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    I support Mr Donald Trump. Sleepy girly toucher Biden is a messed up vile, dangerous dunderhead. The irony is that he is great for the sale of Handrails and Hard hats.

    Since you joined this forum the standard of debate has dropped to a level I can no longer be bothered with

    Yeah, but not all bad, eh, Steve?

    You fall for this nonsense every time OB

    There’s probably a meme out there saying he loves cuddling kittens too

    True or false none of has anything to do with his suitability for US President

    Surely the question for this forum is how another Trump presidency affects the UK & the wider world ?

    There you go yet again - you seem paralyzed by bitter resentment, and so utterly convinced by the endless Remoaner FICTION - - - that we were all 'bought by promises' (we were not - the wind of change was heading that way anyway as one glance at the EU parliament results prove), so deluded that the only 'lies' and 'fiction' were an evil plot on one side while the other was angelic, so blinkered that everything thereafter has been a disaster when in fact almost nothing has changed (except for those who were riding the gravy train), so stupidly intractable that you just can't stop parroting idiotic platitudes like the one that tries to paint the referendum as a 'minority' (it was not, it was a MAJORITY OF VOTES CAST, just like every election)... that you again and again and again stand here and insult our intelligence by slandering us and our voting preferences.

    Worst of all, you erode the credibility of your other valuable posts on other subjects by being so facile on this subject.

    I’m not going to get involved with the “false promises “ thing ,it’s been done to death

    The winds of change ?

    There are indeed more eurosceptic governments popping up around Europe but they appear to want reform rather than destruction of the EU

    If we had remained the UK could have lead that that reform, instead we’re in a kind of economic & political no man’s land


    Israeli forces carried out deadly air strikes on Gaza on Friday, hours after US President Joe Biden described the military response to the October 7 attack on Israel by the Palestinian territory's ruling Hamas movement as "over the top".

    One word from Biden and Netanyahu does as he likes.

    Netanyahu is playing with Isreali & US internal politics

    Biden can’t afford to upset the pro Isreal factions in the US in an election year which allows Netanyahu a free hand

    It can be sorted with the stroke of a pen - vote Hamas out. don't you think repeated mass support for Hamas by Palestinians tells you something?

    We had crying hoo ha ha about Tommy Robinson being a member of the BNP - for a few hours - when he was young, citing him as an evil far-right Nazi. Yet Palestinians voting for Hamas and mass murder does not seem to cause revulsion.

    Hamas were voted in in 2006 & yet you still claim they have some kind of democratic mandate

    Bit silly

    Tell us what YOU would actually do. Not what sounds nice virtue signaling but the real world - following 7000 rockets launched into your country.

    The question is not whether Isreal hits back , it’s how ?

    If I thought Isreal look like their agenda was really just the destruction or at least a large reduction in their ability to attack Isreal I’d be more supportive but I think Isreal are their to stay

    2 million Palestinians need to go somewhere

    Tell us what YOU would actually do. Not what sounds nice virtue signaling but the real world - following 7000 rockets launched into your country.

    I’m not virtue signaling anything a term which is used by people like yourself to describe anything they don’t want to hear

    I don’t like to see innocent people killed on either side but ultimately it’s not a war that has anything to do with me

    I am just making an observation

    You are ignoring the other option - Israel's sit back and allow Hamas to destroy them.

    Oh, I see, so you jump from 7,000 rockets by Hamas to "the IDF starts a regional conflict". That is akin to saying, Thatcher started the Falklands war - ignoring the fact Argentina invaded The Falklands.

    It’s nothing of the sort

    Hamas like various other groups in the region are financed by Iran

    Iran his intent on fomenting trouble in the region

    The message from Iran go’s something like “ look at those evil Jews murdering good Muslim women & children

    You must fight back

    The IDF are doing just what Iran wants

    Possible but a recipe for trouble. A united Ireland would have substantial and probably violent unrest from the Protestants in the North. They should do a district by district referendum and any district that voted for unification then gets transferred to Ireland. Whole counties in NI are majority nationalist and leaving them in the UK is no recipe for stability either.

    I think there is the potential for trouble, but I don’t think it’s inevitable

    The Republican/nationalist side need to reach out the moderate unionists & persuade them

    that their future best interests are best served within the republic

    How many Germans did the allies kill “in revenge “?

    Bear in mind the numbers coming out of Gaza are from HAMAS probably grossly inflated
    They are murderers aand liars why should anyone take them as gospel ?

    They probably are inflated but we have all seen the TV footage of the destruction

    In not difficult to believe that a lot of people have been killed

    Not so. I have never said nor implied that Trump can do no wrong. I have numerous posts on here saying the opposite - in that I never assert anyone as being perfect. The leftists do. They see Trump saying, in private, "grab em by the pussy" on equal terms to the Clintons raping and killing people.

    I don’t remember the Clintons being convicted of rape or murder.

    You don’t like Trump being called the orange man etc , you think it’s the politics of the play ground but your hero

    Calls all his opponents names Ron desanctimonious , crooked Hilary , Rocket man