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    1. The treatment dealt to remainers during the Brexit campaign. Outright bullying by Brexiters: "Traitors"...... "Snowflakes"..... "Remoaners"...... Betrayers"..... Anyone who didn't toe the Brexit line has been vilified and castigated. And for what..? Daring to exercise their lawful and democratic right to oppose something they do not believe in

    I didn't say that. False attribution is such a cheesy way to attempt to distort somebody's words.

    If you don't mean it, then don't say it! Stop changing your tune.

    No chance, the Country is bitterly divided and Remain supporters are not going to go away in a similarly way that the Eurosceptics kept plugging their view despite losing the argument in 1992

    No problem. I will be happy to support another referendum in 40+ years time.

    ps. I think you erred and meant 1975, the date of the last EU/EEC referendum.

    A fact, not name calling

    I was common knowledge that UKIP who started the Brexit bandwagon rolling were racist, a bandwagon that rolled on and on

    To deny racism is the same as trying to deny that the campaign against Megan Markel is not racist

    British people are basically racist.It goes back as far as the 50s in my memory when notices were openly displayed on B&Bs such as "No Micks, No Coloureds"

    I've heard plenty of excuses for the reason Remainers lost the referendum, but that takes the biscuit! It's because of Brexiter bullying? haha. That really makes me doubt your reasoning and logical thought processes.

    People voting in referendums or elections have the privacy of the voting booth, as explained very well by AS in post #122. Bullying is likely to be counterproductive as it makes people vote the 'other way'.

    All voters (including Scots) can say what they like in polls and to their bullying friends, but it's the vote in the polling booth that counts. That's democracy!

    Maybe the crowds at their wedding weren't large enough to satisfy their ego's, or enough of them faint with excitement at the sight of them? Did we boo and hiss at her for being a person of colour?

    Was she deprived of a splendid wedding at the public's expense?

    Was she deprived of a fantastic home, again using public money?

    Maybe Meghan thinks it perfectly acceptable to describe the UK as 'toxic' while still sucking from the taxpayers teat.

    Why do Harry and Meghan declare their wants and needs via an avalanche of publicity, while complaining about press intrusion?

    Why do they have a website at all?

    Why have they created over 100 patents?

    Why are Hillary Clinton, Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey and other 'celebrities' now their best buddies? Has Meghan asked herself this question?

    Why was a member of the Royal family (Meghan) allowed to choose who she wouldn't meet (ie. Trump)?

    Why the hell did she marry into the Royal Family? She will always be ranked lower than Harry, but maybe she can mould him into becoming second fiddle.

    Meghan strikes me as the worst kind of millennial! I can't see this marriage lasting, unless Harry becomes a complete doormat. She is already building up her network of wealthy and influential people, thanks to Harry and her Royal title, but I doubt Harry will get any credit. Do you think these people would be the friends of choice of our 'normal Royals'? Prince Andrew may 'court' them ... maybe.

    These are not the actions of a couple that want a 'private' life. These are the actions of someone seeking fame, fortune and celebrity status. In other words, a typical actor/actress.

    Do you give the EU the same rights? Break all ties with UK, No trade, ban on financial system. A complete break of all ties and make UK the North Korea of Europe?

    Your imagination is running away with you. No ties, means no compulsion to accept EU diktats. Voluntary trade via WTO is far preferable to a bad trade deal.

    And yes, I am happy for the EU not to have to obey UK diktats too.

    I wish I could be more confident, but Parliament still has a majority that are outright Remainers and 'pretend' Leavers. That's why we were forced to have a WA that gives the EU some continuing control over our constitution, rather than just Leave and break all ties.

    The crunch will come if the government has to choose between a bad free trade deal, or no deal. I suspect we will end up with a bad deal if that situation arises, although I understand Parliament itself won't be given a choice. It will be decided by the government, which still has plenty of Remainers within it.