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    I've found that birds seem to like the table near a bush or tree they can escape into, if needed. They don't like tables that are too far out in the open. There are quite a few cats in our area although fewer come into the garden now we have 2 fast lurchers.

    I'm torn two ways. Yes, it would prevent the slaughter of billions of animals each year, but then we'd have no farm animals in the fields, and those cattle/sheep/etc. that would be kept on 'rare breed' or 'museum' farms would need to be guarded day and night as 'real meat' would become a very expensive luxury and attractive to criminals.

    I know farm animals have a very short life, but then so do most wild animals. Some farm animals and zoo kept animals have a life span far exceeding anything that can be achieved in the wild.

    It's no deal, or anarchy. They cannot deny the biggest electoral mandate in the history of the UK without causing huge consequences for Parliament, and the country.

    Parliament voted in favour of the referendum.

    Parliament voted in favour of invoking A50.

    Both major parties stood on a manifesto to leave the EU.

    Making a deliberate botch job of Brexit is not a valid reason to overturn it. If they are unable (or unwilling) to govern a sovereign independent nation then they should be replaced.

    You may post that as many times as you wish Fidget and as I've have a hell of a day and I've got a whole night of it to come too, any distraction is most welcome!^^

    I've played it many times, and it still makes me laugh, which is a bit of a rarity whenever Parliament is involved.

    If people don't vote it implies they are happy whatever the result. Better to spoil your ballot paper than not vote. Non-votes are ignored, but spoilt papers are counted. It would give a strong message if spoilt papers exceeded actual votes.

    As for Bercow, funny how some people see a man that when he runs for election in his constituency stands virtually uncontested due to his speaker of the house privileges, as some kind of hero. :D

    Him being in Parliament at all tells us all we need to know! It has too many idiots! Blame the parties selection processes for candidates. They would rather put forward gullible sycophantic fools than people who respect and love our nation and it's people.

    It's the Tory party just being the Tory party not wanting to rock the boat otherwise they may get pushed out it's all about self preservation, they know die hard Tory supporters will always support them when push comes to shove, come the next general election it will be the same parties topping the polls, because the die hard stick the muds will always remain faithful. :rolleyes:

    I honestly think you are wrong. Anger is mounting at the deliberate destruction of democracy. For 40 years they have avoided giving us a vote on the EU, despite calls for one and even promises to give us a referendum, but to give us a vote and then for Parliament to do everything it can to avoid delivering the result is far worse and would never be forgiven. It is that kind of action by the EU that has turned many people against it.

    I doubt LibLabCon will be forgiven by leavers, but maybe their destruction of democracy will be welcomed by Remainers ... until they vote for something that Parliament doesn't like!

    The Tory party missed its opportunity when she blindsided her own Ministers and forced Chequers upon them. Naturally, the sycophants went along with Chequers while everyone else knew it was a loser. She has filled her Cabinet with Remainers who can do no wrong, no matter how undemocratic and disrespectful they are, while forcing out those who want a real Brexit.

    She really has no sense of reality!

    I am in no doubt that the EU will agree to a delay, as for leaving with no deal and then having to sort out WTO I honestly have no faith whatsoever in this government being able to do that either based on the cock up they have made of the so called Brexit negotiations.

    Read this link and scroll down to see the preparations and agreement already in place for a WTO exit. It's a darn site better to go WTO than spend another few years achieving nothing through more 'negotiations' with the EU!

    Project Practicality – the WTO Deal

    Our democratic (Brexiter) politicians have managed to force May into a corner. The threat of 'no Brexit' or a long (neverending delay) has been squashed. She has backtracked over a lengthy delay and now wants 3 month extension, after which we will leave with a deal, or no deal. No time for a 2nd referendum or GE.

    The danger now is that Remainers will vote for her deal, which is worse than Remain. I hope Bercow can keep her deal from being voted on again, but I'm not optimistic.

    Agreed, Heero. It's the uncertainty that is damaging our country. Most importers/exporters are geared up for a WTO exit, and if they aren't ... words fail me! They have had nearly 3 years to prepare. Generally, business owners have more sense than any amount of politicians, as their livelihoods depend on it, while politicians still get their pay and perks no matter how useless they are (the same applies to civil servants).

    Those businesses that rely on taxpayer funded 'free' trade will lose their privileges. They will be on an equal footing with all the other businesses that deal with non-EU trade. It should encourage more non-EU trade, as there will no longer be an advantage to EU trade.

    The EU could mitigate the damage by offering a FTA to the UK, but I guess they'd rather slit their own throats, until forced into it by failing economies in the EU. They are on the brink as it is, which is why they are so desperate to keep hold of our money and trade ... and countless future 'bail outs'.

    Berkow cannot now allow the defeated Grieve, Cooper and Benn amendme back now can he , he has made a rod for his own back,!

    Not quite true. If they make a change to the amendment then he will allow them back, but they aren't legally binding anyway. It just gives voters a detailed list of the undemocratic MP's.

    Do you think the DUP and conservative Brexit MPs will capitulate Fidget and vote the deal?

    I hope not, but it's beginning to look like that could happen. :(

    If so, then even the Brexiters have turned traitor, unless they can get us out of the 'deal', which gives us nothing at all except more years of 'negotiation' (which should really read capitulation).

    I'd rather remain on current terms than those terms, but they should give us Brexit, which is what we voted for. Parliament is 100% dishonest, in particular May, but all the others too for dancing to her tune.

    Direct action is now being organised to object to a Brexit delay. Go slow blockages are being organised by lorries on all major motorways and highways, starting next Friday and Saturday, especially around ports and ferries.

    Anyone on facebook can join the group:


    It's time we showed Parliament we won't allow them to ride roughshod over democracy. Sitting back and doing nothing indicates compliance and meek acceptance of their outright deceit and dishonesty.

    Of course she is happy with him. Remainers get support from her while Brexiters are shoved out.

    We are back to status quo. We get a choice of a deal that keeps us under EU rule, or we get to Remain in the EU. Just like we always got a 'choice' of a pro-EU party or another pro-EU party at GE's.

    UKIP will get my vote in future. All these derogatory comments about UKIP are for a purpose. The MSM will start on the Brexit Party soon to try and deter voters.

    Once I'm dead I doubt I'll be bothered about what happens to my body. The concern I have is with trust (which is sorely lacking at the moment) and the priorities, ie. will my death be hastened because I am a perfect donor for someone 'special' who must be saved at any cost?

    I don't condone this, but I am surprised there haven't been more incidents of this kind, especially in Europe. I am sure we have our share of religious nutters, although not as many as Islam seem to have.

    I don't want May's deal, no matter what it costs. It has worse terms than those imposed on murderers. At least they are given hope of an earIy release. I hope the deal gets thrown out a third time.

    I wouldn't like to be an MP if the biggest electoral mandate in UK history is thwarted. There are plenty of nutters around, and one or more of them may well be angered enough to use violence against them. I hope not, as this would give them a further excuse that all Brexiters are violent thugs and/or extremists, but if they take away our vote and our voice, and completely demolish our trust ... what choice do we have left?