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    Are you aware of any problems for UK citizens getting into the US, ITG? If not, why the concern about travellers from here into the EU?

    The number of people visiting USA is considerably smaller than those attempting to get into Europe. It would be interesting to see how much in the way of resources the government is allocating to operate that. Then again, Britain isn't attempting to weaponise travel to USA in the same way they are doing with Europe.

    There are no such problems for Britons passing through Calais to return to Eng-er-lund because the French have invested in the Port of Calais and the system works on their side of the Channel.

    Read the link and see what is happening. We all know exactly where this is going to go. Britain will do nothing at all to prepare for EES and when it all goes badly, the French will be blamed. It's going to happen. America? The British government has no interest or political capital invested in demonising America in the way it is with Europe.

    Do You Think The Queues At Dover Are Bad? You Aint Seen Nothing Yet.

    Just in time for next year’s holiday rush, the EU is planning to introduce new biometric controls at its borders under the so-called EES or Entry/Exit System. UK travellers will have to get out of their cars with their passports and pass a biometric test, using fingerprints or facial recognition, just like they do at UK airports’ passport controls now.

    The problems this will cause have been known for years. The Port of Dover has been complaining loudly about them, but no one in government is listening. For a start, the facilities at Dover have not been set up to do biometric measurements, and second, it is going to be very dangerous.

    As Tim Reardon, the head of EU Exit at the Port of Dover, told the House of Lords Justice and Home Affairs Committee in November last year, “there is no way yet of doing a biometric control on a vehicle without getting people out of the vehicle. That is one thing on our site that cannot happen because it is in the middle of live traffic. It is the equivalent of asking people to get out of their car at a motorway toll booth. It is fundamentally unsafe and cannot happen.”

    The people you support and act as an apologist for at every turn, know this is coming and they are deliberately doing nothing. They WANT chaos at Dover because they know they can pass it off as French belligerence and the sheep who follow them will suck it up gleefully.

    We will come back to this next year. Oh yes. We will.

    Don't say you weren't warned. I suppose you're going to call this Project Fear too. We've heard that one before, haven't we..? You'll be telling us next that we hold all the cards.

    "We have had biometrics on our passports for years." You all say. "There is nothing to worry about." You repeat over and over. "Everything is going entirely according to plan." You repeat even more frequently.

    The usual denial and refusal to accept warnings when they are staring you in the face.

    Yes, British passports have some biometrics. That is not disputed.

    But our passports don't have THESE biometrics. And they are going to need them.

    And what is the UK government doing to advise people of this? Precious little that I can see.

    The Etias scheme was initiated before the referendum so it is nothing new and we have known about it for years. It mirrors the American ESTA scheme so it isn't even unique. It's a way of controlling your borders (now, where have I heard that before?)

    It is coming into effect next May and if the UK government doesn't do something about publicising this and putting support systems into place to implement it, there is going to be chaos next year too. Chaos caused by the British government's neglect.

    And true to form, you will blame it on the French.

    Fingerprints and Photographs Required For British Travellers

    This is very good. Getting lots of likes and shares. Not my work - copy and paste - but credit to 'The Jadster'.

    "Hello, IT? My economy has stopped working."

    "Have you tried switching off your machine and switching it on again?-"


    "Okay. Check settings. What does it say under software?"

    "Compatible with EU membership."

    "Do you have that?"

    "I did have but I uninstalled it."

    "Er - Why?"

    "Honestly, I can't remember. Something about fish?"

    "Is your fish industry running okay?"

    "No, actually that was the first app to crash."

    "You see, that one really needs the EU platform installed."

    "Really? But my mate told me fishing would run better without it."

    "He sounds confused. Can you reinstall your EU app?"

    "That might be hard. I threw it away. Also, now my economy has completely crashed. It's not letting me install anything. All these trade deals i used to have stopped working too."

    "Sounds like you'll have to buy a new licence. Unfortunately without the old one it'll be a bit pricey and you'll have to upgrade your currency to Euro."

