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    I want you to relax Echo10. Take 5,then 10. You seem a nice guy,if guy you are. I havent studied you but I have read some of your threads.

    I want to be your father figure. I think I am somehwat older than you. May not be.

    Such BP raising threads as you raise you have to rise above. This is the dystopian world we have entered. As a misfit I somewhat enjoy the mayhem. Yes,I know I shouldnt,but its somewhat gratifying when you see the world go mad. Please: lie down. Doze. Let our elders and betters tell us what is right and wrong. Then,if you are not quite sure what is right and wrong because you are getting all sorta mixed up,listen in to the sanctity and high fallutin people as paraded and employed by R4,or any that you are told are your betters.

    You must be an oik,cos why would you be on here,wasting your time. I am an oik. Dont feel ashamed. When you realize your right is betters wrong you can then go away and relax watching repeats of Richard and Judy,morning trash tv.

    For further spiritual or moral governmence lessons,Harriet Harman or the Archbisho of Canterbury will guide you. Their schooling will have ensured they are better than you....and their pay and status has it they have more weight than yourself.

    Dont rise above yourself. Here in England the common man knows his place: always beneath our lauded masters.

    Rest assured our 'guvners' have everything in control,tho you may look around and see everything else but it.

    Our guvners live in a different world than ourselves. Thats why some of our ancestors fled it when they could!

    Om Mani Padmi Hum

    We must never forget that the legals mark their own homework,and are involved in setting up the legislation that 'will probably excuse them' when they might break the law...or,at least evade it. But will prosecute with vigour the underlings and saps that come before them.

    I really dont know how our legals have got away with so much before. They even seem to have captured their reputation for independance and probity: highly suspect in my own 'biased' view.

    Oh to tell the histories and stories I could tell. Too many to mention.

    What stick out in the mind is visiting the wretches of the grand British establishment. Back in the day I think it was the Jack Shepherds who went to Tyburn or such,crying and defacating as they went to the gallows for minor crimes and the lauded and honored of our land pillaged the land and set the laws. Great Britain! Trash and a deeply ugly place if you have read the selected books about it I have.

    But again I digress.

    Didnt the legals look into the legal T Blair...the Hutton Whitewash - and dismiss all charges against him. Legals marking their own homework! Howdotheygetawaywithit!

    Have watched a fair convicted crims finally get their convictions overturned: broken men,some fuming,some crying.

    Our master crooks and system dodgers walking free and feted,whilst those from disadvantaged homes or systems,jailed,traduced.

    Apologies: about to 'go off on one'.

    Apologies for focusing a tad on the Allison Saunders lady.

    I am pleased she was eventually booted out of her job,even her profession.

    Countless men in the slammeer,evidence witheld or conveniently 'lost'

    I followed the fall out fro the ashes of the JS trial, Remember when more or less the whole male cast of Corontation Street stood accused of some such sexual crimes. Lots of other men in in prominent positions too,too many to mention.

    They reckon there are scores even now in the slammer,innocent. And in GB today you often have to prove your innocence.

    How come?

    By the scars I faced at my own place of work. Endless accusations made. Eventually apologies given. Nothing more. No recompense. Nada. When ,then I made my own accusations,my accusations were never investigated,dismissed,and I was to take on a football team of lawyers wherein the states pockets were bottomless.

    Thus it is I have no faith in British justice.


    I think the BBC is to give crumbs to some chap who served 18 yaers Time for something he didnt do. R4 sometime. Christmas. A sop to the British judicial system. The guy reckons theres dozens in the slammer whose cases are better than his own.

    I have Chinese or Russian justice as good as our own. Probably better.

    I spent an interesting 40 minutes listening to Roseanne Barr interview Tucker Carlson last night.

    An odd couple

    I have been suspect of Tucker because of his demeanor(shallow,I know. Its the smile and laugh)I thought him all pro establishment until he comes out and said it was the Iraq war that did it for him. Turns out,from that time he's been forever finding that the US has been complicit in all things evil,and which I thought everyone knew. From recent he's been saying that the Ukraine war was a set up with the CIA and the armament industry behind it all. I was surprised by his revelations about his own naivety,then how he has no become reviled about other matters clandestine: Covid. What was of interest to me was how he disclosed he visits Julian Assange,and how the imprisonment of Assange blackens the British judiicial system with its claim of independance. I felt overjoyed to hear it all as oftentimes I feel alone in thinking I'd find better jurisprudence in Russia or China than here. Remember the Spider Woman judge? He's pro Trump,and his explanation proved fascinating.

    Once again I find the most unexpected people coming together to come to believe that Greater Satan and Little Satan have colluded to begin this whole disaster.

