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    Oppossite is true, China supports our claim. Russia supports our claim. India supports our claim. All of africa and anticolonial forces support our claim. Its a war in diplomacy.

    I'm not convinced our friend Pedro was who he said he was. I think he was on a fishing trip...

    no i wasnt. You just dont like the facts.

    Meanwhile Argentina cancelled the contract regarding Malvinas and im glad we do that. Its time to end colonialism on the south american continent once and for all.

    UK disappointed as Argentina withdraws from Falklands pact
    The UK government on Thursday insisted the Falkland Islands remained British as Argentina walked away from a cooperation pact and demanded new talks over their…

    Funny UK says its disappointed, we are disappointed too, since UK even allows foreign soldiers on our land. UK stationed soldiers of Kosovo in Malvinas which is a direct provocation and against our diplomatic interests.

    Argentina does not recognize Kosovo as nation.

    Well guess why we give babies born here our passport? We need people. We have enormous landmass and if you have more people, its easier to provide good infrastructure to remote places

    Congo is the biggest target for the Chinese mining companies. Your new best friends are doing to the Congo exactly what you wrongly accuse Britain of being. Your stupidity is enormous PedroAires . You are letting your temper tantrum get the better of you.

    Collapsing country? Please elaborate on that point. Argentina has been a collapsing country forever, dictatorship, military junta, socialism, every rotten strand of government you can imagine. You don’t have a migrant problem though do you? It’s because nobody wants to go there.

    Your bad education strikes again. We have a massive migration problem. Being one of the strongest economies in south america, we have millions of workers from poor countries like Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador migrating to Argentina. Recently also many thousands of Russians. 6000 pregnant russian women alone since January

    As i said chauvinism plus bad education is nothing positive

    Pedro, NO what is surprising is a 3rd rate backwater nation who's economy is the envy of the nobody, with a lunatic retarded government can even Hope to better a nation like ours.

    But remember young man you came here, started to talk about taking by force, polluting an area to deprive others of it, ignoring the will and views of the islands inhabitants and cry like a two year old over being denied a flight from Buenos Aires that nobody but you wants.

    How we hope to be better than you?

    We have endless recources, younger population. We are one of only 3 industrial nations in South America, 2nd largest economy on the continent..we are allied with a rising super power.

    Meanwhile your country suffers from overaging, loss of influence in the world, you are deindustrialized and your country appears as strong and virile as your geriatric king. You have no recources and your influence shrinks evry day.

    Your biggest enemy isnt Argentina, is time.

    That about sums up Argentina.

    A story from the Falklands war, paras were surrounding a school when the Argentines inside held out white flag. An officer and two men went forward only to be shot and killed. The platoon of paras so enraged they attacked with all they had practically demolished the school killing ALL inside.

    What the argentines did was a war crime, but better dead than gloating somewhere over such a cowardly act.

    Nice story bro but of course its just that, a story.

    The only thing that i actually find disappointing on a personal level is, that i belong to the faction in Argentina who aftually believe the best option would be to solve this through diplomacy and talks. I never talked with british people before and in many instances did not believe what my teachers said, that talking wont achieve anything.

    In that sense i have too thank you because i see that they are right, i was wrong. Talking wont solve this.

    We will take the islands by force. Russia is winning in Ukraine and shows how its done. Putin doesnt care how much prisoners he loses there, he systematicly destroys Ukraine, its infrastructure and kills its soldiers to the point they collapse as a state, that he is not willing to even negotiate shows that he will keep destroying it no matter what.

    With the Malvinas its easier. 3000 occupying the islands and completly cut off from the continent. Its doesnt take much to make the islands uninhabitable for decades. Thats even achieveable through non military operations. A panamax oil tanker smashing into the shore and the outcome would destroy their entire economical backbone. Fishing industry would be dead and no tourism either. Cold water environments take 50 to 60 years to recover from that.

    The world doesnt accept colonialism in 2023 any longer and britain will not rule a single square meter in south america. The fact that we have China on our side proves, that we belong to the winning team. We are young, strong, hungry for sucess and not old and collapsing inside like UK does. Time works for us.

    The only thing UK decides is, if Malvinas will stay intact or get ruined, the squatters (as our president calls them), wont decide about their fate, we do. And their fate is bound to the decissions we make.

    Truebrit i dont think you are interested the slightest. You are one of those who believe you have the right to take our land and push us aside. Its typical colonial mindset and it only leads to a dead end.

    Look what people like Armitage Shanks say, who portrays Argentina as some sort of Congo, when infact we belong to the top 15% of world nations. Its chauvinism and exactly the reason why we will never accept UK on our land.

    You are just being offensive now. Your posts are going nowhere. I dare say that a lot of people will be putting you on 'ignore' now.

    Shame, there might have been a constductive debate on this subject.

    doubtful. There hasnt been any constructive debate in last 40 years. You hate us, we hate you. I dont see how this can be solved other than the hard way then. So i assume our defense minister was right in his words.

    What amazes me though is, that some here assume they can hold those islands that belong to another continent. I mean Argentina can completly ruin them for human settlement, all it needs is a big enough oil tanker.