    "What about this app my mate gave me instead? It's called Sovereignty 45."

    "Mate, don't touch that. It's malware. It'll reduce your economy down to the levels of 1945."

    "But those were the glory years! Weren't they?"

    "Mate, when were you born?"

    "1954. Why?"

    "And do you have strange marks on your fingernails, indicating vitamin deficiency?"

    "I do! How did you know?"

    "An inspired guess. Listen - don't touch anything. Restart your economy in safe mode, restoring Single Market and Customs Union. That should sort it for now. You can take the further steps to full recovery as you go along."

    "But my mate said those things let in viruses."

    "Is your mate's name Nigel by any chance?"

    "Yes! How did you -"

    "Another wild stab in the dark. Those aren't viruses, they are EU workers, and they are vital to the smooth running of your systems."

    "But I clicked on a pop-up that said it would get rid of them all for me."

    "Yes, I'm beginning to deduce your modus operandi. Well, at least you've called me now. You'll just have to run your economy at half-power until I get your new membership installed."

    "Cheers for that. But please be quick about it. I need to get back to normal as soon as possible."

    A brutal New York Times column has exposed the view from across the pond of Brexit Britain – and it isn’t a particularly complementary one.

    Commenting on the downfall of Boris Johnson, Richard Seymour says the PM’s era may be over, but the “turmoil has only just begun” as the two challengers vying to replace him offer “nothing better”.

    "After Brexit fervour propelled Johnson to Number 10, the fantasy that has underscored his ascent has been slowly falling apart.

    “Economically stagnant, socially fragmented and politically adrift, the country is being cut down to size. The right’s Brexit fantasy — of a revitalized Britain, freed from the shackles of Europe and able once again to confidently assert itself at home and abroad — is finished,” Seymour writes.

    Having survived numerous scandals, it was Johnson’s inability to govern that finally brought him down.

    The queues of cars outside gas stations, rising energy prices, airport chaos and a backlog of around six million patients in hospitals.

    Scotland now sees a clear track to independence, while the Northern Ireland government has been seized by republicans in a move that could lead to a united Ireland.

    In Seymour’s words, “the exit of Mr. Johnson, Brexit’s most charmed cheerleader, marks the demise of that fantasy. In its place, unmistakable and unstinting, comes crisis.”


    Never a truer word spoken. Brexit is falling apart.

    What do Truss or Sunak have to offer but more of the same?

    London has become the money laundering capital of the world, washing bent money for people like Putin.

    This was the very reason that Brexit was activated, so that billionaires could avoid the EU's anti-tax avoidance legislation with their puppet Boris Johnson leading the criminal campaign. Marcus J Ball's documentary "Lying in Politics" will be released world wide shortly and will expose more illegal activity by Johnson and his puppet masters.

    For now though we should watch this and see the scale of the operation that has been going on under our very noses for so long, and has involved criminal activity at the highest level. And they're getting away with it.

    Putin's oligarchs & the London Laundromat
    Buckle up. Come on a tour of London with a difference and find out how Putin's oligarchs hide and spend their money in the capital. Money-laundering expert O...

    I agree, Horizon. IT Girl does make some good

    points, some of which I agree with, but the posts then turn into a rather unhelpful and often spiteful political rant.

    I hope we can turn this around now and try to appreciate that we all have our own political views, with which we can discuss, agree and disagree in an open and more friendly manner.

    I’m certainly up for that. I hope everyone else is too.

    It might help if you did your job properly and took a fair and even handed approach instead of siding with your mates and letting them get away with it while you hit on me.

    You are biased and bent and not trustworthy. You're not fit to do the job you've taken. You abuse the position you're in. So go on, do what you always do. All you do is fuel my determination to keep going.

    Your Dad is as old as some of us, so that means by your constant and repugnant ageism that you think your old Dad is a useless eater, a nazi and redundant because he isn't under 25. As you show no empathy for this group and have nothing but unfocused aggression toward them, you shouldn't be championing them now just because your "old Dad" has produced a perfect launching pad for more of your vitriol.

