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    Thanks for your kind words. There are forums out there with mixed views and intelligent people. Plus people who are grateful for interesting conversation and like evidence that challenges their views. They don't just dismiss that evidence or make stupid remarks, they challenge and rebut.

    I tried to introduce the concept here but to no avail. Good luck and good hunting my friend.

    Goodbye folks. I'm sorry but I am not happy to continue under these rules applied so haphazardly. Insults to Leavers allowed, insults to Brexiters not. Leavers driven from the site with no protection from the mods.

    The thread in this instance was going nowhere and took an interesting turn, there was no bad feeling or aggression. Just good conversation

    I will leave you to your tiny group of Brexit friends to carry on your circular conversations.

    You better read this quick it will be deleted PDQ

    I like reading your comments. You are fair and objective and I dont mind you picking me up on points I make.

    Thank you, but its not up to me, I don't often post frivolous glib comments. I look things up, check my numbers and facts. So it takes me a bit of time to make most of my posts. To have them deleted is a waste of my time so I wont post further until this is sorted out.

    If the site is happy being a Brexit friendship group unchallenged by alternative views then all is well.

    I wish you well, PM me your other forum if you like. Zany

    I am not going to waste time posting on here if my posts are wholesale deleted without explanation.

    From memory none of the posts were rude or insulting. They were off topic, but then they could be moved if that was so important on a thread that had reduced to a pantiomime of "Oh yes it is, oh no it isn't"

    You have 4 or 5 members in this exclusive Brexit club, is this what you want, please let me know.

    Misinformation is much bigger than just social media online. Don't forget the MSM also get a lot of their research from online. And there is no way any more to tell fact from fiction as it's all so integrated and mixed so there is no clear distinction. This is modern warfare combined by the psychological and sociological effects of mass information and advertising. We will even make comparisons and gather data from other countries who have a completely different set of ingredients. The only thing a person can do now is get info from various sources then come to their own conclusion which then gets thrown in the pot with the rest. The recipe was thrown out a long time ago and the government are the last people to trust. Anyone that puts their trust in a government is a fool especially when we have cartoon characters for MP's. Some may believe in the science but even science these days can't be completely trusted as it's controlled and manipulated by funding and whatever manipulated data is fed to them. Even scientists can't agree with one another.

    Welcome to the Matrix

    And just to continue, although overall death numbers are not rising sharply, as before the severely ill would essentially have had total systemic organ failure, omicron is still damaging parts of the body, just not necessarily all at once now. An improvement yes, but not if your one of the ones with a damaged heart, liver, kidney etc due to omicron.

    Have you any evidence to support this claim. While I have seen plenty of evidence that those who were hospitalised with severe Delta covid infections can have long term issues. That autopsies of those who died of Covid found the virus in almost every organ including the brain. I have seen no evidence at all that minor infections show these results.

    Further you could make the same claim for any of the cold viruses where in rare events the virus can infect other organs causing chronic problems.

    We attend dialysis three times a week and so are directly seeing the impact of omicron. Our hospital went critical about three weeks ago now.

    How many omicron cases does it have?

    The figures are not giving an accurate picture.

    The numbers are far higher,

    I'm sorry, but the figures are the figures, so the numbers are not far higher.

    but what is happening is staff are able to return to work sooner. So, it just depends how many staff in what wards at what time, impacts what services.

    Yes the ones that are off work because of Covid (The 3%) Yes it does depend to an extent who is off in what department, I am very aware of how a hospital works and many of my family work in the NHS. They are far more flexible than you imagine, so unless you are now claiming an extraordinary number from a certain skill set are making up the numbers then you are mistaken.

    Interestingly one of the really stupid strains on hospitals is the unnecessary isolation of pre Covid patients. My daughter in law is a ward sister on NCCU (special baby care) They have two babies whose mothers tested positive, both babies have tested negative twice now but are still in single rooms with one to one nursing. The nurses in full PPE are not allowed to help on the rest of the ward, leaving an already busy ward of 6 nurses, down to 4.

