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    Try reading "The Devil's Guard, by George Elford. A true story of a nazi SS officer who joined the french foreign legion and his time in Vietnam formerly Indochina" The tactics they used used by the Vietminh that today would be war crimes , but by fuck they worked.

    If your on the recieving end, it's surprising what you will do to survive, but nothing about 7\10 was about survival.


    Yes, it's too late now. I was just addressing, as an academic point, the reference to the moral conflict between adhering to democracy and re running a referendum made in the previous post.

    So your an advocate of the EU system of referendums, re- run them again and again until we get a result we like, sorry mate that is pure Bull.

    Imagine on July 5th we call another election because Labour won or didn't get as many seats as predicted, they could allege fraud, lies, misleading campaign materials etc, then if they still didn't get enough we re-run it again till they do 🤦.

    Who decides whether such things get re-run, yep got it THE LOSERS wayyyyyyhayyy, let's lose and get better results next 5 times until we win.

    Sorry, I find it such a ridiculous statement that my sarcastic streak just hemorrhaged.

    People need to take responsibility for their own actions whenever and wherever possible as far as I'm concerned, so I sympathise with that argument to a degree, but how do you enforce it without committing political suicide because you're effectively penalising the innocent party (the child) for their parent's behaviour.

    If the 2 cap policy had been introduced was introduced taking all with it from day 1 I'd agree 100%, but it wasn't, so anyone already in the system was NEVER penalised.

    So your point about selfishness, responsiblity for ones actions apply totally.

    My daughter's households incomes together come to beyond the wage limit for family allowance and I believe it is right that, that should happen.

    But removing the cap will encourage more kids, which we need, but at what cost to society? It's ironic that it's always the taxpayers money or those who supposedly can afford it that get lumbered looking after the li eral shitters.

    Brexit was a mistake ,it cost a fortune & immigration is at an all time high

    It’s people like Bread from the “Leave” side who desperate to pretend it’s a success

    I think your wrong,it neither success or failure. It could be better and just like Laura Kuenssberg admitted yesterday, the Tory woes were for thmost part not as a result of circumstances within their control, we are 2 years behind on Brexit, let's see if Starmer tries to make it better or make it appear like a failed project.

    It is taking longer than expected, especially following the debacle of Greece, but I suspect that the EU you currently know will be changed DRASTICALLY within the next decade or less, such is the rise of the right.

    Good grief, did you not read your own link?

    It clearly says: 'The vote is not legally binding, but indicates the will of the House.

    Yes Steve I read it and understood it, but it's bigger than mere words.

    Whether the country voted to leave or not, the HoC was predominantly against it, the EU knew that, the HoC put it's beliefs in display for the world to see like a raving homosexual at a gay pride orgy.

    The EU played that card knowing the HoC would do anything and everything to thwart no deal. Like it or not the cards were stacked against the leave side politically. Boris for all his faults did damned well to get us out in the way he did, but it made him a hunted man like Trump to some degree.

    It doesn't matter who they were, you can't see the wood for the trees, take off the blinkers.

    What I am saying and you know full well, is that the shenanigans of the HoC restricted the leverage that the UK government had in negotiations by removing the NO DEAL option.

    I.D.G.A.F whether you liked or agreed with a no deal scenario, the point being we ALL would have hoped it was never used, but to take that away is like taking away a cops ability to arrest.

    Oh maybe my crystal balls have just gone foggy. You have no way of knowing that, and there were plenty of experts that stated that WTO rules was nothing to be scared of. Not being an expert in such matters I will defer to them.

    I am not saying and if you read what I said I indicated as much, but what you don't do is tie your negotiating hands in front of your opponent.

    Another such observation is the number of people in A&E who don't appear to fit the brief in terms of looking like they'd had much of an accident or were in the middle of a medical emergency. Would love to see the stats on that when politicians start banging on about waiting times in A&E departments.

    I worked in hospital security, most of the incidents through drink, drugs or MH came from A&E. You are 100% correct about those NOT requiring A&E, but couldn't be seen by their GPs within the time frame they wanted. I think alot used to forget you could self certificate sick for 7 days.

    It was a staff nurse that triaged patients and there was a reluctance or fear of telling someone they didn't need to be there. Fear of litigation, bad pressure, violence or of simply getting it wrong. Sunday nights were a nightmare with sprained ankles, norovirus or something that might mean a few days off work.

    Staff in A&E were busy, but funny how there were always 3 or 4 hanging around the nurses station. They were definitely more reactive than proactive. They always got their breaks, whether that be a cuppa, a smoke or meal break. That said they worked long shifts, but a few were notorious extra shift workers, that said porters and security were bad also, but the pay scales were vastly different.