    You need to be careful who you trash as them chickens will come home to roost and you will be facing a charge of hypocrisy plus all those young people you indoctrinated with hatred for their elders will recognise you as one of the evil demons you preached against and hate you too.

    That will be highly amusing for many of us but you will have a hard time undoing all the knots you've tied in your rather stunning aggro toward people who haven't done anything to you or anyone else, who produced all the comforts your generation now enjoys and who belong to families whose young people fought and died against the real nazis - worldwide.

    You can make that comparison if you like, I expect it of you.

    No, I have little or no empathy for repulsive people like yourselves. I am here to oppose you. That's the sole reason for coming here.

    It is Brexit that I oppose, but you will not discuss it rationally. You have shown ME nothing but aggression since my first day here. I was immediately accused of being somebody else and my comments were immediately attacked virulently and aggressively. I respond to the way I am treated by you vicious people.

    You will not accept any comment. You respond with lies, rote dismissal and patronising remarks. I've been called everything from a lesbian to a hatemonger (although what's would be wrong if I WERE a lesbian. which I'm not). I presented factual statements backed up by authoratative articles by responsible journalists and was called a "silly cow" for doing so.

    And I know what this is about. It is about personalising the issue in order to detract from the point. All the time the focus is on me, you can evade the issue.

    There is a moderator on this site, whose job it is supposed to be to prevent such things happening. His role is supposed to be that of ensuring site rules are followed BY ALL, but he not only allows the entire group to attack a single individual, but he joins in himself with his snidey, sneering, patronising attitude.

    The man who is supposed to ensure fair play and responsible discussion is a key instigator in much of the worst discrimination, hate speech and lies.

    You don't want to actually discuss anything. You want an echo chamber where all you do is confirm your own bigotry, hatreds and dishonesty.

    You resent opposition no matter how truthful and objective it is. You WANT to keep things as they are because that is your only defence against what is really happening out there.

    I was attacked from day one on here and I fight back. It is people like YOU who created this atmosphere, presumably because you had a bad experience at the hands of a former member who you assumed to be me in another guise. WRONG ASSUMPTION.

    I did walk away for a while, but then thought "No. Why let them win? They can't be allowed to get away with hounding people out." And so here I am again, and I'm up for it. Big time.

    You attack me mob handed and because you're all of one mind, you think that makes you right.

    So don't play the innocent party. You are a part of the problem and until you start to show me a bit of respect, you will get none from me.

    And that joke of a moderator can go fuck himself.

    This is a non-story. All current British passports are now biometric, having been issued since 2010, and they are already being used for entry into the US.

    I suspect you are getting desperate now, IT Girl.

    Not desperate. Yes, I know biometrics are included in passports, but it is an additional check to be carried out, which will cause longer queues. That's the point.

    You didn't play the video, did you? You didn't listen to what Simon Calder had to say, did you?

    As always, you just hit the 'Denial' button.

    This is the automatic response of Brexiters. Rote denial.

    I also bridle at the way you say: "Those of us who voted Brexit knew that would be the case". Don't try to speak for me. I voted for Brexit and I certainly didn't know that would be the case. I believed what I was told at the time. The Transport Secretary, Chris Grayling told us quite categorically: THERE WILL BE NO PASSPORT CHECKS AT DOVER.


    I know you think I'm stupid, and I admit to being not the brightest light on the Chrismas tree, but I'm surrounded by pretty smart people and if I can't expose you for the liar you are, they can. You, sir, are a liar. I suppose it's all part of being a Tory.

    And try this:


    You were warned in December 2020 that this would happen. The British Government rejected the proposal for passport booths at Dover. The government YOU voted for and defend to the hilt is responsible for the mess. Of course, you choose to believe the Eurotunnel version of events. Of course you do. If they said it was Martians who were to blame you would believe that too, as long as they were French Martians.

    Of course you will waft this away too because you're a dishonest man. You don't accept truth when it is presented to you. You make excuses. You lie. You are like toad of toad hall. "I would say anything to get out of trouble".

