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    British politics has never been more in need of reform.

    For generations, the Blue/Red swap-shop cycle of governments has left us, in 2018, with two FAILED, overpowering big parties. The public have never been so keen on a change to Proportional Representation - which would mean that EVERYONE'S vote was of equal worth - whatever the constituency they reside in.

    The public are, in recent polls, now largely IN FAVOUR of a switch to FULL PR for UK Local and General Elections.

    We must make a REFERENDUM ON CHANGING TO FULL PR FROM FPP the next big constitutional campaign in the UK.

    I'm just enjoying the last of the peace while I can.

    As I've said before, my scum neighbours have been on holiday and they've stayed on holiday the entire summer school break. The schools reopen next week and no doubt they will be back this weekend.X/

    I'm just chilling at the moment.:)

    I'm lucky, Horizon.

    I live in a ground floor, local authority owned flat. But it is only part of a two-rise block of four flats - and the flat above mine was BOUGHT under the Right to Buy by the former tenant, then it was sold to a nice couple who are brilliant neighbours.

    And as we are in a cul-de-sac of mostly OAP council-owned bungalows, it is generally lovely and quiet most of the time.

    I was so lucky to get this flat. Been here for almost 25yrs, now.

    Are you contending that the algorithms are judge & jury rather than just an initial searching device? Let's face it, the art of profiling or segmentation is fairly cost-effective compared with checking everyone with equal effort. But it is by no means foolproof

    But what you seem to saying is that that such a segmentation, which can only ever be predictive, is being used to create a second class membership, where that member's postings are seen only by a minority, irrespective of whether that member's actual ostings justify the prediction. I'm amazed if that's really true. Are you sure?

    Free speech is having enough of a hard time in Western society. What you contend is happening is outrageous and the backlash could be considerable. I'd love to know where you found out about this?

    Hi Rob,

    Nice to correspond with you for the first time.

    The practice of 'shadow banning' across Twitter is easy to learn about. You only have to enter the term in Google search - and you will quickly discover exactly what it means.

    Yes, in effect Twitter ARE now (through the deliberate institutional liberal bias of their own moderators/programmers) creating a social media platform of 'favoured' members, who get full exposure - and the less 'desirable' members who are to be kept in their own little follower groups - thus, slowing them down and limiting the popularity of any tweets they produce. - this page is a tool created by a former Twitter employee, now a whistleblower, which allows Twitter users who suspect that they are 'shadow banned' to enter their Twitter user name - then it runs a check, and it will tell the user if Twitter are shadowing their account.

    Even UKIP LEADER, Gerard Batten MEP, has discovered that HIS Twitter account has been compromised! The fact that this company is even RESTRICTING THE REACH of tweets from the leader of a legal, mainstream political party in the UK should deeply disturb EVERYONE - whatever their political views are.

    What Twitter, in particular, are doing is a form of social media apartheid!

    Effectively, their algorithms are now deliberately set to 'hunt down' profiles containing certain phrases, equally postings from that particular profile, and then 'relegating' that 'not politically correct/not left-wing enough' profile to a status of SECOND CLASS membership. One where only a fraction of the entire Twitter membership get to see their postings - unlike the 'anointed' ones, the Remainers, the Trump bashers, etc, who get full, uninterrupted access.

    Something tells me that this could actually be illegal. I hope a test case is brought in the States.

    I am new to Forum Box. And a proud brexiteer :)

    Having been "shadowbanned" on Twitter, in common with many of my fellow UKIP activists, meaning our tweets are basically hidden from anyone other than people we specifically follow on Twitter, I just got to the end of my tether with the overt 'Leftist big tech pro-EU' silencing of brexiteers - so here I am, hoping you guys are more tolerant!

    Patriots are being actively muffled on social media. We now rely on sites like this.