    The pledge for 40,000 extra appointments per week across England and Wales may well be achievable, but at a cost and then and only then if they can sort out the jr doctors. Which tbh it will be interesting to see if they are prepared to drop the 35% pay rise demand they wouldn't for the Tories. If they do, then you have to concede that the whole saga proven to be political and that doing something like that strengthens resolve to legislate against holding the government and public to ransom. In addition the use of private healthcare to clear the waiting lists will undoubtedly be charged at private rates and isn't going to be cheap.

    You failed before to back this and you'll fail again because such a cake and eat it deal was always pie in the sky. You are trying to blame imagined wet politicians for you and others falling for the lies you were told pre referendum.

    The EU has NEVER signed anything like the deal you say we could have had, fact.

    No Steve, you either didn't want to listen or were being bloody minded.

    If I enter into a trade agreement with you, I do as an equal, if you make unreasonable demands then I will always have the default position of saying NO THANK YOU and taking my business elsewhere.

    Those wets that OB refers to were the retainers in the HoC who through their sabotaging of legislation, court cases etc, effectively removed the UKs right to walk away and so NO DEAL.

    The argument that the EU never had signed such a deal doesn't mean it wouldn't, be I agree it was unlikely. However the EU is not stupid, they no more wanted to walk away from a deal with us, than we really wanted to from them. However, they knew that the government had very little negotiating space because they knew that parliamentary shenanigans had effectively removed the nuclear option.

    We will have to agree to disagree over the lies told by either side, by whom and whether they were official leave or remain camp. It also has no relevance to what lies you perceive we were told,simply because we were not part of privvy to the terms of the negotiation.

    If they were simply regulations why was bothered a need to enshrine them into law?

    It's not rocket science, if the customer expects a certain standard and the product fails to meet that standard the product gets rejected and you risk losing the contract and you may get penalties. Does that not apply to any business.

    Wanted 🤷 needed 👍

    Take a look at the news for kids on the streets of Middlesbrough, carving knives, drugs, burglaries, shoplifting, residents living in fear.

    I agree that one size doesn't fit all, but he did say a royal commission iirc, so the finer points need sorting, but do do alot of kids.

    Penalties will need to be introduced and steep ones. I quite like that idea of a national certificate of service or exemption, no certificate no work, no future.

    I can't get my head around the negativity, at least thean is trying, to gain votes yes, but a darn site better than attacking parents who want to send their kids to a private school because they can afford it.

    Ffsit won't be long before labour try to make someone who earns a certain amount to sponsor a deadbeat family.

    Mr wealthy let me introduce you to the empty heads from Leicester, you will be required to perform tutoring for their delinquent kids, take them on holiday and buy presents for birthdays and Xmas. For this we will leave your pension alone......capiche.

    Labour's Manifesto will follow the same pattern as before. .... Loads of expensive promises but no indication where the money to pay for them is coming from. :)

    Actually I think the opposite Mike, I think Labour will put out a fairly skimpy manifesto, we upcast failings from manifesto's so if it's not in there he can't be accused of breaking a promise.

    Monday and Tuesday Johnathon the parrot 🦜 Ashworth refused twice to rule out increases to capital gains tax for instance. On both occasions he parroted the "we are very clear we will not be increasing income tax, VAT or national Insurance".

    As I pointed out on other threads, there is alot more taxes out there than those 3. They talk about working families not being hit, but plumbers, brickies, joiners, sparkles and the like are more often than not self employed, they are the very people that will get caught by labours stealth taxes. But hey ho, people have been warned 😪😭😭😭😭

    I see no reason why university fees should be VAT free either. So why only attack private schools? As if I really need to ask…

    The fees are't vat exempt but their purchases are. State funded schools aren't vat exempt but local authorities can claim the fees back.

    The majority of public sector education is provided by schools which are under local authority control. Schools incur VAT costs on the goods and services they buy but Local Authorities (LAs) are able to recover the schools' input VAT under the public bodies VAT refund regime found in section 33 of the VAT Act 1994.

    It would appear that labour just has a thing about private schools, just as it once did over grammar schools. If private funded schools are a bad thing,mif they are failing their pupils I would expect them to be dealt with as a state school would. But labour attacks anything that just may be part of the perceived Tory make up. I remember Starmer attacking Sunaks former school in Winchester because it had certain facilities, facilities that maybe a state school wouldn't.

    Most people I know and I am back in the poor north east, if they had the money would send their kids to private school, would use private healthcare and would go on luxury holidays. Most would love to tell the local authority to Foxtrot Oscar and the government. They'd love to buy the best of everything from clothes to perfumes, beans to Sunday roasts and swap their vauxhall for a mercedes or similar. But we can't, likely never will and got work until we half dead before we get our OAP. Is that the governments fault? Or is it OURS, our parents, our upbringing or are we just shite at picking the lottery winners.