    Given Tucker knows more than myself,RB asked him what so evil about JA that they have him locked up forever without any release date set. T said it was the Assange revealed GS and LS were revealed as covertly spying on our allies: something I would believe as taken. I didnt know,but it was disclosed by Tucker,that Mike Pompeo wanted Julian Assange assassinated. Tucker wants him arrested for such,tried. He believes Trump should exonnerate or order the release of Assange. His ratings would then increase. But would that be an embarrassment for our Lords all things independant judicial.


    Things come and go Armitage. Your world will be experienced different from my own. Your reading will be different from my own: is it the Hindus or the Buddhists who tell the tale of the 5 blind men detailing what consitutes an elephant. Each details the truth as they see and experience it but none capture the complete picture.

    My reading and experiencing of life through reading and the experience of others - not all men - leads me to believe there is some societal prejudice against males. It will not be everywhere and in everyfield,but certainly present.

    I am not you,neither you me. Still I see some gross malpractice and discriminatory prejudice executed against men,and maybe because they are men. Alison Saunders seems to come to mind. I worked in a female dominated profession where my own experience and that of some others was oftentimes precarious,even attacked. Sometimes with physical assault.

    Times change. Things move on.

    Apologies in advance for my role out of my interpretation of societal changes within GB,but I still remain frit and cautious as to how equitable it is for men out there today. Prejudiced I know.

    Echo10 is brighter than myself. That,or more suspicious and cynical. Well dun!

    I went along with the jab x3. OMG! Non more.

    I first saw the pictures and so on over in Wuhan,then Italy. That was when we had the the first killer virus. Since then its mutated into a less deadly strain.

    Following contrary academics and research I then became worried over what was and is still being discovered.

    I am following the curious analytics of the excess deaths.

    Strange stuff

    One thing of interest maybe how other big biz might be adversely affected by the increasing mortality rates. Not quite sure,but people dying early will mean claims from clients families. Ooops-a-daisy,Pharma gains 1,Insurance companies 0. Always good to look at the dough,winners and losers, and when and who sold shares and investments.

    My memory not being what it was,I think can recall the strange Irish jigs and Hakka-type dances of many nurses and doctors being videod and performed in hospitals. All this being done when the hospitals were being reported as being 'over-run'. I can recall some street reporters going undercover to report on it all,but they were soon arrested and detained!

    Strange days.

    There were all sorts of people being arrested and charged with thousand pound fines for parties or just innocent meet ups. Extraordinary business and fines. Have these fines ever been enforced. Then we had all the parties and snoggings and fights and spewing going on in Downing Street. Fascinating.

    Presently I dip into the Covid Inquiry. A tad boring. At least the legals are in to take their cut. When the miners had been sacked up and around where I live,their lives wrecked,mines closed down,some politicians felt some remorse and they were allowed some compo for some of their related industrial breathing issues. That's when the legals stepped in to rob them. First to get them compo,then to take that compo as they lay dying in their hospital beds. Not to be out done,even some of the union leaders got in on the act.

    Their sons and daughters became drug dealers and addicts.

    But I go off topic

    Surely tried in Wembley stadium? Seats sold at £25. I'd pay. 80,000 sell out crowd. Televised with commentary. Must be a winner for the BBC..It could improve their ratings and win a new audience. GG for the prosecution,or any member of the armed forces who has had their offspring killed or put in wheechairs by the messiah of Fettes.

    Willing to attend subsequent crucifixtion at no cost.

    Jack Straw to follow.

    Then others.

    I will feel sorry for the Ukrainians....and who have been urged on to fight by the US administration. Young lads all,gone to their deaths or now in wheelchairs all brought about by the Washinngton mafia and their hatred of all things Russia. I listened in to GG last night and BBC 4 1 o'clock news today. Its all over:US and UK into another defeat. I guess its only the Ukrainian saps who have lost their lives this time: at least its not any of our own folke or troops. Yes,we have brought down Germany,a good or bad thing depending what you think of the country and people. Once again our chumpsters and leaders leading us into battles that wont hurt their own immediate folke. I guess destroying the Ukraine was worth the gambit. Bojo and cheif armed service generals can offshoot any blame by shapeshifting the narrative into a conundrum wherein no one or person is held accountable.

    When will Zelensky fly out? And back to Miami?

    And where is the whereabouts of the former Afghan leader?

    I am hoping for more news to come forward from Moscow. I dont know how the BBC and Top Table are to sell their defeat. From that seen and read in what I am allowed to see,President Putin doesnt appear as psychologically impaired as Biden or the chancer Bojo.

