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    Hi - first post here. :)

    Has anyone wondered if Brexit is meaningless? Put it another why, name one aspect of your life that is ruled over by the EU? Name one EU law or directive that has had a negative impact on your life?

    I can't think of anything.

    Another aspect of Brexit which is meaningless is the fact nearly every law that governs our lives is determined by the UK Parliament. Here's a list:

    Income tax

    National Insurance

    Inheritance Tax

    Social Security Benefits

    Cigarettes and alcohol tax
    Fuel tax
    Car Road Tax
    Stamp Duty

    Corporation Tax

    Capital Gains Tax

    Council Tax

    Criminal Justice Acts

    Welfare Reform Act 2012 (austerity programme)
    Value Added Tax is part of the EU but the rate is determined by member states. Under EU law, the standard rate of VAT in any EU state cannot be lower than 15%. The EU Council must approve any temporary reduction of VAT in the public interest.
    National Spending - the police, civil service, military, hospitals
    MPs salary
    Gay Marriage

    Common Law is determined by UK courts.

    When we joined the US in two Gulf wars we didn't ask the EU for permission. Margaret Thatcher didn't beg the EU for permission to send ships to the Falklands to stop Argentina.

    When Amazon or whoever pay little tax it's not due to the EU, it's to do with UK tax law.

    So what's the big deal about Brexit? Remain or leave, every major law is already decided by the UK Parliament. If we leave and get some of our coastal waters back, that's good, more fish in the fish shops ;) and if we can control our own borders (which I'm sure we already do to a great extent - ever arrived at Heathrow and no-one checks who you are? No, not happened to me neither!) and if there's some EU employment laws that need to be changed back to UK law, fair enough, but on a day-to-day basis, what is the big deal about Brexit? If you work for a British company that never trades with the EU - Brexit or Bremain is meaningless. And even if we do leave the EU all the EU based companies selling products/services to the UK are not going to stop, are they? They'll lose money!

    Is Brexit or Bremain all a bit meaningless? If we remain in the EU or leave and join the WTO, who cares. It's not going to give me a pay raise, it's not going to stop my energy providers raising their tariffs, it's not going to make my local council fill up more pot holes, it's not going to stop more repeats on BBC, it's not going to change much at all. Perhaps we need to look at the bigger picture and think of Brexit or Bremain as transitory concepts, rather than deep meaningful events.

    If you still doubt my post, consider this....

    Prior to the referendum had you heard about/or knew anything about the following?

    The Customs Union
    The European Court of Justice

    The Single Market
    The Irish Border

    Most people didn't know anything about that. They were too busy living their lives to care and I suspect that is the real truth behind Brexit. We're just pretending this is all important when the reality is life - the everyday chores of life - is far more important.