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    I have no objection to people coming to Britain, making money and then using the money to invest in their own country. I am very concerned, however, when those people invest their money in this country. There are currently a billionaire family who have already bought up a supermarket chain and are now looking to buy a well-known pharmacy company. Naive people consider them to be very generous. Others are more astute and wonder what their motives are. The more companies they own, the more power they have and therefore more influence over the government. They recently had plans to build the largest Muslim cemetery in Europe. Thankfully, the council scuppered those plans, but they may try a different site.

    People need to be more aware of what is happening and perhaps think carefully about where they buy their groceries and petrol, and what their money will be used for. It seems very mundane to think that buying a loaf of bread may have political implications, but the fact does!

    So far as we know, aliens have only been observing our activities...they don't seem to have interfered physically. Unless, of course, they have but Joe Public has been kept in the dark.

    Would they sit back and allow us to destroy ourselves...or is that exactly what they wish so that they can commandeer the planet for themselves?

    Is the current situation illustrating the true racism in our government? People from the Middle East who enter the country illegally are welcomed with open arms and provided with every comfort.....Johnson has invited millions of Chinese and thousands of Afghans to settle in Britain. Yet white Ukrainians, who are genuine refugees are not being encouraged to seek sanctuary here.

    I'm sure we all know the story of the Emperor's New Clothes.....everyone knew the truth but went along with the pretence, rather than speak out. At the moment, we have several untruths being forced on us. Anyone who refuses to accept them is ostracised, and in some cases, actually arrested and charged with causing offence. I'm sure I don't need to go into details about what I'm referring to., even though I know this particular site is pretty lenient, unlike most others.

    I wonder if this is some kind of social experiment to see how far people will allow themselves to be influenced, rather than be the one to stand up and speak the truth.

    It isn't Brexit that is the's the fact that no-one in the government is whole hearted about it. They keep trying to find a compromise, which will never work.

    This country functioned perfectly well before we joined the EU....there's no reason why it can't do so again.

    Is this yet another thread being used to launch personal attacks? Some people just will not face up to the reality of a situation. Fact.....some men see themselves as women...but like it or not, the rest of us see a man. We judge by the body not the mind. Cutting off your dangly bits and wearing a frock does not turn a man into a woman.

    How many times must it be said?

    People tend to forget that a license is necessary in order to receive broadcast signals. You used to need a license for a radio. Don't know if that has been scrapped.

    There is the assumption that old people spend all their time watching tv....therefore they shouldn't have to pay for a license. I have read that watching long hours of tv could be a cause of dementia....don't know how true that is, as dementia is not a new problem.

    I think we need to ask what this government gains from all these middle-eastern men coming to Britain. They are not doing anything at all to discourage them, in fact just the opposite. Therefore they must actually WANT them here. Why?

    Boris Johnson just doesn't seem to take life seriously at all. Absolutely fine to be 'Jack the Lad' out on the streets, but not when you hold the fate of the country in your hand.

    He and his colleagues have shown their contempt for the voters who put them in office.

    So many of us want the Tories to stay in power....but only if they can find themselves a credible leader.

    Will people really vote for Labour in the next election? Has everyone forgotten the mess they left behind last time they were in control?

    There was something I wanted to say but this thread has gone completely off-topic. Perhaps one of you should start up a new thread on the differing viewpoints of members and how we can learn to tolerate each other.

    (I'm far-right, racist, xenophobic, and a patriot.....Just in case anyone wishes to stick a label on me.)

    As TV has become dumbed down for morons so has advertising, and that is due to society becoming gradually moronic due to the infestation of social media, instead of thought provoking drama and documentaries we get mind dumbing realty shows about twatish attention seekers with nothing better to do, nobodys wanting to become somebody's. Problem is they have nothing to offer apart from being attention seeking morons.

    Yes, you could say that we get the ads we deserve. They certainly reflect the attitude of the advertisers towards the viewers.

    Banning smoking altogether is not really feasible. Many people enjoy a cigarette and a drink at the end of the day, and they should be able to continue to do so in the privacy of their own homes. It is smoking in public which should be banned. There used to be smoking clubs and opium dens for those who wished to indulge. I see no objection to returning to that policy.