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    Hunt has come across as an arrogant so-and-so, like most Remainers. His name calling of Boris as a coward is despicable. He has no real argument if he has to resort to name calling (again this is what Remainers specialise in!). If Hunt thinks it is in the public interest to know the details of the personal relationships of potential PM's, then lets start with Corbyn and his relationship with the woman he made Shadow Home Secretary. Was the appointment on merit (doubtful) or because of familiarity? Does Hunts demand apply only to Brexiters, and no-one else.

    Boris has been on TV this morning and said if he is PM we leave on Oct 31st. (My response ... YAY, at last!!!!!!!)

    Quote: He told Talk Radio's political editor Ross Kempsell he would "not rest" until the UK had left the EU, insisting Brexit would happen on 31 October "come what may... do or die".

    See the article here:

    Johnson defends Brexit plan and 'row' silence

    According to the Times, some Remainers MP's (Grieve and co) are planning to bring the government down the day after Boris takes over ... if he becomes PM.

    It's pointless posting a link because it's behind a paywall, but what good news, eh? Will we really get the opportunity to kick out all those undemocratic MP's? I truly hope so, and I hope Farage has got his candidates ready.

    You don't know the circumstances. I once threw a coffee table (a very small one) through a glass door. My hubbie wound me up to such a state, it was that, hit him, or walk out forever! I chose an inanimate object rather than a living being, although I didn't realise it would actually go through the door. It was sheer frustration.

    Some people can have that effect on others, so let's not pre-judge.

    I think Boris's refusal to discuss it is very wise. If he says it was his fault then he will be villified. If he says it was her fault then he will be also be villifed. Better to say nothing and let the couple sort out their own problems.

    I don't pay for The Times any more, so can't read the article, but it looks like Hunt is going for the jugular. Ain't it strange that even the "nice" ones turn bad when they have a chance of real power?

    Why is he a security risk? A family row is not illegal (yet!). Paedophilia is, and many of the other illegal actions that politicians get up to. The MSM really is getting truly pathetic, but we all know why!

    Well, if they always "report" it to the newspapers, possibly. One way to make a buck!

    Apparently (if the news is to be believed) his 'friendly' neighbours are die-hard Remainers, covered his car with anti-Brexit stickers, and the woman gave Boris a two-fingered salute.

    Nice neighbours (not), but sending the recording to the Guardian is a big indication that it is political, even without the above revelations.

    I've been interested in animal welfare, both domestic and wild, since my very early days. I have always had pets of one form or another since I was old enough to care for them.

    My parents very generously bought me subscriptions to Animal, the WWF magazine at that time. That's where I learned about veal crates, sow crates, battery cages, and all the other foul means of treating livestock. It put me off veal, and pate de foie gras for life. Naturally, it also gave lots of information on wild animals.

    I also had first hand experience on one particular local farm. They didn't use any type of crates, but the cries and distress of the cows when the calves were separated still haunts me. I did quite enjoy teaching the calves to suck from the feeder though, even though I felt guilty about it being necessary, as it was the only time I got to handle them.

    My best friend, during my school days, was a Catholic, and all her teachers were nuns and priests. When we went on Sunday coach trips, her dad insisted we had to find a Catholic church at the destination so she could do her 'duty', so I had to tag along. The hypocritical thing is, he never went to church himself. It was only mandatory for the wife and children!

    ps. she stopped attending church after she married and left her childhood home.

    Dear Boris is now embroiled in a media feeding frenzy because he was unwise enough to have a loud tiff with his young girlfriend. It's a bad sign.

    It is just my personal opinion, but the only way a couple can never row is when one of them is a complete doormat, or, they happen to like exactly the same things, all of the time, which is extremely unlikely.

    Hammond has armed security around him as he's chancellor, which is why I don't buy Field's argument. He just look pissed off that the speech was being interrupted.

    So, where were they, and why didn't they stop her entry? Were they skiving?

    Assault is when someone smacks, or injures, somebody else. It was more of an eviction than an assault. You are allowed to use 'reasonable force'.

    I was a "bit" slow on the uptake with him, wasn't I?;)

    Let him piss off and join the Lib Dems with Chukka.

    There is nothing wrong with that. You had the honesty to reappraise things and change your view. We've all done that, at some time, which is much better than to know you are wrong but refuse to admit it.

