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    We had a pile of bricks under the fuchsia, and the wrens loved poking through those, no doubt looking for creepy crawlies.

    EDIT: I'm pretty sure they nested in our very large cotoneaster in the dog run, which I suppose is the nearest thing to a creeper, as it hugs the wall.

    Find out if they would like to go overseas by carbon fibre yacht. :S And come home the same way. Every time they had to travel. :D

    What's wrong with video conferencing instead of business travel? It would save our Remainers tons of time and money from having to endlessly visit Brussels.

    I don't think so. We had regular visits of wrens when we had a huge hardy fuchsia but it got too big and out of control so we cut it down and it never recovered. Around here the wrens seem to prefer ground hopping with fairly dense bushes to dash into if they are alarmed. They don't visit so often now but do tend to be where there are plenty of bushes.

    Why do they do it asks Fidget? I think they lack any self worth and feel that all this cosmetic surgery will change things, it never does.

    I often think they are masochists and/or are too intent on keeping up with the Joneses. Having big boobs is a real pain and restricts what you are able to do comfortably. Also, age has a way of taking them south, so what then? More surgery? The men who think the bigger the boobs the better should imagine having balls the size of melons (or maybe a large orange), and imagine how uncomfortable and restrictive it would be! These cosmetic surgery addicts need psychiatric help, not more surgery.

    They don't impress me unless they practice what they preach, and they don't. The majority appear unable to walk more than ten steps from daddies/mummies car to the school door, and couldn't live without their gadgets and smartphones. Still, it gets them a days jolly away from school, so all good!

    I'll add another rant ... female plastic surgery, with their puffed up lips, big bums and breasts. What on earth makes them want to look like barbie dolls? Do they do it for their own egos, or do they think it makes other women or men admire them? The biggest shock of all is Carol Vorderman. I thought she had brains, but something must be lacking in her head.

    No tattoos here. They are too permanent for my liking. My pet hate is the rings that some people have in the septum of their noses. I always imagine a leading rein dangling from it, as you would with a ring through a bulls nose.

    Your sanctions starved millions of people in Iraq and Yemen as well as Syria.

    Ask your government why those sanctions were imposed. Your government have the power to join in with peaceful negotiations and get those sanctions removed but instead your country prefers to intimidate and threaten. It's the 'little man' syndrome, and Bryanluc makes a valid point ... why are people leaving your country in droves, so much so, that they are willing to leave everything they own behind? Do you have answers to that?

    Proud? You are idiots and warmongers with egos the size of the planet! You're not afraid of the USA, and it's supporters? That shows what idiots you are. You're like the spoilt child who would destroy a toy rather than share it. What comes across is you hate the USA so much because they have what you want, ie to be a superpower. The EU has the same problem. The world does not need several superpowers all competing to be top dog. The USA is more benevolent that any alternative that exists (at the current time). Sanctions are a peaceful means to prevent your country turning the world upside down with your hostility.

    Thank you for the insight to the attitude of arrogant Iranians. Peaceful negotiations are obviously a complete waste of time but I dread the day that you turn the planet into a wilderness that is incapable of supporting life, all through your massive egos.

    I have a decent sized strawberry cage, which I may use for the smaller hedgehog if it is returned and keep it penned during this winter just to make sure it can get enough food to survive it's first hibernation, but I'll discuss it with the rescue centre first and keep you up to date.

    We did have four hedgehogs but three is the most I have seen recently. My saluki found the smallest one out in daylight, and it was looking really ill so I took it to the local hedgehog rescue lady. She said it was underweight and dehydrated, and she is treating it for roundworms, lung worms and some other type of worm. I'm hoping we'll get it back once it's put on weight. It was for that reason that I set up two separate feeding stations, so the big hog doesn't push out the smaller ones. I have started putting two dishes out in the corner under the bushes, and a single one behind the stables (the big hog doesn't go there), although I may have to set up another one in the future if the little one returns.

