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    get real

    You've already been shown that nothing like that is wasted each year, positioning a wild made up figure for attention just makes everything you post look sus.

    I've not been 'shown' anything of the sort.

    I've told you twice already to look it up for yourself. I'm not wasting my time posting up dozens of weblinks for something so widely well known and so easily researchable from a hide diversity of sources.

    There is massive waste. Precisely how much is irrelevant. Stop Starmering by splitting hairs about how 'slightly less than some estimates' it might be just for the sake of gainsaying.

    I've already moved on from the quibbling about exact accounting and invited comments on how to reduce the waste. It's not a political issue - it's a call for better efficiency rather than just throwing more and more billions into the black hole of NHS funding, which will NEVER be sated.

    It's not what I believe, it's what I know. You can't prescribe out of specification meds to patients.

    No, you can't. And that's why the grossly inefficient and wasteful system badly needs an overhaul. But guess who will kick and scream against any sensible changes - Big Pharma.

    Again - don't take my word for it - research for yourself the topic of the billions wasted on unused drugs.

    Biden is immoral, evil, and a Satanist. He is also a Commie - and in their usual manner - powerful Commies always have huge Mansions and Airplanes et al.

    If Lee Harvey Oswald happened to do his dirty deed on MBSB - I would not lose any sleep.

    There he goes again.

    'Biden is a Satanist' - you were challenged to provide evidence for that before, and you couldn't.

    It's LIBELLOUS. It's INCREDIBLY disrespectful to other forum users who might have different political preferences, and (as usual for you) have ZERO discussion-worthy content. It makes the forum WORSE NOT BETTER to have these BRAIN DEAD PUBLIC DUMPS from you every freakin' day.

    You claim to be a Christian, well guess what - I've been a Christian for over 50 years and NO Christian I know and NO Christian teaching I've ever read finds it acceptable to call someone you don't like for purely secular reasons 'a Satanist'. In fact it's the very opposite of what a true Christian would do - let alone merely a CIVILISED member of society.

    I would WELCOME a civilised Trump supporter to come on here and respectfully give their side of the argument, but as far as I'm concerned, you either dial all this DIVISIVE HATEMONGERING GARBAGE back now, or I'm standing up right here and now to say you a NOT WELCOME here anymore.

    Sleazy yes but did you rant and rave when Boris was having that wallpaper paid for him by vested interests? I doubt it.

    No, and nor would I have done so if Corbyn were 'guilty' - it's a MORONIC TRIVIALITY and a sad indictment on tabloid journalism that it was even run as a story worth more attention than 'send it to the parliamentary affairs ppl and stop WASTING our time with MINUTIAE'.

    Quite apart from the LAUGHABILTIY that you attempt to draw equivalence between a DIY job and an INVESTIGATION INTO TREASON...

    ..thanks for illustrating my point perfectly - that in this country there is outrage (albeit histrionic and staged for sick political gain) if any sleaze happens, but in the US, even the Supreme Court, it is regarded as perfectly ok.

    Not the same as showing they take bribes.

    Go ahead and delude yourself that 'accepting lavish gift from parties with a vested interest in an upcoming vote' is not 'bribery' if you want.

    In this country it is at best 'sleaze' and at worst corruption and perverting the cause of justice.

    They aren't given pessimistic expiry dates. The dates are the results of stability studies

    Believe what you want. No-one will convince me that an (already outrageously overpriced) low-level drug like an aspirin is perfectly good one day, then the very next day is degraded, unstable, dangerous, or anything else.

    Even '0.1% of a batch going a tiny bit powdery' is considered to be 'expired' and the whole batch 'must be thrown out'.

    By all means stick strictly to the limits for the tiny number of serious drugs for patients in genuine danger, but the NHS could save billions if the government would clamp down on waste. There are plenty of articles online about this.

    Talking of old newspaper toons, just wanted to mention (Carl) Giles - his work was published in the Express from 45 to 91 and although it was not my cup of tea it was a favourite of my Grandfather - we often bought him the Giles Albums for Christmas.

    Hello, the forum police are on duty.

    It's not policing, Mr 'I post whatever I want wherever I want regardless of relevance' - it simple good manners, as democratically proscribed by the users of the open forums on the internet decades ago before the 'web' was anything more than a few experimental and snail-slow pages. They call it net-etiquette and shortened that to 'netiquette'. Try it sometime. Even on open unmoderated sites it was considered antisocial to post off topic items in a narrow-topic thread.

    This is not an open site, it is a hosted forum. You are here at the hosts' welcome. Welcomes can be worn out. My comment is just a suggestion the owners are free to reject. Meanwhile you are completely free to create a new thread about religion.

    Nope. One does (Clarence Thomas) but AFAIK the rest have a good track record of sticking to their values.