    It would be sad but if nothing else helps

    You have just proved that you are completely insane. Sorry, but I think you need medical help.

    Please stop this trolling. You are convincing no-one.

    I dont want convince anyone. I wanted hear your opinion and said mine. Its meaningless anyways since we will take the islands anyways. The only question is if intact or completly destroyed. Thats the only thing UK has to decide.

    When your queen died last year, it was celebrated with champagne in our TV.

    It appears some felt very sad about that in uk

    Uproar as Queen's death mocked by Argentinian TV host
    QUEEN ELIZABETH II's death was mocked after news broke royals were rushing to Balmoral to be at the monarch's side on Thursday, hours before her death was…

    All the finest people in Argentina have already left the country and come to Europe and there are many great Argentines over here in sports, design and manufacture and business. It would be difficult to rule Argentina completely out of the race to find a covid vaccine but for the most part they were tending cattle, operating an economic policy that as brought about a GDP of $11,000 per capita and 96% annual inflation whilst crying like babies over not having direct flights to the Falklands.

    Nice, turning full national socialist now...guess it really bothers you that you cant starve us to death like millions of Indians or just hunt us like the Tasmanians.

    As for vaccines, no vaccine did work and the virus was mostly harmless. I got 2 shots and felt sick both times. I got covid just few months later and it was like nothing. In retrospect i could have avoided that useless vaccine

    Why doesn't this surprise me. Every single Royal Marine is most likely the equivalent of a US Navy Seal. The Royal Marines are one of the best fighting forces in the world. The Royal Marine band is not bad either. While the Yanks are more concerned about their next supply of Coca-Cola and flexing their muscles on some dumbbells we will be having a brew and planning the next attack with eyes already on the target. :D

    Big words coming from a country running from Afghanistan and evry place in Africa, getting its sailors taken hostage...and did nothing than asking to set them free.

    I dont know but is the UK aware that its seen only as US vasall around the world?

    We definitly dont see it as power anymore.

    Armitage Shanks

    I am not pretending the British were better than the Spanish & of course on a local level things would vary with different leaders & through time .

    You are the one who came on here shouting about colonialism, I’m simply pointing out that your people were once invaders & whipped the back of indigenous slaves in the Potosi silver mine .

    It doesn’t make you personally responsible anymore than I am responsible for wrongs done to so many under British colonial rule

    As for the direct flight thing , I live in England there are direct flights to Buenos Aires

    If the Falklands government don’t want them it’s their prerogative

    So you agree that our counter that we dont allow the flights from Brazil over our territory to Malvinas is also our prerogative?

    You are funny. A minority of people had severe adverse reactions, which happens with all vaccines. The fact that it saved many lives and got us all back to normal means that the balance of risk supported its continuation.

    The EU a d USA banned it basicly because it killed young people and gave them heart inflammation.

    I should know i was desperate to get vaccinated in 2021 and doctor said as young male he cant use that stuff on me

    The Spanish came to take anything they could find , particularly silver & gold

    It’s estimated that 90% of the indigenous population died from European disease.

    It seems a few priests championed the cause of the locals but most treated them like vermin

    They were not treated like vermin. Maybe travel there first before spreading lies? The average citizen had no difference if he was forced to work for Atahualpa or Carlos. The local elite did even rise to nobility status. The house of Moctezuma is still high nobility in spain.

    And yes we took all silver and gold. I guess you believe the british came for cookies and milk?

    Would be so kind and explain what happened to tasmanians?

    On a sidenote you seriously denie us a direct flight from Buenos Aires with Aerolineas Argentinas because the Conquista? Do you think the flight attendants will slaughter the natives?

    Dont become hysterical.

    Several points, there are between 5 & 7 million indigenous people left in North America

    Many died as the white settlers moved west but most of that was after the American war of independence

    The Spanish might have ignorant of the spread of disease when they first landed but they realised that disease could be an effective weapon ,more to come on this

    This is ahistorical bullshit. The spanish did not know this. The diseases travelled faster than the spanish did. The Inka empire was struck almost 15 years before first contact with spanish and population collapsed. When the spanish arrived the worst was over and the local population mostly immune already.

    I assume you are of old age so propably not that on modern science. In South America the natives were included in society, church even adapted their mythology and portraied Mary as Pacha Mama godess. Spaniards married locals and so on.

    Only excemption is Chile and Argentina which are mostly European.

    Do you have examples to prove that? We have higher food standards than the EU, we treat animals better, and the list goes on. What does the EU do better than us?

    You did see that we initiated and funded the Covid vaccine programme and were the first to get vaccines into the arms of our population, a good three months before the EU did?

    Almost everything you spout on here is ill informed or incorrect. Is it any wonder that you are not convincing anyone?

    Sorry, Pedro, I’m not trying to do a demolition job on you, but you really should wake up and taste the coffee.

    The AZ vaccine did not work and killed young people. It was the german Biontech Vaccine that did work and the american moderna. Europe even cancelled all contracts with AZ, so did USA.