    I could do with a re-run of the Lawrence Fox Hunter Biden movie,the movie where Hunter is recorded saying the Big Man wants his take of the deals done. I'm not sure if he's on-the-job and on-the-blow when the film of him filming himself on the blower on the blow is done. The film - or is it his video - has him on the job with an underage as well.

    Prayers for the Ukrainians saps who were taken in and used as fodder by their leaders,with us pulling the strings for the assumed Russian collapse. At least not our own(army) folke this time.

    At least we bought down Germany with the blow-up of Nordstream. I dunno how we got away with it,but going down the pan isnt so bad when you make sure you go down with 'competitor allies'. :0

    Interesting to see Avivas top honcho also now hates men. Can i say white men?

    I think most people hate white men

    Isn't there a lady in the US today from a minority group who also hates white men,now banned from some selection

    Lottsa women now hate men

    My younger brother refuses to walk in local parks. Too frit. Not married ,so easily fitted up by any minority and police for any alleged crime

    Do you want cameras everywhere?

    I do

    As a white English male everyone hates me.

    My own establishment, and any other sex,religion,other.

    I think they used to get rid of us in wars past.

    Luckily a few of us were got rid of in the Iraq Afghan wars. Came back in coffins.

    Doesn't sound too fair,but that's how it is these days :(

    There is, and will continue to be, subliminimal selective discriminitive practice in most employment. The base is outlawed,the 'better'(worse) done without knowing.

    'Brownie points' and high fives are now given to those that deselect the underpriveleged,amongst which I would say are white working class youth.

    Emily Thornberry hates their dads and their mums. I think they stink. Or should I say,she thinks they smell.

    Its not nice. But that's Labour. They hate their own folke thesedays

    Two,now distant,memories recall how 'seen races/migrants' talk about more immigration of their own race. Lets hope I make myself clearwithout 395 pages of explanation

    Cycling back from cycling out I called in at a not too far away allotment. I wanted to to to some allotment holder about growing some veg. By chance there was a Chinese lady doubled over growing who-knows-what. In conversation I wondered if she knew how to grow Chinese cabbage. I do know she found it difficult to grow,but in conversation she mentioned....'too many of you know who' here. It was all spoken in East German whispers with some suspicious looking around for...agents of the state? Without too much explanation she seemed to be referring to Chinese,and which I thought there werent too many here. It was definately about numbers and race. But I couldnt clarify matters because I am white English,and by BBC education the white devil.

    Another incident was across my road. This time a Sikh lady. My road was becoming more multi cultural. Again in hidden couched tones she gave oblique reference to not wanting to sell a house she owned on the road to.....I never got the profile. Indian was my best guess. But it did seem she didnt want the road to become too....diverse(my word)?

    I dont know whether I have a kind or sympathetic face(probably unlikely),or whether they felt sorry for my race. Maybe the people just like white people,but I was somewhat interested in the referncing and the hushed tones they talked in.

    As most may know here,as a whitey and an Englishman,I am too frit to talk about such matters as I am ex professional working class,thus the dregs of the dregs,my former low income all got through exploitation and evil empire. I thought all the loot in evil empire GB went to the landed class,but the BBC ensures me it was the lower classes of GB inc that did all the raping in times gone by. Why me mum and pa didnt pass on to the diamonds and land to me I dont know why. Perhaps Churchill stole it all.

    Apologies Echo 10. I commented but really didnt know what you were on about. I am behind the times. But 3 mins ago I cam home to listen to Jeff Taylor. He outlines what you refer to. I am now in the picture. My guess is that we will have a new elite made up of Labour and Conservatives with other head honchos who dictate how the plebs will live,probably fighting amonst one another. The new elite will be exempt from all manner of laws and injuncts whilst the top honchos live maharajah type lives. Nasty,with a Z in it on steroids. This cabal will be top predator species intermarrying between their own whilst sometimes dipping into us trailer trash for a bit of voyeursim or hows-your-father. Could it be the new Bullingdon club on crank? Maybe Rome is calling out such to engage its bretheren who have fallen away from it because how they have been past mistreated.

    For sure it doesnt augar well for the native British native.

    Anything anti-Rome always interests me :) Expand, please. I could have it a conspiracy theory,but then I used to dismiss David Icke until he or I transformed and his story changed or morphed into something more near reality today.

    Have you read In the Closet of the Vatican? Excellent book. A tad dry,but the details of the 'mincing' get-ups the top clergy get into seems to 'fit-the-bill'. At once let me say I have nothing against gays - rather like them - but the book was to academic for me: there's nothing like a bit of gutter news that keeps the reader fro turning the pages.

    Mass importation of all to weaken native stock? Whats the reasoning behind it. Some years back listened in to some broadcast where the followers of the faith were falling thru the floor: Rome was calling in any olde aged codger over 80 to join up to lead empty churches.