    I have experience of planning committees, and it isn't good. They have a private meeting prior to the public meeting, at which the public can only ask questions if invited, and the actual pre-planned 'questions' (ie. complete lies and biased rubbish) are agreed beforehand. Our planning application for our stables was rejected by the Planning Committee, despite the Planning dept saying all requirements were satisfied and they could see no reason why it shouldn't go straight through. Our local councillor was Chair of the Planning Committee (Chair of just about every committee, come to that) and his best mate lives around 100 yards from us, and he hates horses, so our application was 'pulled' for a committee decision. Luckily, the Planning Appeal dept in Bristol overturned our councils stupid decision and ridiculed their reasons for the rejection in the written decision to approve the stables. I still look at that letter every year or so. It warms my heart, that just sometimes, the little guy can beat the bent councillors.

    That particular councillor was sacked a few years later, and unbelievably became a councillor in a neighbouring town.

    You're going to get seriously addicted to hog cam, Fidget. ^^

    Too late! I am already addicted. :)

    I like the ones when there are more than one hedgehog, or a cat, so I can see how they interact.

    I don't use my bird table during the summer, so when I start using it again in the autumn I'm going to set up my garden cam on the bird table during the day, and the hedgehogs at night .... until they hibernate.

    Two Remain campaign groups have been fined. I tried to find it on the BBC news, but if it's there it is well hidden, so I've posted the link from the Express.

    Brexit LIVE: Remain campaign groups FINED by Electoral Commission - 'Failed legal duty!'

    Maybe the Electoral Commission are trying to restore a little bit of credibility, but they haven't fully achieved it, as apparently the full list of complaints was not investigated, only a few selected complaints.

    I've had so much fun from my garden cam that I have order another, slightly better one, so I can monitor both my feeding stations.

    I've also learned a lot from the footage including why they say 'hogging the food'. There is also a couple of my saluki sniffing to see where the hogs went overnight.

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    I'll stick my neck out here (and accept the abuse that is bound to follow), but the 60% you claim is necessary should only apply to the status quo (in my humble opinion - and yes, I know that will annoy the hell out of casablanca!).

    The status quo usually has a 10-20% inbuilt advantage, but apart from that .... you can't change the rules after the event, so the majority wins, even if it is just one mentally retarded person that swings the vote. I'm sure they will have been far more mental retards on both sides of the vote!

    Yes, that the whole damn point. The next referendum will suffer from the same handicap as the previous referendum, which is that it will be "subject to consideration" by the dead hand of Parliament. I have yet to find any tv or press journalist or interviewer raising this point with any politician. Which is really weird. As far as I've noticed, only Nigel Farage has dismissed a second referendum on the very point. So when dumb members of the electorate shout "we just want to have our say", it's a futile and mindless request.

    Agreed. Also, nobody ever questions how they expect to get anything close to a 'good' deal from the EU, which is what they 'claim' to want. I note Jo Swinson has admitted the truth now, and says she wants to revoke A50 without a referendum. I do hope she realises she isn't the PM, and is never likely to be PM unless she graciously allows us plebs to have a GE.

    I often wonder if this is natures doing, in response to the human overpopulation. Likewise with poor fertility. It's probably more to do with the chemicals in our lives, and the additives in our food, but I do believe that nature is a great leveller and will win in the end and eventually we will all become so dependent on life saving drugs and 'safe' habitats that nobody will survive without them.

    Maybe the only long term 'survivors' will be the isolated tribes who never see other humans.

    I was reading an article the other day which pointed the finger at extreme cleanliness, which results in the bodies immune system having nothing to 'attack' so it 'invents' something that it rarely meets. It didn't claim this as fact, just a possibility, but it also highlighted the fact that people introduced to different foods at a very young age were less prone to allergies, and the same applies to children raised in homes with pets and other animals as they develop a better and more 'targeted' immune system.