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    Reality check

    Good idea to get your facts right. ;)

    train operators take around 2% profit but First group still paid around £500 million to shareholders in Dec 2021 .Th e government are putting £53 billion of taxpayers money into network rail between 2019 & 24

    The rail delivery group represents the train operators , probably represents a rather one sided view

    What they may get in the not too distant future is Automated Driverless Trains and Tube Trains, they will not longer be able to damage our economy , nor hinder the travelling public who pay their wages by buying expensive tickets, IMO the sooner the better

    A big chunk of the ticket price goes back to the government as franchise fee & to share holders

    The railways should be renationalised, the same with water companies

    These industries are essentially monopolies, without the possibility of alternative suppliers

    The public will never get a good deal out of a monopoly

    You are blaming the government?!! The railway companies are the employers. The unions would rather the government got involved because this is a political battle.

    Incidentally, if you are trying to spread the myth that the customer is simply collateral damage, pray tell me why the unions deliberately target days to strike which have maximum impact on the public.

    They are wreckers and Luddites and not fit for purpose in the modern world.

    The rail companies are the employers but the government is directly involved in the negotiations.

    The government own Network Rail & pay each franchise large amounts of taxpayers money

    This not a normal business/union relationship

    Of course the public are affected, if your going to strike you want it to have maximum effect

    I think the Lockdowns probably went on a bit too long & certainly the furlough scheme should have ended earlier but I broadly supported the government stance ,I’ve had all the jabs but I’ve had Covid 3 times but without being seriously ill .

    Would I have been worse without the jabs ?I don’t know but I’m glad I had them

    Everyone wants more pay. The railway workers’ argument is with their employer, not the general public.

    But the general public are the customer so unfortunately they are the people who will suffer

    The government don’t care about the public in many ways the dispute suits their agenda, just like Thatcher & the miners.

    The right to strike in a right

    I think most people who voted for leave knew full well it would not be all plain sailing and I also suspect that the French would be as awkward as possible , however we will get through this .

    Remainers should take a good look at the EU all is not well in the EU many people right across the EU are not happy that they are in the EU run by nameless faceless unelected pencil pushers , others may well follow our lead

    Another often used cliche by the leave side , perhaps you like to put a name to these political parties or organisations ?

    An organisation like the EU is always going get criticised & probably with justification but leaving Is a completely different matter

    Ukraine wants to join

    You may choose to believe that but it would be impossible to substantiate that claim. Many elderly people with compromised immune systems have survived Covid or not caught it at all or shaken it off in much the same manner as fu. That is not to downplay that Covid is a nasty bug, it is, but the vaccine was very limited in the benefits is provided, mainly social and access benefits as far as I can tell. The vaccine became politicised as did covid, a weapon of left wing ideology.

    You post some nonsense but that last sentence is the most ridiculous ever

    Yes Civil Servants do not run the country , it matters not which Government we have in place the Politicians run the country , they decide what is to happen and the Civil Service is supposed to implement their instructions , those that don't carry out those instructions should be sacked IMO

    That’s all very well but politicians but those instructions have to be legal & comprehensive.

    It’s very easy for politicians to blame civil servants.

    People are free to go to work now that the pandemic is over. It will take a bit of time to make up the shortfall in earnings but those prepared to work diligently can achieve this.

    But No ---- many misguided people are spoiling this by going on strike instead , making their income and that of the general public even worse.

    The government could do more to control the cost of living ,controlling rent for instance but they won’t become the are ideological opposed to the idea.

    The railway workers are standing up for their own rights because no one else will

    They have the power, you can’t blame them for using it

    Even wealthy areas have pockets of poverty. Not everyone appreciates this, and that is the point he was addressing.

    I’m not ‘defending’ him, I’m correcting the false impression the media is giving to this ‘story’.

    You are defending him , we heard what he said , your entitled to draw your own conclusions but you can’t go round correcting anyone because you don’t know for sure what he meant.

    You have just heard his subsequent explanation which could easily be BS

    As I understand it, he did this because the allocation of that money to deprived areas ignored the poverty in other areas. He simply wanted to redress that balance to provide help to them as well.

    Context is everything.

    I might be inclined to believe it if he’d said it a deprived area but he said it in Tunbridge Wells .

    But you will continue to believe their excuses til the day you die

    Trust needs to be a 2 way street, Johnson has spent his time blaming everyone else

    Truss is already blaming the Bank of England for not do enough to counter inflation

    Criticism should be kept behind closed doors.

    Truss is like a small dog barking loudly but she doesn’t have any bite

    But the polls say different Mike.

    Whether we like her or not, the fishy people have the majority in the Scottish parliament and form the majority of Scottish seats at Westminster.

    As you say Like her or loath she is the democratic elected Leader of the Scottish parliament. Truss doesn’t have to like her but she does have to deal with her

    I thought Johnson was a disgrace but Truss will be even worse

    She is already an International embarrassment

    Protests should be focused on the government and authority but not against ordinary members of the public.

    I'm surprised that the ordinary public has been as patient as it has to-date.

    The protesters rely on law abiding citizens to not harm them when they glue themselves to the road, it would be easy to cross the line and do something silly and then where would we be?.

    Who are you to decide how people protest ?

    It’s their right

    Granted choosing to glue yourself to a tube train may well be counterproductive to your cause but that’s not the point I’m making

    As I said it’s Liberty on their terms .

    A protest that doesn’t cause a nuisance isn’t a protest

    The rail worker ultimately only have one course of action which is to strike

    The union & the rail companies are not allowed to negotiate without interference from government, the matter would probably be settled by now with the interference on Shaps

    Liz Truss is a gibbering fool who will be more disastrous than Johnson

    Frankly Boyle made a joke about raping & murdering Holly Willoughby

    The Anti woke Daily Mail screaming about it

    For me it’s a joke in poor taste but nevertheless it a JOKE

    More fake Liberty

    Communism has never worked - anywhere. Why would anyone want to control people rather than give them their freedom to make something of themselves?

    These people should go to somewhere like North Korea and experience it for themselves.

    As for this guy's article, I agree with Armitage. It's over-the-top, negative

    This government want to control people, they want to stop the rail workers striking

    They want to curtail protests

    This is a slippery slope.

    They talk of Liberty but it’s on their terms

    Richard Seymour (born 1977) is a Northern Irish Marxist writer and broadcaster, activist, and owner of the blog Lenin's Tomb. He is the author of books such as The Meaning of David Cameron (2010), Unhitched (2013), Against Austerity (2014) and Corbyn: The Strange Rebirth of Radical Politics (2016). Seymour was born in Ballymena, Northern Ireland to a Protestant family,[1] and currently lives in London. A former member of the Socialist Workers Party,[2] he left the organisation in March 2013. He completed his PhD in sociology at the London School of Economics under the supervision of Paul Gilroy.[3] His thesis, dated 2016, was titled Cold War anticommunism and the defence of white supremacy in the southern United States.[4] In the past he has written for publications such as The Guardian and Jacobin.

    Should you feel like taking a look at the whole wikipedia page for this gentleman it is below

    None of the above means he’s wrong about the state of the UK today

    In broad terms his statement is accurate

    Yes, absolutely correct, Armitage.

    Whatever happened to political neutrality in the Civil Service?

    Johnson was lazy a liar & a crook

    It is very easy to blame the civil service for your failings

    All you old buggers do is make excuses for the failures of your beloved Tory party

    Quite frankly it’s pathetic