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    Hello guys and girls, just to let you know I have decided to step away from the forum for a while. I have honestly enjoyed most of my time on here, but there are things going on in my life that require my time, family and weddings, holidays and more holidays, it's time for some catch up for me and Mrs CL.

    Thanks for everything, someone please pass my best to Fred and Rusty if they come back.

    But that hatred is very much mutual, but distrust lies deep and understandably so. I think Israel needs to reign in heavily it's militant settlements if not remove altogether from the west bank.

    I have to say if I were Israeli, very few if any Palestinians would work in Israel as they once did. Travel between Gaza and the west bank would be via a Berlin Corridor style route with ZERO deviation off it.

    No they don't, do read before reacting

    Yes they do, maybe not so much in that article BUT,

    EU member states push back against plans to slash livestock emissions
    EU countries are pushing back against the European Commission’s plans to expand new rules to curb pollution in the industrial sector to include livestock,…
    EU countries seek to weaken livestock emission limits
    European Union countries agreed on Thursday to try to reduce the number of farms covered by proposed rules to cut pollution and greenhouse gas emissions from…

    Do you see something I don't?

    Then, back in the UK the benefits clan trawl the list of poverties to see HOW many they can belong to this week. Which food bank has the best or the most and they know all the cons to ensure they get some benefit or other. But not forgetting more kids in the past, there was that guy (locked up now I believe) that had 10 or more kids, at that time the child benefit wasn't capped.

    To try and get a 360 view of the programme I just read the Daily Mail and Guardian reviews of it. Both say the police conduct and investigations were poor but I suggest convey a different issue: we recruit too many police officers unable to cope with a virtually impossible job and we do that because our police budgets are woefully inadequate to deliver the police service we need.

    The best way to get a takeaway on the programmes are to watch them. Some of it was about race, MH, swearing, excessive or illegal force and notwithstanding public opinion/perception.

    Ironically in the first episode a serial suicide attempted, it was only late in the episode that one senior officer/investigator iirc said he believed our cops can suffer from compassion fatigue. In essence going from incident to incident., MH, assaults and domestic issues can leave officers running on empty where compassion is concerned. Even though acknowledged it changes nothing. I found that in the NHS, especially where mental health is concerned.

    The last episode watched last night, made me so glad I am no longer a cop, or was ever a cop in the city. Generally city policing is more IN YOUR FACE as for those poor sods it really is a conveyor belt.

    As for the investigations, not poor, biased and not in the officers favour. It wasn't until last night's 3rd episode that I saw them side with the officers, but that couldn't be said for chief inspector or above. Policing is a young man's game nowadays, young men are generally fitter and stronger due to their desire to impress and the associated gym work. Even a woman can be difficult to hold properly because they know you can't hit them. I didn't get the impression that the bodycam made any difference. But never mind my take, watch it and tell me what you think, it is eye opening.

    A subject close to my heart but in some way you are all a little correct.

    A defence review post 2010 election indicated that warfare had changed, required more mobile quick reaction smaller forces than previous wars.

    Unfortunately, Ukraine threw that out of the window big style. The Russian armour caught on the river crossing highlighted just how quickly a whole unit can be destroyed, potentially leaving a gaping hole in your defenses. The volume of casualties and fatalities on both sides clearly show that conventional warfare is very much alive.

    As technology has entered the battlefield so has the ability to wipe out company size units (couple of hundred) with one or two munitions. However these munitions are VERY expensive and manpower is cheap as the saying goes.

    Again our problem is that our TA is very much under manned which ultimately leaves conscription in times of need, with under trained less professional force meaning your capability is reduced accordingly. Once again our politicians faced with needing to balance the books have come up short. Done with the best of intentions but in doing what they have done imho reduced our ability to A, look out for our interests abroad and B, put our nation at risk, although I do appreciate that that was never intended.

    We are fast become reduced to a bystander status, at a time of global instability and at home a time when they could be given over to a public support role.

    Last few nights I have watched a mini set of documentary from C4 I believe entitled TO CATCH A COPPER.

    The female Chief Constable of Avon and Somerset invited cameras to follow her complaints and discipline section.

    There were 3 programmes, all worth watching, all thought provoking and even irritating. I was shocked if I'm honest by the way things are portrayed in some areas, officers stupidity in others and the amount of race issues now present in day to day policing.

    The last programme I watched revolved predominantly around two incidents,one of which was extensively posted on SM. I was seriously taken back by community leaders who seemed unable to see beyond the officers skin colour. They also seemed to come across as expecting that they should be treat differently because of their skin colour. But in one of these incidents a female who pava sprayed another female, having been completely and totally exonerated was then expected to go through what they called " reflective practice". That RP I can understand if an officers behaviour was deemed to fall short, or be say too abrasive or similar. But this girl had none of that and I found it quite demeaning. The credits at the end of that programme shocked me even more, but I won't elaborate there in case anyone feels inclined to watch was very thought provoking.

    Many will say that the welfare state is a glorious success. It would and could be if it had been left as created as nothing more than a safety net.

    Under the last Labour government our benefit system grew and grew, so much so that it became a way of life for some. Some people are not bothered about eating the cheapest foods, drinking the cheapest alcohol, hell they might even get a week in Torremolinos all inclusive.

    The minute the government tightened the purse strings, the do gooders bleat like new born lambs.

    The American system is it seems quite selective. Often those with pre existing conditions are left isolated unable to access treatment or get insurance cover. I will show my ignorance by saying I didn't understand Obamacare and with the amount of immigrants mostly illegal that the US deals with I can understand why its costs were astronomical.

    Trump gave the impression of just wanting to wreck it, not really replace it. His arguments are solely that of a businessman not those of a human with compassion. That said, the Americans throw money around like confetti, figures that are staggering but it seems to work for them. Their politics however I hate, no one individual imo should ever have that much power.

    Sinn Fein were the political wing of the IRA, Martin McGuiness and Gerry Adams both having been members of the military wing IRA. Michelle O'Neill's husband reportedly shot and killed by the SAS, not for stealing from the church box that's for sure. Someone decided that the best option for Sinn Fein was to distance itself from IRA, it's clearly done a good job.

    To address Steve's point about killings, the IRA were by far the worst.

    The farmers of western societies have woken up to the fact they wield alot of power. As I said earlier no farms no food.

    We need to control the pendulum, as no-one will be happy with millionaire farmers. It's the processed foods that need overpricing. Politicians need to wake up themselves that certain perceived negatives could be turned into major positives. Protecting the greenbelt, sugar drinks tax to name but two.

    Instead of running scared, become bold and I believe people will wake up too.