    Hows about the CoE? From departing Rome theyve developed their own particular evil: a little more craftily done perchance,courtesy Eton?

    Most people must know the few dont like the many,and the few have it they know better than the many. So,with this said,I am happy to read where this story goes.

    Best wishes.

    OMG! Just watched the Duran: Isolared Putin. Wothavewedun! I think its over. Go watch: no use me repeating what you can hear from someone better spoken. Its a-go-go. Putin greeted and cheered on by the leaders of our former enemies-friends SA,Iranand UAE. Russia's economy all on the up. Of course it could all be hogwash,but where else can I hear and see someone else as educated as the two presenters on Yout Tube. I cant think Bojo,nor any other Brit spokesperson. I guess we have the BBC!! I can see how its all unfolding out there. Wothaveourleadersgotourselvesinto? Down we go: standard of living,higher costs,less standing in the world. Sounds all too familiar like another public school cock-up. I guess our fall wont hit our top table,but for us lower mortals,we'll be sailing up the Swannee ,GB going Sports Direct: Houise of Tatt.

    I so wish it cooda bin different. I so wish I could quote other other mishaps where out top brains got it all wrong. Alas,my interests are many and I dont expect anyone here or above me(and most people will be)to take notice.

    Sometimes,some years ago I can recall GB had another spat with Russia. Fish involved? Some Scottish industry. Our 'brains' then imposed sanctions once again. Oh dear. It then worked out the Russians just then developed their own industry so all that happened was that thousands of jobs went in Scotland. Is it Laurel and Hardy or Fatty Arbuckle where everything went wrong that could go wrong. That,it seems,is how our top brains muck things up.

    I wsih the Russians and their growing relationships with all the countries that are to join them well. I hope they arent or dont become braggarts as they and their country becomes more wealthy. I expect to see more of them in travelling the world.

    Do have a listen to the episode posted above. I am pleased to listen to anything that would inform or contradict as well what the Duran posts. Alas,I dont think there's any government or individual blogger that could raionalize our current support for the madness we have gone along with brought about by Washington. I could be wrong.

    Wottafinemessyouvegotmeinto! Wasnt that what the black and white Hollywood comedians used to say to one another when they got into another fine mess.

    Most recently reading the gutter press this morn,and even they have it ITs all over.

    Well lets hope one or two made some dosh out of it all.

    I have been watching Broness Bra of late.

    But that's another story


    Thats it.

    The name of the town down in Sussex come 5th November they burn some effigy of someone or something they have voted to have taken a dislike to.

    I think they once burnt some effigy or a boatload of refugees not so long back

    Today,the whole town would be arrested.

    I think the G-up(?)has now bin cancelled: all humour,tradition,rebellion now put back into the woke-box? Humour has now left GB. I think its okay to slate Gammons tho. Anyone else and the place goes up in flames.

    Related,but not as you'd know it: Just finished a watch on some pilgrimage wherein a chap I follow arrived and stayed in Burgos. He got up in the middle of the night one or two times to investigate what was this strange loud murmering noise. It turned out to be thousands of Spaniards all out in the main square talking and clebrating being alive that nothing-of-importance weekend. He then reflected on merrye olde England. This is where at 2 in the morning young people gather together to fight one another,spew up,shout and swear and have sex in minimal states of undress. Some cultural difference. Its complex being English. Nothing like it. Always makes for interesting times. Oftentimes I like it. Sometimes....not so much

    Some say we have entered the new Puritan age.

    I watch a fair number of Van Lifers videoing their journeys both here and abroad(usually travelling around Europe). I am always amused that a fair number of them become confused,even agitated,when they travel through these countries and find their roads and villages so quiet,no one about,so few people. Here,its like rats in sacks,the roads full to bursting,roads pot-holed and the like. Some (of the vanlifers)seemed to get stressed by the emptiness of the countries. I guess Scotalnd and Wales have some isolation. In Englande we are almost HongKong full(f I may use that expression): everything is warehouses,petrol stations,suburbs,street lighting. We dont even have sparrows these days. Now,contradicting myself,I was once on a train down West when some Dutch couple looked out of the trains window and commented on some empty fields. The converstation was,wow,look at those empy fields,nothing going on there,why not build some buildings right over it. It was as like the John Prescott laugh-out-loud comment when he commented on more immigration and the build-over of houses within the place(Engalnd): 'We got plenty o land here,and we got plenty o space to build all over it'. I think its all a bit sad myself. I dont like it. But I do know plenty of folke who think any green space is empty space,and would rather have Sports Direct warehouses and shops fill all the fields and (remaining)woods