    But it doesn't wash any more. Your lies are seen for what they are. You know it, I know it and you know I know it.

    I read a lot of disinformation on here about how the collapse of the EU is imminent. Mostly from Mad Mike, but broadly agreed with by just about all of you.

    So, how come Croatia has just joined the Eurozone? Why would they do that if it was all about to come crashing down?

    Croatia Becomes The 20th Member of the Eurozone

    I'm looking forward to Sterling becoming the 21st. Or 22nd, or whatever.

    As well as this, seven other countries are official candidates to join although Turkey is one of them and doesn't stand a chance right now so let's call it six.

    When Scotland gains independence, that will be another candidate country and of course, in the fullness of time, UK will follow suit.

    I know, I know. I can hear you now; - "It's not going to happen", yada, yada, yada. But it is.

    As I type, Sterling clocks in at 1.19 against the Euro. In 2016, before the referendum it stood at 1.30. I'm no economist but even I know that's pretty serious. Sterling against the USD is 1.21 in 2016 it stood at 1.35. In other words, Go on. Tell me that was planned and expected. (actually, I think you will, such is the level of delusion on here).

    Parity is still a way off, but with the way the British economy is going, it's not going to be a million miles away. But that's for another day.

    So, from these two data sets we can see that, far from the EU getting ready to implode in on itself, it is in fact growing. The Eurozone is also growing. I don't know anything about the Kuna and how it performed internationally, but I'm pretty confident the Eurozone bankers know what they're doing.

    EU / Eurozone: Not falling apart. Growing.

    Brexit Britain / Sterling: Not growing. Slumping.

    We'll be better off back in.

    This is going to go down well with every creaking, groaning, aged Tory voter.

    The over 60's to have to pay for prescriptions. Ouch.

    So, every Tory voting boomer who has a prescription for anything that he or she doesn't pay for (and that's just about all of them) is going to have to stump up £9.35 PER ITEM if this goes through. My old dad had major heart surgery three years ago and currently HAS to have four different medications, daily, It's not optional. He has to take them or his life is at risk. That means the medications he currently gets for free because he's in his late 60s will suddenly cost him £37.40 a month. He can't afford that on a state pension.

    And you can bet your life it won't be long before prescription charges go over a tenner.

    People will die (not that the Tories give a shit).

    Even the Lib Dems - Even Starmer!!! - should be able to make something out of this.

    I wonder what the next incumbent will say when asked about it? "Ms Truss will you be implementing the over 60's, Tory voting boomer killing, prescription charges?"

    "Well, let me say this. Pork Markets. There, I've always wanted to say that."

    Petition To Say No To Prescription Charges For Over 60s

    This is a non-story. All current British passports are now biometric, having been issued since 2010, and they are already being used for entry into the US.

    I suspect you are getting desperate now, IT Girl

    Don't say you weren't warned. I suppose you're going to call this Project Fear too. We've heard that one before, haven't we..? You'll be telling us next that we hold all the cards.

    Meanwhile, I think this explodes the lie that all the traffic chaos of last weekend was the fault of the French and not the infrastructure on the British side.

    Dover: 'It's not the case that the French can just wave us all through': Travel expert Simon Calder
    Watch on TV: Freeview 236, Sky 515, Virgin 626Listen on DAB+ RadioDownload the GB News App to watch live wherever you are, catch up with all our shows and ge...

    Simon Calder on GB News, of all places, telling the gammons what they don't want to hear. It wasn't the fault of the French. Ahhhh, yeah, but he's an expert. What does he know?

    I will be interested to look in tomorrow morning and read what form of weasel words you have come up with to airily wave the truth aside, as you always do.

    2/1 "It's all perfectly normal"

    5/2 "France doesn't respect democracy. We voted to leave so France should do what Britain wants."

    3/1 "They're punishing us."

    7/2 "Miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiigrrrrraaaaaaaaants"

    But 1/3 odds on favourite: "It's not Brexit's fault."

    EDF energy owns big chunk of UK generating capacity, particularly nuclear.

