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    But what if it’s Boris? The indications are a lot more would turn out and vote for him if he were to stand again.

    His own party stabbed him in the back, and would do so again.

    This is the party, let's not forget, that dissented their Membership's choice of leader, assassinated her as well, then appointed their own choice.

    The party is sorely in need of root and branch surgery, a clearout of the wets and all those who DARE call themselves Tories but are rubberstamping socialist anti-libertarian policies and wokery, and it won't even begin to happen until they are in opposition.

    Our civil rights have gone DOWN in the last 13 years, not up, and that under Tories, and even a period of 'right wing tories' (boris era), so just imagine what a dystopia it's going to become when the Sackless and the Strident get back into power...? If I had the money, I'd emigrate.

    Making an issue of age when one is (going to be) 78 and the other 82 is laughable. If 82 is 'too old'. will Donny Sneakers be abdicating (if he wins) when he turns 82?

    Similar derision to any talk of which of them has a 'better' mental capacity. One is shaky, and the other is psychotic - neither is competent.

    I don't see anyone but Labour winning - there are too many new voters and old voters with short memories who have yet to learn that they are a hollow promise, and the wheel has to turn every 10ish years for fools to learn the hard way that a change of govt. never changes anything for ordinary people.

    All we can hope for is a small majority so they are not emboldened to steamroller civil liberties with their 'social engineering', like the last time.

    Farage is (and I quote from one of his fellow Tory MPs of which he was one) a Libertarian.

    All parties he has led are pro personal freedoms, pro small businesses (a true free market, not one in the grip of mega corporations). They are in no way racist (and indeed when UKIP's leadership saw racists creeping in, he dumped them cold and their support evaporated overnight) but are labelled that way by lefties' Project Fear because of their call for better-regulated immigration and sovereignty from the Mega EUreaucracy.

    However, not being one to pick a hero and thumbs up everything he does, I cannot fathom why he is friends with Trump, who is NOT in any way a libertarian - whose fortune (however large in actuality) was made from exactly the type of corporate sleaze and hollow demagoguery which libertarianism rejects. Whether Trump himself is a racist or a xenophobe or just an oaf is a moot debate when clearly he is unashamed to welcome the support (and campaign cash) of xenophobes, white supremacists, religious fanatics and racists, which is the opposite to Farage.

    But the 'Trump puppet' accusation is a simplistic label thrown out by lefties. I heard the same accusation about Boris on the night of the '19 election result, and which I could meet the plank who was conned by the lefties into saying that to me, because in Boris's first 6 weeks in offices, he four times told Trump to get stuffed on the subject of 'how he should be running Britain'.


    If the Moon sometimes looks larger than usual, it's an optical illusion.

    When near the horizon, it looks larger than when it is high, but this is an illusion, as you can prove for yourself if you measure the moon's diameter. Hold your little finger at arm's length and compare the width of its tip to the size of the moon - both for a 'large' low moon and a 'small' high moon, and they will be the same.

    Travel along a hilly country road towards the moon so that its height above the horizon varies, and you can 'see it getting larger and smaller' before your eyes as if falls and rises.

    The actual (apparent) diameter of the moon does vary by + and - ~6% due to its elliptical orbit, but only an expert and obsessive viewer could see that difference.

    Unfortunately, recently, journalists have found it trendy to make a news splash when a perigee (close point in the orbit to earth) coincides with a full moon, and invented the word 'supermoon', but they are very common events (and far too much leeway is allowed, so 4-5m tend to happen in a row) and are of zero astronomical interest. Those who predict extra-high tides would be interested, but they have tracked lunar perigees for centuries without resorting to 'supermoon' terminology.


    Wow he's the oldest 'teenager' I've ever seen.

    Two Teenagers Charged In Fatal Shooting Spree At Kansas City Super Bowl Rally – Update
    At least one person is dead and 10-15 wounded in a shooting at the Kansas City Chiefs' Super Bowl parade rally. Two teenagers are facing charges.

    Rather, it is reported as a fake.

    Fact Check: Image does not show Kansas City parade shooting suspect ‘Sahil Omar’
    An image of a person detained at the 2024 Kansas City Superbowl victory parade does not show a 44-year-old “illegal immigrant” named “Sahil Omar,” as claimed…

    Still, never miss a chance to stir up race and/or immigrant hate eh...?

    You seem angry - I don't know why. All I did was express my opinion.

    There is no membership card for being a Satanist. This is a description of a form of character trait. It connects with evil and nastiness. However, the fact Biden has the capacity of a retard and the morals, and Ethics of Ted Bundy any other claim will be wiped from the sheet.

    If you have not seen the hundreds of live videos of Biden, incapable of speech and losing his way on the stage falling over misnaming world leaders and that scary stare with his eyes semi-open, looking like a psycho - then I must question YOUR claim you search google.

    Of course, I cite LIVE videos. Google per se does not always show truth.

    As I clearly said, my link was one of MANY on the subject, some of which were live videos of your wonderful Mr Trump speaking the words.

