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    I agree with most of your post, I have private medical insurance because its a Post Code Lottery with the NHS some Trusts are better than others

    I agree with you both , I did read that outbreaks do occur after Fetish Festivals 8| or possibly eating wild animals Bushmeat

    Punish the family because it often hurts more to punish those someone loves than to punish the person themself. A prison sentence is not enough for some people and besides why should they live off the benefits he gained from being an MP. If it was proceeds earned through crime possessions would be taken away so the way I see it the proceeds from being an MP should be taken away. All those extra entitlements gained from being an MP should be taken back. I bet he still gets a civil servant pension to even though he has been sacked.

    We only punish the guilty not the innocent in the UK , MP's are not Civil Servants Parliament is separate from the Crown as I understand it MP' and Ministers pay into a Pension Scheme its not for free, he maybe entitled to some of his pension at a later date depending on how much and how long he has paid into the scheme

    Monkeypox was first discovered by in 1958 , it is quite a rare disease originated in Africa Congo etc it does not spread easily you have to be very close to an infected person for a long time live with them , gay men are more likely to catch the virus

    They think the Virus maybe carried vermin

    About Monkeypox | Monkeypox | Poxvirus | CDC

    I don't think there will be a loser or winner, eventually they will have to negotiate a solution, and that probably means Ukraine giving up a chunk of their country, and a promise not to join NATO. Regards the refugees, my guess is that once they have experienced our incredibly generous welfare system, free medical care, and schooling, they will stay here knowing the state will give them homes and eventual pensions. Something I am sure they don't get at home

    I can't see them giving up any their country away they are paying a high price to try and keep it , yes they may agree not to join NATO , I have no idea what Benefits they may or may not be entitled to, never been on Benefits

    More than likely , it is highly probable that if Russia loses the war which I sincerely hope they do, that most of the Ukrainians Refugees that have arrived here or in other countries across the EU will go home to rebuild.

    Man on his way home from work gets off the bus and goes into his local pub for a drink, he always stands in the same spot at the bar , put his sandwich box and thermos flask on the bar, has two pints and has a chat with the landlord then goes home as regular as clockwork

    One day the resident Pub idiot every Pub has one is sat in the corner having a pint when in comes the man , same routine unfolds the village idiot points at the man's thermos flask as asks what is it, Don't you know asks the man no replies the idiot never seen one before, the man tells him its a Thermos Flask

    What does it do what's it for asks the idiot , gently the man relies " It keeps hot things hot and cold things cold, what ever next will they think of say the idiot amazing what does it do again, patiently the man says " It keeps hot thing hot and hot and cold things cold .

    Following day incomes the man same routine the Pub Idiot is sat in the corner with a brand new large thermos flask in front of him, the idiot says look I have got one , did you know it keeps hot things hot and cold things cold ,the man replied " Of course I know I told you twice yesterday , go on then what have you got in it.

    Beaming with delight the Pub Idiot sticks his chest out grins and says " Two cups of Tea and a Choc Ice ."


    Not a problem no offence was taken, I have not a good few days either but such is life.

    I am not deeply religious my wife is , however IMO 10 Commandments are quite a good guide to how a person should try live their life, I am no Saint like many others

    All the legislation we have today has been put in place over many years for a reason to protect the many from the few who do not know how to behave

    Some Politicians which I have very little faith in may come from privileged backgrounds and wealthy parents and good schools, others from humble backgrounds have got there by sheer hard work and determination, Labour lost touch with the working masses a long time ago and still not listening

    No matter which party is in power they all taxed me for over 50 years of my working life, I am still taxed on my Pensions, Labour taxed me more than the Tories they are for self reliance and people taking responsibility for themselves and family if they have any.

    We lack discipline in this day and age we see the results of that on the News everyday , everyone today is too quick to whinge and play the victim or censor others , you can't say this or that we are censored more now that at anytime in my lifetime,

    Labour is more or a scroungers party IMO , many people who could work but didn't were given money my money for staying at home some for years, some I know well back in my home town I went to school with never did a honest days work in their life

    Not sure about Gray and her report Boris instructed her to carry it out, but even before she makes it public which should be very soon , some are already saying it will be vetted by Boris , I don't think even he would dare do that he has stated more then once it will be all Gray's own investigation, if he tried she won't stand for it IMO

    I have little faith in our Politicians full stop, none of them inspire me , I only vote these days to keep the party that I don't want to run my country again because when they were in power they were no good and very costly