As I've said, this transitional period seems to be the mechanism to lock us into paying into their next seven year budget period and beyond. So, in that sense, the Bill is not sufficient.

    Crafty isn't she?X(

    According to this link, there are almost 100 MPs who would likely vote to remove her. As there are 330 Conservative MPs in total and half of that, 165 MPs, are required to get rid of her, are there the numbers to get rid of her. Most of the MPs are still remainers....

    'The People's vote' isn't going anywhere. If Remain won (and I doubt it would, unless there are more masochists in the UK than I realised) then why should Brexiters accept something that the remainers wouldn't?

    If Brexit won again, the remainers would still spout their claptrap, but it could get quite ugly following a double win for Brexit.

    It would get ugly if we didn't leave the EU, but credit to May where its due. She got the withdrawal bill enacted and we do leave next year, come what may.:)

    Still the tired old "peoples vote" crap is spewed out of remainers mouths on radio this afternoon , what would another vote actually achieve on a physical basis ?

    The politicians have let us down so the same incompetents would be there to do it again .

    Some of the MPs like Anna Soubry and Labour were calling for this.

    We had a people's vote and LEAVE won it.

    I personally can't stand Boris, but I agree with the comments. He's popular and he will ignore everyone who gets in his way.

    I wonder if the Conservative MPs have learnt from the last leadership election... Rather than have multiple candidates stand against May, they should choose one between them and then have the contest.

    It's the worst possible time to change, but we are where we are.

    May's berating has just ended in parliament and Andrea Leadsom is announcing business for next week, including the continued passage of the finance bill through parliament. The same bill that the DUP said they would support, up until today...

    I can't remember who said it, but someone commented that all the biggest economies (bar Germany and the UK) trade with the EU via WTO, and they do a lot better than Germany. It is also said that Germany is on the brink of recession. The EU economies are going downhill, although the propaganda will say everything is wonderful, with economies growing and all of the EU 'united'. When do they ever say anything different, even though the ship is sinking as we speak.

    WTO may bring short term pain, but that is a big improvement compared to the long term pain of EU membership. The populace is not happy with the current situation, and it will get far worse if we remain in the EU. The EU is bringing Europe to it's knees and creating enemies everywhere, both within and outside the EU.

    And lets not forget Italy, while all attention is on Brexit.

    The Italian coalition government has given two fingers to the European Commission and has produced the Budget they want, not what the EU want. Expect fireworks there. It could be a perfect storm for the EU: Brexit, Italy, Germany declining...

    Things tend to go in waves or is that circles? We've had periods of instability before, we'll get over this. It's not as if the country is facing imminent destruction, like in World War 2.

    So, I don't get crap Danish bacon anymore filled with everything but pork, I can live with that. I don't drink, so French wines are of no interest to me. I always eat Cheddar and mostly other UK produced produce. I don't drive, so couldn't care less if we lose access to German cars.

    It's not a disaster if we crash out of the EU now, he says not living in Kent by the port..:|

    Esther McVey quits

    Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has resigned saying he "cannot in good conscience support" the UK's draft Brexit agreement with the EU.

    He was swiftly followed out of the door by Work and Pensions Secretary Esther McVey and junior Brexit minister Suella Braverman.

    It comes hours after Theresa May announced that she had secured the backing of her cabinet for the deal.

    If another Cabinet minister resigns today or soon hereafter, that will give impetus for a no confidence vote in May.

    I see Leadsom is sitting next to May right now in parliament. I wonder how long that will continue.

    Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab resigns

    Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has resigned saying he "cannot in good conscience support" the UK's draft Brexit agreement with the EU.

    Theresa May announced on Wednesday evening that she had secured the backing of her cabinet for the agreement, after a five hour meeting.

    But several ministers were understood to have spoken against it.

    So, it starts.:)

    As I said all throughout the withdrawal bill proceedings when Raab was the home office minister doing the bulk of the Bill's presentation in parliament, I rate him very highly. I rate him even higher now. He stayed the course for as long as possible.

    Who's next? Andrea Leadsom said she was positive abut the deal yesterday, lets see if the pressure changes her mind.

    There is no reason for them to, if this agreement gets the go ahead.

    They get the money. Our major bargaining tool, that on Day 1 of the negotiations, May said she would hand over to them.

    We stay in a customs union. The excuse being to avoid a hard border in Ireland. Is our prime minister leader of the UK or Ireland? Whose interests is she meant to be working for?

    And just to hammer home their win, the transitional period can be extended, possibly indefinitely. But as we'll be trapped in a customs union anyway, that doesn't really matter anyway.

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