    NO, you don't get to slap any extreme label on someone just because it suits you - no matter what 'nastiness' your Trump-sheep sources choose to smear vile slime and lies about your (for some reason) obsessively hated 'opponent', that does NOT qualify for you (or whomever) to slap the label 'satanist' or in any way equitable to a mass murderer upon him. To do so is stupid. It's retarded. It's not 'discussion', or even 'opinion' - it's just gutter libellous abuse for morons... for which you admit by instantly resorting to your usual abstract blather devoid of evidence.

    Oh, and if all you are doing is expression your opinion - NEWSFLASH, we ALL KNOW your 'opinion' is that you are in love with Trump and we DON'T need to hear you restating that opinion several times Every Frikkin Day.

    This is not an 'opinions' board, it's a discussion board. Endlessly parroting your opinion, devoid of any depth or substance, contributes zero of worth to this site.

    I am asking you to show evidence. There is none and this is why you cant show any. Its not rocket science.

    I will "abuse" Biden. Its not a game for me. He is dangerous and sick and a vile anti-Christian dunderhead.

    I am not ashamed to support Mr Trump. I am proud to say I support him. Its not a problem for me. I am not asking for your permission to support him.

    That you support Biden, a moronic, vile, criminal, low iQ, satanist is something for you to deal with. I don't mind who you support. I respect the right of people to support whomever they wish. However, I would like them to debate properly.

    Tell me how this will work out - Putin invading nations? Have you any idea?

    Evidence. Try looking it up instead of just squawking 'evidence' as if that makes others' contributions invalid, yet all your unevidenced statements and pasted propaganda are perfectly acceptable. Here's the 30 second websearch - this is just one of dozens on the matter:…ough-rcna138256

    You also make naive generalisations like 'you support Biden' (no evidence, note) which is a lie - I'd support any sane Republican, but Trump is not sane and certainly not a Republican in anything but label. As the article notes, even Republicans say it's a dangerous statement.

    'Biden a satanist'? Horseflop. WHERE'S YOUR EVIDENCE?

    How would it work out? Well since unlike you, apparently, I bother to look up facts I'll tell your one thing - even if Trump gets back in, it's not his decision whether or not to ignore America's NATO obligations, it's a matter for Congress.

    How about you fill out your comment with evidence?

    With Biden, all you have to do is pick one of the many hundreds of live videos - clear evidence he is demented pathetic, and dangerous.

    A DOJ official DA has ruled he is demented, incapable - so you even have an official authoritative description of sleepy joe.

    There is NOTHING - Zilch - zero you can pin on \trump except your inner hatred and that is something no one can change.

    Evidence? Go spend 30 seconds on a websearch. This is not something 'pinned on him' by his opponents, this is straight out of the man's mouth.

    You didn't 'discuss it', you just knee-jerked straight back into the usual Biden abuse, and then pasted up some clearly deranged twitter warrior's litany of puerile slander.

    I invite you to proffer your thoughts on whether you think that standing by while Putin invades a few eastern NATO countries is a good idea... whether indeed you think that would be 'good for Britain'... because the man who has the sun shining out of his butt for you apparently does.

    Well if you're going to disconnectedly post about a comment several posts in the past and not quote it you get all the ridicule you deserve when you pretend it was obvious what you were dribbling on about. Especially when you arrogantly choose to never say just what you were referring to.

    You are nitpicking. I decline to engage with this off topic sidebar which is clearly based in personal resentment (evidenced by the gratuitous insults) rather than any actual relevant or pertinent substance. You jerked your knee about something that wasn't even about you or any of your posts in particular, and in this particular thread I'm far more 'on your side' than certain others, so you are scattergunning friendly fire too.

    Feel free to 'ignore' me too if you can't keep up.

    If we had remained the UK could have lead that that reform, instead we’re in a kind of economic & political no man’s land

    Now that is an interesting if moot thought experiment, but two things are self-evident

    1) UKIP would have stayed UKIP and eaten more and more into the votes of both main parties.

    2) The EU elections would be even more of an embarrassing landslide for the dissenting party than they were before.

    Other consequences would be more speculative, but I guarantee one thing - there would not have been the excessive embarrassing whining about the result that Remain have put up - it would just have steeled Leave to step up their game and get a clear win next time they had a party's nuts in a vice with a decisive minority.

    Here lies the rub - the people who pretend to like Biden would never allow him near their children or walk their dogs. If they saw a man like him living next door they would lock their gate.

    On second thoughts, they may not care for their dog or children enough. They would put offending the dirty old demented fart above the safety of their children and all because they would not wish to offend him.

    Ya, and exactly the same revulsions apply to Trump.

    FPS stop posting infantile insults and pretending it's 'debate'. In the unlikely event anyone reading actually has a vote in the US elections, all you are succeeding in doing is confirming the stereotype that Trump supporters are only capable of 'debating' boorish retarded insults. It didn't work last time - why do you think it's going to work this time?

    Oh the irony

    The context of the preceding posts was the US National Debt and as posted your post alleged the US Treasury was lying about it. Maybe you had what you would call a Biden moment.

    I know this is a tough concept for you, but not every comment refers to the one immediately before.

    Sometimes you need to join the complicated dots and figure out that comments are threaded, not individual.