    At one time, I thought May's deal was better than no Brexit, but quickly changed my mind when I obtained more detail. :)

    He did right. Protesters have no right to gatecrash and try to take control of the agenda of the gathering. He didn't appear to 'grab her by the neck'. He used a hand on the rear of her neck to steer her towards the exit.

    I always try to imagine the situation in reverse. If someone barged into a Greenpeace meeting and tried to take control of the agenda, do you think they would allow it?

    I have some sympathy for some of Greenpeace's actions (but not all), and think their protests should be restricted to the streets and other public areas.

    Rory Stewart has opened his moth again, just to prove he really is as mad as a hatter and fit for the loony bin. He thinks the Tories are 'too right wing' and wants a Momentum type movement to take the Conservatives to the 'centre'. I thought the Tories had already become too left wing, but Rory knows best. :D:D:D

    Still, it'll send a few more supporters to the Brexit Party, so it isn't all bad.

    Rory Stewart urges army of 300,000 to infiltrate Tory Party in Momentum-style takeover

    Neither would I.

    On the politics show on BBC2 earlier, Andrew Neil was questioning MPs about whether the deal Boris wants to negotiate is new or not. Boris believes it is, but supposedly all he wants to do is get the backstop dropped. What about all the other things, ie the jurisdiction of the ECJ, the money etc etc?

    When a clean Brexit happens, I'll believe the politicians at that point, at the moment I don't trust any of them.

    I'm not sure whether the source here is Boris, but there are discussions going on about retaining parts of the WA, especially those relating to UK/EU citizens.

    The UK wants the EU to agree to the retention of rights for UK citizens in the EU, as well as offering retention of rights to EU citizens in the UK. The EU appear reluctant to agree. This is already detailed in the WA, so no point rewriting it. Just extract it and agree it.

    Can't say as I am keen myself, as the 'rights' of EU citizens detailed in the WA are ridiculously one-sided and virtually never ending, as expected.

    Horizon, I have no objection to the above scenario, but I doubt it will happen.

    I do worry that the many Remainers in Parliament will vote for the WA when they eventually realise Brexit cannot be avoided. Better for us Brexiters if they never get the chance and Stewart is denied the opportunity to put it the vote again. He will persuade Remainers to vote for it because for the Remainers (and the EU), it is a better alternative than actually delivering a real Brexit.

    It's still the numbers, Fidget. If May could've got the WA passed, then she would've. As it stands in its current form, the DUP will block it each time.

    Maybe, but that is when Remainer MP's thought they could stop Brexit. Those with a little intelligence (and those with a sense of reality) will know they cannot stop it forever, so will they try to tie the UK into the awful WA before the Brexit Party get elected?

    Boris was asked a clear question on whether he would leave on the 31st October and he didn't answer it, so the journalists are doing their jobs. We want to know if we're leaving the EU on the 31st or not and it seems "or not" is the likely outcome.

    I think (but hope I am wrong) that it will take a GE before we stand a chance of a proper Brexit. We need to rid ourselves of those MP's who do not respect democracy, or even their own promises. If the Brexit Party fails to win the next GE, then we will never leave until the EU falls apart and/or the EU electorate vote for more democratic representatives. In some ways, Grieve and other EU sycophants bringing down the government may hasten a GE and take us closer to a true Brexit. The worst thing than can possibly happen is that Parliament accepts the EU's WA in an effort to prevent a true Brexit., and I suspect there are enough slimeballs in Parliament to do it. I am sure they would receive their rewards from the EU for selling out the UK, at a relatively small cost to the EU. A £million each to 300 MP's, and gain £39bn in return? I wouldn't put it past them, or our MP's.

    On a more optimistic note, democracy can be restored if the will is there, but we need a GE first.

    As proven yesterday, I now see this with Rory Stewart. His behaviour was so odd during the debate, I can only assume he must have been sniffing something before he came on. He's finished, regardless.

    All the signs indicate that Stewart is 'the establishment' choice. Therefore he will have lots of backing. It won't help the Tory party's survival! They are finished, or should be.

    The Tories have a long track record of giving EU membership priority over UK democracy and honesty with the electorate. So have all of LibLabCon. We no longer have a democracy, but we will get it back, eventually.

    It makes no odds to me who leads the government. They are part of a party that doesn't respect democracy (even if some individuals do) and the whole lot needs to go.