    No, just personal experience over the last week or so.


    Don't forget that the numbers of hospital staff off work with covid or suspected covid is very high and having a massive impact, even if the patient numbers are lower.

    Despite the BBC's hints. 2.5 to 3% of hospital staff are currently off due to testing positive for Covid. Of course that number would fall dramatically in the event they stop making people isolate with Covid (I.E return to normal)

    There is a difference between what the figures say, ie the number of people ill on covid wards and the reality. Although the numbers on covid specific wards are down, the effects on other wards is still high and at some hospitals, at capacity.

    Yes, but that is a hangover of the last 2 years. It has nothing to do with how dangerous Omicron is.

    Omicron is milder yes, but still devasting. So in answer to the OP, Omicron will not be treated like a cold, because it isn't. Perhaps the next variant will be milder still and then perhaps it could be seen as a cold, but not Omicron.

    As for when the government message changes, that happens when hospital wards are not filled up with covid patients.

    Do you have any links that support this view Horizon? Pretty much every scientific journal I have read states that the virus has traded the protein spike that enabled it to infect bronchioles with one that evades the immune system but means it can only effect the upper respiratory system. I.E its joined the existing 107 viruses that we call a cold.

    As for the hospitals filling up, if that were the case we would be seeing it by now, the delay time between infection and hospitalisation has passed. Omicron was prevalent by the first week of December. Now 4 weeks later we still see no sign of the sort of numbers being described in the worse case scenarios.

    Indeed London the epicentre of this outbreak has 190,000 cases per day and only 12,000 patients in hospital with Covid of which over half are Delta variant. Further many with Omicron (50 to 70% is the estimate) entered hospital for a variety of other reasons and tested positive in routine tests.

    This is more a political question than a scientific one.

    Omicron is much milder than Delta and although the scientists are still waiting for data to prove it beyond any doubt WE already know that's the case.

    Question is how does the government change the message from Covid DEADLY to Covid Common cold.

    My desperate hope is they do it quickly and take the flack, but I fear they will hide behind "following the science" by which they mean cowering behind the most timid of them.

    What and when do you think will be the first message to stop fearing Covid and return to real normal?

    I have said many times that extreme far right are very rare as they are banned in the UK unlike the extreme far left. Weird don’t you think that fascism is banned but communism isn’t. We have had wars with both regimes. Both regimes have claim millions of lives but we only banned fascists whilst letting communists advise the government about health issues during a pandemic.

    Not sure, hadn't really compared them in that way. I guess the first question is WHY is Nazism banned.

    I'm happy to call out Nazis where needs be. The worlds full of them still. :rolleyes: It's not like that kind of evil can't be matched by modern day behaviours.

    If I meet a true Nazi I will call them out, but Nazis were not infamous for not caring about the poor or racism, they were infamous for vivisection and genocide.

    No idea I just hit skip.

    You will have to search for Timeshift as it's an older series. There's also an interesting episode on the death penality.

    Yeah, just had a search. 17 series. Mrs Zany and I will pick a few interesting looking ones to see.

    Can I recommend 48 hours to victory on Ch4.

    Not lately at least. Not so long ago we were being called Nazi pretty much everyday and “extreme far right” was another. All coming from the same person who was a radical lefty to put it mildly.

    Oh wow, you can re-categorize me then. The only people I call Nazis are those who supported Hitler in the war.

    Extreme far right serves the same purpose as extreme lefty, its designed to diminish a persons argument by claiming they are off kilter.

    I prefer to demolish the argument (assuming there is one)

    Yep it's right at the start of the programme and they don't interrupt the programme. I watched an episode of 'Timeshift' last night about the history of the telephone that was really interesting.

    Timeshift? Hadn't heard of that, thanks for the heads up I'll have a look.

    What was the advert for?