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    I think we need to ask what this government gains from all these middle-eastern men coming to Britain. They are not doing anything at all to discourage them, in fact just the opposite. Therefore they must actually WANT them here. Why?

    Boris Johnson just doesn't seem to take life seriously at all. Absolutely fine to be 'Jack the Lad' out on the streets, but not when you hold the fate of the country in your hand.

    He and his colleagues have shown their contempt for the voters who put them in office.

    So many of us want the Tories to stay in power....but only if they can find themselves a credible leader.

    Will people really vote for Labour in the next election? Has everyone forgotten the mess they left behind last time they were in control?

    There was something I wanted to say but this thread has gone completely off-topic. Perhaps one of you should start up a new thread on the differing viewpoints of members and how we can learn to tolerate each other.

    (I'm far-right, racist, xenophobic, and a patriot.....Just in case anyone wishes to stick a label on me.)

    As TV has become dumbed down for morons so has advertising, and that is due to society becoming gradually moronic due to the infestation of social media, instead of thought provoking drama and documentaries we get mind dumbing realty shows about twatish attention seekers with nothing better to do, nobodys wanting to become somebody's. Problem is they have nothing to offer apart from being attention seeking morons.

    Yes, you could say that we get the ads we deserve. They certainly reflect the attitude of the advertisers towards the viewers.

    Banning smoking altogether is not really feasible. Many people enjoy a cigarette and a drink at the end of the day, and they should be able to continue to do so in the privacy of their own homes. It is smoking in public which should be banned. There used to be smoking clubs and opium dens for those who wished to indulge. I see no objection to returning to that policy.

    In the past, people had more pride and self-respect. Now, you get people popping to the shop in their night clothes. If you had done that a few years ago, you'd have been carted off by men in white coats. I would have been horrified to learn that one of my children had caused trouble for someone, but now juvenile nuisance is accepted as normal. I recently had to tell off some boys who were climbing on my fence...'It's what kids do', they said. The thing is....the more people put up with something...the more normal it becomes.

    Whatever you want to call it, it's still the Winter festival....a time for getting together with family and feasting. People used to travel to Stonehenge and feast on pigs while observing the Solstice. The Christians simply chose it as a convenient time to celebrate the birth of Jesus.(the birth of the sun/son). So just accept it in whatever it suits you.

    What worries me is....'when will it end'? At the moment our country is in decline...everything is degenerating. When are people going to come to their senses and stop the rot? There are plenty of decent people around, but they face ridicule when expressing concerns about the future of this country.

    When you think of our past and the impact this tiny island has had on the rest of the world....we should be ashamed that we are allowing it to waste away to nothing.

    Just one point I would like to pick up on straight away....we are not celebrating Christ's birthday....we are celebrating his birth. And most of us don't need to be educated about Christmas and it's origins. Enjoying Christmas is not can ignore it completely if you wish. Many people dread Christmas, especially when forced to spend it with those they dislike. They are thankful for life to return to normal. I'm glad I'm on my own now and can enjoy the season in my own way, instead of joining in with a big family gathering, which I always hated.

    Right now there is an atmosphere of paranoia and falsehood which is not healthy. We have people in the public eye who are living in a world of delusions and trying to force those delusions on the rest of us. The welfare state has encouraged those with loose morals to breed indiscriminately...a major cause of the massive increase in crime. We have footballers who set a very poor example for our young people...I could go on but, yes, things were better in the past. The standard of education was fact standards generally were higher and that made life better for everyone.

    I'm curious to know why young people are so easily influenced by the media. It suggests that parents are out of touch with their children. I can understand why there is an identity problem among the children of is actually at the root of much of the so-called 'racism'. Flooding the country with more immigrants will not solve the problem.

    There is a problem among middle easterners, who just will not let the past go. If this problem is not dealt with properly, we are storing up even more resentment and potential violence for the future.

    Have enjoyed reading through the exchanges here....the contrast between the rational and the emotional is very striking. Didn't intend to contribute but just want to add that I am obviously older than all of you. I was old enough to vote in the original referendum on whether or not to join the Common Market. I voted 'no' and I have always thought that the decision to join was the wrong one. The EU leaders immediately started making petty little rules such as standardising the appearance of vegetables.

    We were conned into thinking that joining the Common Market was simply about trade agreements. It wasn't. It quickly became political, with Brussels dictating to us. They obviously enjoyed having power over us and blocking decisions our governments made. I was surprised that Theresa May supported the Remainers as, when she was Home Secretary, she was constantly thwarted by the European courts refusing to allow us to deport those who were a threat to our country's security.

    they must have been so grateful to have their countries occupied by foreigners who invited themselves in and took over. You know, invaders who came into their country in boats from faraway lands and helped themselves to anything they could get their hands on at the expense of indigineous population. it doesnt matter that they were actually good for those countries economies or that there were social and cultural benefits to having them there, uninvited and bringing their foreign religion and swamping the country with and terrorism foreign culture.

    dont you think the native population in those countries would declare them illegal immigrants and want to send them back to where they came from?

    The whole world would be a much better place if no religions existed they cause all the grief and misery that people suffer.

    No, it isn't religion that is the's the intolerance it generates....believe what I tell you or you will be be exterminated. This is true of the Catholic church as well as the Islamists. Successive Popes have been guilty of horrendous crimes against people who simply chose to interprete the Christian teaching in a different way to the established church.