    Just one of dozens of sites that say otherwise:

    U.S. Supreme Court justices take lavish gifts — then raise the bar for bribery prosecutions • Oregon Capital Chronicle
    Justice Clarence Thomas might be the most egregious when it comes to taking gifts and not disclosing them, but he’s not alone. His colleagues on the U.S.…

    When they "slightly degrade" they become a different prescribed dosage as the degradation affects the drugs efficacy. Its a new experimental drug basically, with unpredictable outcomes

    However, thousands of other drugs have well known outcomes and are given overly pessimistic expiry dates.... to sell more drugs.

    Agree absolutely 100%. The USSC is 5-4 I believe not 6-3 but whatever,

    Just FYI, current justices are

    2 appointed by Bush Jr

    1 by Bush Sn

    3 by Trump

    2 by Obama

    1 by Biden

    If unbalanced politics are not bad enough, the justices take lavish 'gifts' (bribes) from individuals and companies with vested interests in their decisions. ROTTEN TO THE CORE.

    You are asking me to respect made up chip on shoulder conspiracy theories that fly in the face of objective truth. No, not going to respect such.

    Just because you don't believe something does not make it a conspiracy.

    Companies feather their nests FACT. Big companies grossly overcharge big customers FACT. There is no 'objective truth' you can present that proves this not to be true.

    How lucky for you that metal foil is on special offer at Tescos. Any more conspiracy theories you got?

    Drugs don't turn to poison but they can degrade to the point they are ineffective which is a key reason why they have use by dates. The other reason is that some drugs are discovered to have unacceptable side effects and having date limits on them helps manage the issues.

    Don't be disrespectful. Big corporations feathering their own nest is not a 'conspiracy theory'. Evidence of it is all around us every day to those not wearing blinkers. If regulators don't ask such questions then they are not doing their job properly.

    'Drugs can degrade' is simply not a good enough reason to throw them all out wholesale at huge cost to the taxpayer immediately they 'maybe slightly degrade'. Those few drugs that need a strict date could be marked accordingly.

    I think the same could be said about the Democrat run courts that Trump has encountered. The Democrats have been using weaponised lawfare against Trump since 2016.

    Never said the Democrats don't do the same, but my statement stands - political shills running courts is a CORRUPT way of running any state or country. And currently the highest court in the land is 6-3 Republican.

    I hope you're not claiming the Republicans do not and have not ever 'weaponised lawfare' for their own ends as well?

    The Supreme Court sure acted fast on this one. Meanwhile the issue of trump attempting to fix elections, overturn democracy, serially openly dissent the decisions of multiple courts and incite insurrection is still dragging on 3.3 years later, which you'd think might to any sane person of any political persuasion be a rather high priority as to whether he is a fit and proper person to stand for any office.

    It's funny you mention drugs and pharmacyies binning them. I recently found I had several boxes unopened of a powerful anti-inflammatory, I took the boxes back to my pharmacy and they simply said ok we will dispose of them for you.

    When I questioned that statement it was explained that once drugs have left the pharmacy they then cannot be returned to stock even within a couple of hours and would need to be disposed of. I understand safety issues but it's bordering on insanity.

    Of course, that policy was in no way influenced by the drug companies, was it....?

    Almost zero drugs magically turn to poisons when they 'expire'. But guess who wants to max out their sale of drugs by pretending they do....?!

    US Supreme Court rules Colorado cannot ban Trump from presidential ballot

    Wow what a surprise, the stacked supreme court, some of whom trump appointed, vote for trump. ZZZZZZZZ

    A political judiciary is incapable of being a fair judiciary. US is rotten to the core.

    Far more hilarious - there was talk of it being 'stupid to try and apply an antiquated 14th amendment to the modern day' - shame they can't extend to joined-up thinking and apply that shred of common sense to the 2nd amendment, which is even more antiquated.... ^^

    Comparison with other countries is just playing politics - some which I've already said is the lowest form of gutter politics = using the poor health of others as political capital and/or emotional blackmail.

    If you think matching percentages will solve the problem you are dreaming, and even if it was matched, whichever opposition was in power would still ALWAYS moan it was not enough.

    The NHS is a behemoth. Like another behemoth, the armed forces, the budget is vast and anywhere there is a vast budget there is vast inefficiency, and vast overspending, because contractors know they can ask for what they want and the behemoth will pay. For the NHS, one of the most disgusting exploiters are the pharma companies, who pretty much set their prices wherever they want - pills that cost fractions of a penny are sold for pounds and equipment costs dozens of times more than it is worth. It's pure evil, but there is little any one government can do about it because the pharmas are multinationals.

    Best to go and spoil your vote then - they have to read out how many of those there were and if just 1 in 10 of those that don't vote went and spoilt their vote instead then the established parties would really take notice.

    We have the option to spoil.

    In US elections they have the option of 'write-in' - you can vote for anyone (eligible, not excluded by age, etc.). Of course this is effectively just a spoil, but in small town/county elections if you can convince just a modest 100 or so ppl to vote for the same write-in, you can reject all the listed candidates.