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    It is certainly true that there is a lot of similarity between both leaders, which is why Starmer keeps concentrating on personalities and behaviour of their opponents rather than policy issues.

    However, there are some very real differences as well. Labour would trash a lot of our trade union laws and give in to militancy, for example. Immigration would go up, not down. Spending would go up, not down, and I’m not convinced that he won’t cut back on help for Ukraine to help pay for it.

    People shouldn’t underestimate the unpopular ‘gifts’ Labour would bring us if they did come to power.

    My hope is that unhappy Conservative voters will come out in their hordes to fight back against a worse option that overshadows us.

    I think Reform and Conservatives will merge nearer the election, Farage, Habib and Tice being given key cabinet positions and a change of leadership from Sunak to Badenock with Mogg in as Chancellor.

    …Added to which the ‘bonfire of regulations’ continues to burn, although we are still waiting for the successors to particularly irksome EU nonsense such as the GDPR.

    I expect this will all stop in its tracks if Labour come to power.…he-end-of-2023/

    We will be back in the EU under Labour. They think the Red Wall believes them that they accept Brexit, it will be Starmers biggest mistake

    You must have short term memory loss - I recently criticised 2 in the US election thread even replied ^^

    Roe vs Wade wasn't a Trump policy it was a Supreme Court ruling and your post about Trump pulling out of the Paris Agreement I tore apart.

    You just hate Trump.

    if he's innocent he's innocent - if he's guilty he's guilty. I just advocate for the process to be allowed to reach it's own conclusions on the basis that no-one is above the law whether I like the individual or not.

    As for wanting him assassinated... I did joke that the argument his lawyers were making with regard to the scenario put to them about a sitting President being immune to prosecution even if ordering Seal Team 6 to take a political rival might give the current sitting President an idea, but apart from that.... nope - not guilty

    You just hate Donald Trump. You can't name one policy you don't like either.

    UK concludes the tax agreement with Peru and ratifies the terms of the agreement to join the CPTPP today.


    Only six economies, in addition to the UK, need to ratify by October for the deal to enter into force by the end of the year. Singapore, Japan, and Chile have already ratified, with other countries in the works.

    Businesses set to benefit as UK concludes tax agreement with Peru and ratifies deal to join major Indo-Pacific trade bloc
    Trade Minister Greg Hands visits Peru as UK ratifies deal to join CPTPP and concludes tax treaty

    Only those that hang on Trump's every word suffer from that.

    Tired/lame projection default claim

    I don't at all. I'm not that keen on him as a person to be honest but I do agree with his policies. I also know that locking up innocent people is not the kind of thing you do in a democracy. You seem to think its a good idea though, because it doesn't matter if he is innocent or not you just hate trump and want to imprison him no matter what.

    Was it you or your nutty mate who wanted him assassinated ?

    Who are you... mystic Meg? Trial ain't over yet.

    The conflicting reports that are coming out are so widespread it's not worth speculating - all the news channels are basically preaching to their respective audiences telling them what they want to hear.

    As for the how it could be a felony... a misdemeanor get's upgraded to a felony if the deed is tied to another criminal act. The second criminal act in this case basically being "election interference" ironically (a bit of a weak argument in my opinion, because all politicians lie in order to win votes - there'd be none left).

    Cohen went down for his role in the misdemeanor offence so a crime has already been established. Do you really think said offense went on behind Trump's back without his knowledge? If so why? It's totally consistent with his character, his arrogance, his ego and his past record

    Cohen was walked through a whole history of his lying in front of the jury. A key witness - perhaps THE key witness absolutely taken apart by Trumps lawyers.

    There is no case here anymore. There just isn't - Cohen admitted he lied and Daniels also lied.

    You just hate Trump and you will never accept he is innocent of this ... ever. It really is a mental illnesss, it really is.

    This political trial of ex-president Trump does show the extent to which the Commies in the Democratic party will go to try and cling on to power. -- In doing so Biden's cabal of nondescipts has diminished the USA in the eyes of the civilised world.

    The USA is an example to the western world of what happens if you elect a leader who hates you, hates your country, hates your faith, hates your wealth, hates your laws, hates the USA, hates the USA constitution, hates women and hates his political opponents.

    Don't hold your breath :(

    The Dutch know what they are doing now. Bin the green agenda, support farming, no more subsidies for heat pumps and electric cars and build 4 new nuclear power stations. Extra border controls and controlled immigration.

    This could see the EU implode as countries have had enough of the commissions diktat. Hopefully, just like many other communist states before it, it will implode from the inside in the most spectacular way.

    Hope, guts and pride: The new right-wing Dutch coalition plans -
    The agreement put together by the four coalition parties over the past five months covers 26 pages and contains what the new partners say is the headline…

    there is no felony. How can this be a crime ?

    Trumps prosecution just got demolished. They have no case anymore


    That was proven last nigh as Cohen was taken apart by Trumps defence, exposing all the lies he told. The Democrats are all compulsive liars, there was never any crime in the Daniels case, they made it all up like the Russian Hoax and January 6th.