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    Farage is right. Many Brexiters will not vote Tory so those in Leave constituencies who have a Remain Tory MP will simply not bother voting if there isn't a Leave candidate standing. Boris is selfish in that he'd rather lose votes for everyone, than give the Brexit Party an opportunity.

    It's why the new aircraft carriers were built, to take on China. When the first carrier has completed all its trials in 2021, it will be sent straight to the South China Seas, although the way these protests are going, events may happen before then.

    I watched the series about the the new Queen Elizabeth aircraft carrier trials. It was extremely good, and eye opening. Such a dedicated team of people, thousands of them in total.

    I managed to get a photo of what I thought was a coal tit, but I'm not sure what it is now I can see it better. Taken with a long zoom lens and cropped, so apologies for the poor quality of the photo.

    My curiosity got the better of me so I put my photo on a bird forum for identification. I have been informed it is a juvenile Willow Tit, and they are in decline. I hope it sticks around and does well, and eventually rears it's own brood.

    I managed to get a photo of what I thought was a coal tit, but I'm not sure what it is now I can see it better. Taken with a long zoom lens and cropped, so apologies for the poor quality of the photo.

    Of course there are well documented examples of those who tried to intervene and finished up getting arrested and charged themselves

    When I was an active member of our neighbourhood watch there was a very disturbing news story. A house had been burgled while the owners were out and the dog, which was securely contained with the property, had bitten the intruder, and the authorities prosecuted the dog owner and threatened to have the dog put down. I remember discussing it with the plod who attended these events and he agreed with me that a reward of a steak dinner would be more appropriate.

    In the end, common sense came to the fore and the dog was not destroyed, and the owner was found not guilty of failing to control a dangerous animal!

    We don't always act logically, we often act from instinct. There is a wide grass verge and a service road behind our bungalow. I heard a commotion on the other side of our fence (many years ago) and I went out the back gate to investigate and saw a group of youths beating up a lone much smaller youth. I instinctively tried to stop them by shouting at them and one of the youths approached me in a mouthy and quite threatening way. Fortunately I had a GSD at that time, and she stepped in front of me and growled. She had never ever shown any aggression towards anyone, but I was very grateful that she had shown her protective instinct that day. The youths sauntered off in one direction and their victim scarpered in the other direction.

    If I had stopped to think I would probably have handled it differently, but I'm not sure how!

    Nothing worthwhile comes easy, but your determination will see you through. I hope your brother and his wife go along with you. Having family nearby is always a bonus.

    And the even better news which I learned from a Youtube video last night is that as a result of their (Boris and NIge's) agreement we will have a Leave parliament. And the even better news is that one of the arch-traitors Philip Hammond has resigned from politics; all we need now is for the other traitor Dominic Grieve to follow suit, and I think we'll be on the path of recovery and good times ahead.

    Let's make England great again?

    I'd love to agree with you, but we have seen how politicians will deliberately lie to the electorate, by pretending they support Leave and then doing all they can to scupper Brexit. I'll wait and see how many MP's REALLY support Brexit.

    I've not seen it, but the Daily Mail ran a double page article today calling for Farage to stand down his people, so it looks like he listened in part, his still running candidates in Labour areas the conservatives want to win.

    So he should. There are many people in Labour held areas who will never vote for the Conservatives even if the Brexit Party withdraw their candidates, especially in the North. There is a very good chance of the Brexit Party taking those seats, and any Brexit Party MP's will most definitely not be Remainers fraudulently posing as Leavers in order to get elected.

    FFS They're dumb in the sense that they're not salient????? :rolleyes: :rolleyes: I know they can't talk - my comment to LW was supposed to be funny. Jesus!!

    Jeez. Can't you read? I said they are sentient. What the hell has salient to do with it? You mean that animals don't think they are the only creatures with a right to life?

    ps. your comment was meant to be funny? haha

    Animals are sentient, and feel pain and emotion just the same as people. Animals often hide pain better, as animals (especially wild animals) try to hide their weaknesses whereas many people actually enjoy being 'victims'.

    Well said, LW. Male circumcision and female genital mutilation are not comparable, other than they involve the genitals.

    There are NO health reasons for female genital mutilation. It is done purely for misogynistic reasons and has ZERO benefits for the female. It has one great disadvantage, and can actually be the sole cause of serious health problems.

    We hear more and more about people being sacked, suspended, or otherwise sent to Coventry for not believing or agreeing with the ideology of 'progressive liberals' or whatever they want to call themselves these days.

    I am currently re-reading Orwells' 1984 and his word for this brainwashing was 'doublethink' where you are expected to hold two contradictory beliefs at the same time ... and believe them both to be true. Slightly off topic, but the word doublethink always springs to mind whenever Sturgeon appears on the TV, for obvious reasons. ;)

    Fidget Have you still got your garden cam on, or have you switched it off for the winter?

    I'm not using the garden cams so often now. The hedgehogs are hardly eating any of the food I put out, and I never get all three on the same video so I'm wondering if they have started hibernating. They may just be spending more time hunting due to the longer nights, but I can't cover the whole garden with my cams.

    My new winter bird feeding station has been discovered by the local birds and so far I've had robins, great tits, coal tits, and the usual garden birds. I'm going to start my garden cam on the birds during non-windy days. It doesn't work well on windy days as the movement of the hanging feeders triggers the cam and I end up with literally hundreds of snaps with no birds in them. Over 500 snaps one day and only 3 had birds on them. The batteries ran out else it could have been a few hundred more. :rolleyes:

    So effectively tax payers have to pay more to cover the relief that these junk mailers claim to pester u. Jeez X(

    Don't be silly. For every £100 they spend they get £20 tax relief (if they have any taxable profits), so it still costs their business £80 .... AFTER tax relief. If people didn't respond to the advertising it wouldn't be cost effective and would stop.

    ps. The advertiser service provider will pay tax on their taxable profits too, so it just shifts the tax burden from one business to another. The tax isn't 'lost' to the economy, else they wouldn't allow tax relief.

    A typical example of what happens to biodiversity when humans enter a system and start ripping it to bits so they can sell its products or simply by there being too many humans utilizing a resource for the resource region to remain sustainable. :cursing:

    Epping Forest: Wildlife and trees 'under threat' from mushroom picking operations

    Too many humans are basically selfish beasts who care nothing for anyone, or anything, else. In fact, there are just too many humans on this planet.

    Took a walk round the north garden to see what's come up as a potential baby bonsai and found a feisty little white monkey thorn, still in its seed jacket. Hope it will grow as it can be a perfect companion to the black monkey thorn bonsai that is established and a few years old now.

    Very pretty. It looks very similar to a Mimosa, or 'Sensitive plant', which we can get in the UK.