    It owned by the French government.

    In France they have put prices up by 4% , the UK is going to subside the French public

    All that tells me is that it was wrong to sell to them in the first place. But because it is in effect now doesn't mean it can't change. In my opinion, it has to.

    How can this be justified when people are facing huge fuel bills:

    British Gas Owner Centrica Profits Increase Five-Fold As Energy Bills Soar

    How can they justify putting up their prices as they are, while sitting on record profits of £1.34 billion. They will be paying a dividend this year so don't tell me that the money is going to be ploughed back into investment. It's going into the pockets of fat cat shareholders.

    Its time this country got away from a shareholder economy and replaced it with a stakeholder economy.

    But who reads Newspapers these days?

    The sort of people who voted for Brexit, that's who.

    GB News is a hard right *laughing* "News" channel which has people on its books like Andew Neil, Neil Oliver, Nigel Farage and Eamonn Holmes, all dedicated Brexiters. Rupert Murdoch is in the process of creating another right wing channel "Talk TV". This is being called the "Foxification" of British news. In other words, Fox News, the mouthpiece of Donald Trump and the Alt Right in America is coming here under another name. And well you know it.

    Not all the propaganda is restricted to newsprint.

    And Twitter is leftist? You need to give your head a wobble. The entire list you produced is utter bullshine. You've really lost the plot.

    Twitter is an open platform for anybody to use. It has no political leanings.

    Facebook is leftist? Do me a favour. Brexit wouldn't have happened if Leave.UK hadn't CRIMINALLY used stolen data provided to them by Cambridge Analytica to target potentially supportive users to spread anti-EU lies on Facebook. I myself received hundreds of posts from Leave.UK's bots putting up a scenario that I now know to have been ridiculous and with no grounding in reality and told "Share if you agree." And like a fool, I did share them because I was sucked in by the lies. This was proven criminal activity, but I suppose you supported that because 'the end justifies the means'. Which is another known Nazi character trait.

    Oh, and I am flattered that you are taking so much time to dissect my messages. I'm not bothered by your replies, but I do gain satisfaction from seeing how you devote so much time and effort into responding. It tells me two things. 1. You're reading what I have to say. 2. I have you rattled. Thanks for the compliment.

    An article on Sky News today ,BFY group a utilities consultancy believe that household bills could rise to £ 500 for the month of January alone

    Many people are going to struggle

    I know that even if things stay the way they are I will struggle to keep us warm this winter. Food? Don't go there. Christmas? Forget it.

    Yes, I understand that the war in Ukraine is a contributory cause to this and that is beyond our control. I believe the sanctions against Russia are right and I support that. I also know that fuel is one of the ways in which they will retaliate against us and so we will be affected in that way. All these things are understood and accepted. However.

    At the moment, fuel costs as well as everything else are nothing more than a political football in the power struggle going on in the Conservative Party. They talk big to get votes. At no point are the interests of the people they govern being taken into account. Their focus is entirely inward looking.

    A few poxy quid being handed out, for which we are expected to be grateful, isn't going to make much difference over the course of the winter. If they give out their £300 or whatever it is, to somebody with sky high fuel bills that would represent less than one month's bills. OK, October is half-taken care of. What about November, December, January, February? And we may have a chilly March too. How do they stay warm then?

    Gas and Electricity, as well as Health, Water and other essential utitilities should be re-nationalised. Too bad if fat cats lose money. Nobody's heart will bleed for them. Start building council houses again and scrap the right to buy programme. Use the rents from council housing to build more council houses and support public services. If property developers don't like it, tough shit.

    These are not "Communist" programmes. These are moderate, Liberal Democrat goals. They are achievable and desirable and will give the people of this country greater security.

    The main reasoning as I understand it behind relief that Labour were not in charge during covid is that they are ideologically driven and don't look at things through clear glass, they look at things skewed by ideology or in other words through the lens of racism and oppression. They started saying that covid was racist, trying to make a point that black people were hit harder and the LGBT community were hit harder.

