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    In Horizons post she says Hunt is wary of tax cuts so my question is valid, if tax cuts could be a problem why have any at all?

    Why Inheritance Tax?

    My answer to that question was obvious, to pander to its supporters as there is an election coming.

    A carrot for their vote instead of looking to cut something that wouldbe beneficial to more people.

    To people with a more pressing need.

    I feel you won't be happy Fred until slavery becomes legal again!

    They have always been slightly to the right of centre , but as AS has pointed out not over the last few years mores the pity last thing we need is a Left Wing Parliament their failures when in office has proved that

    are you saying Braverman isn't right wing?


    Rees Mogg?

    They have been right wing for the last 13 years.

    Camerons Big Society, help yourselves don't expect us to bale you out from our mistakes policy.

    Very right wing attitude.

    Flawed human beings who owned yachts, that fed their egos, that started illegal wars, that treat people like cannon fodder to fight those wars of their making.

    Flawed yes but others pay for their flaws not them!

    Blair should have been charge in the Hague with war crimes.

    Instead he became a peace envoy!

    Beggars belief.

    When their flawed policies bring about despair for the voters they are sitting pretty in their offices drinking fine wine and ignoring the advice given to others and shagging their secretary in a broom cupboard.

    The list goes on of 'flawed' politicians cocking up and the man in the street having to pay the cost of their stupidity.

    Your point on private education is spot on though, to many chinless idiots in politics.

    The type of cuts he has in mind won’t make any real difference. Clearly paying less tax is generally a good thing but we are carrying a lot of debt and the associated interest payments wipe away a lot of the tax take. However, the taxes that are designed as lifestyle nudges such as fuel duty, alcohol and tobacco duty and green levies on energy bills should be removed entirely.

    Debt that politicians create!

    As for removing tax on alcohol and tobacco!

    They are luxuries, any non essential product should incur some tax, sugary drinks, sweets, cakes, biscuits etc all contribute to the obesity problem.

    You want to indulge in them then pay for the privilege of stuffing your face with them and adding to the health crisis.

    Moving the personal allowance threshold up to £15,000 would put another £2000 or so in peoples pockets.

    They will spend it and that keeps the economy moving.

    More demand means more jobs.

    More employment means more taxes collected.

    No money spare to spend and businesses go bust, unemployment goes up, the benefits costs go up.

    Keep the workforce happy, pay them enough to be able to indulge themselves a little and things will tick over a lot better.

    Hoarding money in an offshore account doesn't keep the economy going.

    The lower classes buying their groceries, clothing, furniture and the odd luxury item keep the economy going.

    So what you are saying is you want a right wing, cruel government who only care about the 1%?

    Well when the world goes to sh*t and they all run for their bunkers who's going to keep them maintained?

    Who's going to do the jobs they can't/won't/are unable to do?

    Not them they'd be too afraid of getting their hands dirty.

    The 1% make their money from the other 99%.

    The 99% keep the economy moving.

    The 99% do the dirty work.

    So maybe the 1% need to think on and treat that 99% with a little more respect.

    Without the 99% they would be helpless.

    A healthy, happy 99% will be more productive.

    But hey, let's not worry about them as long as that 1% can live on their private island, avoid taxes and look down on the people who do the work that put them where they are.

    Politicians create problems and then expect the electorate to bear the financial brunt of their ineptitude while they have a new fence built around their swimming pool.

    If my empathy for others makes me a leftie in your eyes then so be it.

    As for the whingeing about the benefits paid out the huge majority of that is for the state pension.

    So which of you are going to give theirs up when the time comes to collect?

    It is a benefit according to the government.

    Nah thought not!

    The Times - Today's Front Page
    Discover today's edition of the newspaper, cover and headline.

    Now the Chancellor is considering NI and income tax cuts!

    There must be an election on the horizon.

    As I said in another post these actions will stimulate the economy, help those struggling and make what is a despised government a little more popular.

    Inheritance tax cuts would definitely hurt their chances of any win in said election as it doesn't benefit enough of the electorate.

    Now to find those hidden listening devices Jeremy Hunt has placed in my home. 8o

    "The current conservative government is centre left by most reasonable standards."

    Are you kidding me?

    The Conservatives at best have always been right of centre.

    Try talking sense Shanks!

    I have no qualms about the rich making money.

    What I find distateful is their blatant avoidance of paying tax.

    Offshore accounts and creative accounting might be legal but they are immoral.

    They like to tell the poor to pay theirs but do their damndest to not pay their own!

    Laura Kuenssberg: Reshuffle deals drama but voters more worried about wallets
    Rishi Sunak brought back an ex-PM and is defiant on Rwanda - but voters are focused on their wallets, says Laura Kuenssberg.

    A small section from the above link.

    "Research shared with us this week from More in Common, consistent with polling for months and months, shows that making ends meet is by miles at the top of the list - 71% of those asked put it as their highest concern.

    Worries about the NHS was the next priority, but some distance behind at 40%.

    Only 17% named asylum seekers crossing the channel as their biggest worry, behind climate change at 23%."

    Looks like a lot of you on this forum are in a minority.

    Like I said, government is there to serve the people (you know the ones that vote who gets to run the country) and quite clearly what seems to be Rishis priority doesn't align with the majority of the voters in this country.

    More in Common are members of the British Polling Council, and regularly conduct nationally representative UK opinion polling, for a range of clients. We offer…

    Even a lot of Conservatives want a change.

    When do Britons next want a General Election to be held?
    New polling shows that the idea of a January 2025 election is unpopular with voters. While few Britons feel support an immediate General Election, the majority…

    I don’t think one balances out the other. If inheritance tax becomes excessive people will spend their wealth or if super rich just leave the country. Then what? You get 100% of nothing. Far better to let people reap the rewards of their taxed wealth rather than stealing it when they die. Don’t you believe in legacy and passing it on to your children?

    Nope, they can earn their own money.

    There is a need right now for help financially for a majority of people in this country and a change to the personal tax allowance would go a little way to make life a little easier for that majority.