    We also had the BLM riots during Covid and as much as Boris and the Tories didn't deal with that adequately they did at least stop short of taking the knee in front of BLM. To me Labour stooped as low (in reality and metaphorically) as I have ever seen with Starmer taking the knee before BLM, utterly disgusting and a very low moment for Labour and it is not forgotten and will have much made of it when the next GE comes around, do you want people who do this running your country and making the laws? They lost any small residue of respect I may have held.

    The Labour Party conferences resemble a day out from a lunatic asylum, the front bench are a bunch of angry communists who quite obviously hate this country and the majority of people who live here. The Labour Party is there for the other and the needs of the other come before the needs of the majority and the laws of the country will be formed around the needs of the other rather than the needs of the majority. If they insist on being the party to represent the minorities, they will be a minority party.

    Had this lot been in charge during covid it is hard to imagine that they would have been acting in the interests of the majority of the country, they have no interest in the majority.

    So, your argument is that by taking a symbolic gesture against racism, that acknowledging that it exists, and expressing that they have the willingness to deal with it, they are unfit to govern?

    I've lost count of the number of times I have explained why using this American gesture as a simple, easy to do way of saying "I oppose racism" is carried out. You know this, but you deliberately ignore it because you have turned it into a political weapon. You are the ones who use ideology instead of argument.

    Your argument is not valid.

    As for the Labour Conference being an asylum, have you heard the braying donkeys behind Johnson in the House of Commons every Wednesday lunchtime? What a rabble that lot are. I doubt things will change under Sunak or Truss. A load of Old Etonian stuffed shirts acting like the rabble they are. The Party Conference is SUPPOSED to be a place where argument over policy takes place. That's where policy is sorted out. The Debating Chamber of the House of Commons is supposed to be the place, where among other things, the government is held to account, but the Tory mob howl down any such challenges because they know they are fking up the country and can't handle having the mess they are making being pointed out to them.

    No, it is not possible to predict how Labour would have handled Covid. I think we can safely say though that Dido Harding wouldn't have got £34 billion of taxpayers money to produce the equivalent of an Excel spreadsheet that my daughter could have knocked up on her laptop for tuppence*. And where did all that PPE money go? The uncosted contracts, The scammers who fleeced your Tory government. The cronies of Boris Johnson who lined their pockets. The Eton mates who dipped into the pot. Do you think Labour would have given them any of that money?

    I don't think so.

    So when you can adequately explain where all those billions went, who profited and what is being done to get it back, you might have an argument. Until then, you're just talking through your arse like the apologist for crime that you are.

    * And incidentally, I'm pretty sure my daughter would have at least knocked up a spreadsheet that worked, unlike Harding's tens-of-billions effort, which didn't.

    Somebody wasn’t paying attention in their history classes. I guess being dumb is a prerequisite for being a lefty.

    Being right wing is worse.

    What you seem to miss is the fundamental principle of the corrosive effects of right wing extremism.

    Nazism didn't start with the gas chambers you know. They were the end result of something that started out far less dangerously, but over time, step by step, got there.

    It started with those who supported the party because it was a "social" thing to do. They were the people who looked the other way when their Jewish neighbours were hauled off. Pretty much how you shrug your shoulders as the government you voted for trying to throw refugees onto planes to Rwanda. Same difference.

    They were the apologists who put their personal interests above the lives of others and promoted propaganda in the media and press - and on social media in this era.

    They were the civilians who said "What do we do about the Jewish problem? Today its the 'migrant problem'. Helping people who flee war, famine or persecution is a "problem"? In that one word is the most glaring example of how you have fallen victim to the curse of Nazism.

    They were the people who signed up to cash spinning projects so they could make a bit of money out of the misery of others. And I see you as being such a person who does, or would do the same today.

    Those people were Nazis too. People just like you.

    So when I say that you're acting like a Nazi, I'm not saying you're the one throwing the switch or pulling the trigger. I'm saying that you legitimise and support a political ideology that harms other people.

    And history will expose you for it.